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The best kept secret in music


"Show at Dixie Tavern w/ Greyscale (from Las Vegas)"

The Converts / Greyscale / Human Error
Written By Jorge Caicedo

When not fighting off hordes of voluptuous females, I somehow found time to do a show review at the Dixie.

The first band up was a band called The Converts who played some excellent heavy-ass hard-core r&r. They include the ex-guitarist for C.O.G. and had a very animated singer, although he should face the crowd more and not the drums which seems to be a common thing w/ bands nowadays.

Speaking of crowds, I'm always impressed by the number of people who'll come out to a weeknight show, but then again what else is there to do on a Thurs. night in N.0.?

Greyscale, from Reno, Nevada played next and put on a good set of melodic heavy rock that tips the nod to Deftones. They even graced the crowd w/ a cover of Nirvana's "Territorial Pissings".

Human Error from Hammond were up next. Their sound is in the heavy groove vein of Helmet, Pantera, etc... They played a very tight and energetic set and are worth checking out if you're into this style. They also pulled out a Deftones cover called "Head Up". Their singer Cliff, who contacted me about the show, also talked to me about the nonexistent Hammmond scene. All the guys are really cool and very devoted to what they do.

I didn't get a chance to check out the last band, Friends of Fire, so maybe next time guys. Anyhoo, I'll be at the Valume Nob show tonight at Twiropa so if anyone wants to have a CD / Show review / interview done, come talk to me. Later..............
- Jorge Caicedo

"Human Error's first live performance"

NOD, Persona Five, and Human Error;
Saturday July 31st 2004

Written By Jennifer Lassalle-Edwards

Originally planned as a CD release for NOD with guests, In Media Res, the night had a few last minute changes. Unfortunately, the CD’s did not make it in on time, and In Media Res had to cancel. Human Error and Persona Five filled their spot. The Bar in Fat City was previously known as the Ski Lodge. The interior is still like a Colorado ski lodge somehow displaced in Fat City. The double-faced fireplace serves as just one spot of seating for those enjoy the show, but forget hot chocolate here…slide on up to the fireplace and have a seat with a cold beer.
Human Error took the stage first. This was the group’s first time playing a gig together in front of an audience. As vocalist Cliff Gomez put it, they were just “little virgins popping their cherries” Saturday night. They sure didn’t perform like virgins, though. With songs ranging in style and sound resembling System of a Down to Pantera, Human Error was filled with raw energy and emotion. Backed by Edvin Alagic on drums, David McDonald on bass and Jason Clayton on guitar, Cliff and Human Error have the talent and vigor to go far here in New Orleans and beyond.


If you notice that our audio section contains only one song, that is because all other songs are over 5MB limit, so please go to

We have yet to record a full length album. We have a three song studio demo recorded in August of 2004 and a live CD recored at Tipitina's in Nov. 2004. One can listen to our music on our website. The songs on the studio demo are as follows:
Human Error


Feeling a bit camera shy


Human Error is a band of four guys, but it is also a concept that can be tied into anything in anyone's life. The world is a beautiful place, but we all contribute to make it the mess that it has become. Human Error's music expresses this concept musically and lyrically. What sets this band apart from all the others is the love that the members share for creating and playing music and the strong work ethic that they possess. Human Error is not chasing a dream, they are living it right now and will continue to live it for a long time. Human Error is very excited to play anywhere, but some of the more notable gigs have been The Howlin' Wolf, Tipitina's, Zeppelin's, Mi-WUK (Fort Smith, AK.), and W.E.T. FEST 2005. Cliff, David, Jason, and Edvin are four guys from different places, but when united as Human Error they take the stage as a fierce explosion of raw energy retiring their souls to the audience, not to prove anything, but to make a statement every time they perform.