Humanifesto are a fast-paced political punk band, playing music the way you remember it sounding. They combine elements of both old and new school punk into a melodic and energtic blitz of sound.


Humanifesto came together in early 2005 with a barrage of local shows that left the local scene floored. Shortly after forming, the band entered the studio to record the songs that would make up their first release, 2005's A Declaration Of Intent. People took notice. Local 'zines gave glowing reviews of what they saw as a renaissance of the days when punk actually stood for something.

Influenced by historic punk bands such as Bad Religion, Minor Threat, and Propagandhi, as well as newer bands on the scene including Rise Against and Anti-Flag, Humanifesto are here to show the world that a band can be overtly political and still write great music. The songs will get your head bouncing, but dig a little deeper and you'll find lyrical concepts that will leave your head spinning.

Currently in the process of finishing their second full length release, the band intends on hitting the road again as soon as possible to bring their music to as many ears as possible.


Yesterday's Headlines

Written By: Phil Campeau

Three children taken from their front yard by their dad, and the police ignored the mother crying that he had violated the restraining order
to keep him away from the children at all times. The officer in charge simply dismissed her pleas as the overly hysterical rantings of a controlling freak.

And when the father called home to say he'd taken them to an amusement park the police washed their hands of the whole situation and rolled their eyes at the crazy woman.

But when Simon showed up at the police station and open fire, they feigned shock at what they found after they shot him to the ground.

No one denied that the death of these three girls by their father was a tragedy. But the police department felt no obligation to take responsibility.

And Jessica's whole world was crashing down on her, the ones sworn to serve and protect had failed their pledge, and now what could have been simple abduction had led to Simon's death and a triple homicide.

And so this chapter ends, on the front page headlines, the stories pile on, and get forgotten every time.
A family's tragic tale, reduced to urban myth, no one's accountable, the blame simply dismissed.
But for the victims who survive, their pain never subsides, the questions catechise, the memories never die.

Artificial Need

Written By: Phil Campeau

spend their lives living in cages through the ages all for you
and all your selfish wants and desires not thinking what you put them through
and now all I want is for their children's lives to not be spent behind bars
imprisoned to feed your endless greed

Lives lost every day to
placate an artificial need
and the belief that human life is worth more than other kinds
Open your eyes and see
Through all the lies we're fed each day
Lives are lives regardless of species

Scientists conductings tests on the effects of chemicals
And pills and radiation without a thought of animal welfare
And now all I want is to burn down their offices, free the prisoners
And firebomb those sadists in their homes

I've seen the fashionistas sporting corpses on their backs
The furs and flesh of lives we've thrown away
And all the leather jackets and the rockin blue suede shoes
Aren't fucking cool, they're fucking cruel
The leather purse that's hanging off your shoulder
holds more than just makeup and kleenex pocket change
the strap that's wrapped around your neck
Is dripping with the blood of slaughtered lives (lost every day to)

injecting anti-biotics will do the trick to keep the health
Of all the animals confined too close to move or breathe or live
And now hormone injections give us full grown animals
in half the time to double production and
perpetuate holocaust

Michael Moron

Written By: Phil Campeau/Franck Chevrier

Stiring up a shit-storm, skewing facts and distorting truths. Pushing
your beliefs into the realm of ridicule. Playing the part of the
Average Joe exposing corporate lies, but the Awful Truth here is that
you are often full shit.

There's no point filming when you're fighting lies with lies. You can stop writing there's only so much we can take. Why can't you just educate instead of trying to indoctrinate your left-wing rhetoric? You're like a right-wing fanatic with moment of "clarity", you shove different beliefs down our throats but still lie to achieve your goals.

Please stop screaming Fatty, it's not that we don't understand you, but left-wing propaganda is still fucking propaganda. Your campaign of fear and hate against the extreme right reminds me of the bullshit on Fox News every fucking night.

You said yourself that politics can make your head spin, so why not
leave the picket line and go back to singing about lesbians and girls
with no arms. We'll take over for you. So long, Mike, and thanks for
all the shows promoting sweatshop shoes.


Full length releases:
A Declaration Of Intent (2005)
The Infamous (coming soon)

7" split single with I Am The Cartographer on Hip Kid Records. (2007)

Set List

A Home If Nuts
On The Streets
Some Thai Fun
Big Man
Him + A Fetus = No
Oh! Meat Is Fun!
Yesterday's Headlines
All These Lives
Break Free
Safe In Mouth

The songs range from 2-4 minutes long, with sets averaging about 30 minutes. The band has over four times as much material as is included here, so longer sets are always possible.