Curitiba, Paraná, BRA

Brazilian music has now a brand new sound with the debut album of the band Humanish.Its contemporary rock pop music combines fine textures, distortion, swing and synthesizers with the touch of brazilian percussive music. The musicians history includes playing with important alternative rock bands at festivals and opening concerts for bands like: Placebo, Pixies, Mercury Rev, Weezer. Teenage Fanclub and others. The band chose renowned Carlos Trilha to produce their album. Humanish´s debut album


When Allan Yokohama, Marano and Fabiano Ferronato started playing together in a new project on May 2009, they wanted to create a kind of music that would keep the strength of rock guitars, but also having delicate and subtle sound combinations. Marano, who had been playing bass, now decided to play guitar, and it ended up being one of the hallmarks of the band.

After a few rehearsal sessions the band defined Igor Ribeiro as a fourth member. Without the option of a bass guitar, synthesizers and a baritone guitar were chosen to make the low tunes and textures. As the band chose to keep playing without the bass guitar they moved from the classic trio guitar-bass-drum setup to a new universe of elements and sounds and consolidated a new personality for a brand new band: Humanish.
A rock group inspired by the desire of travelling through different sounds in their music, in tune with the modern times.

The band´s components have been building a solid career through the years and their history includes playing with important brazilian alternative rock bands at festivals and opening concerts for bands like: Teenage Fanclub, Pixies, Placebo, Weezer, Mercury Rev, The Breeders, Rubin Steiner among others.

The band has many musical references and their music sounds modern, heavy, and swings with landscapes of sounds, timbres, seventies climates, combined with the characteristic distortion of the 90s and 2000s. The band has been influenced by bands like Morphine, Queens of the Stone Age, Led Zeppelin and more.

Another feature of the band is the fact of having two vocalists, expanding horizons of melodies and interpretation. All trampled on riffs, psychedelic atmospheres and poetic lyrics inspired by human feelings and emotions. Humanish combines fine textures, distortion, synthesizers, horns, all mixed with a touch of brazilian percussive music.

The band has chosen renowned Carlos Trilha to produce their album, which has been released at influential magazines such as Rolling Stone, Billboard, main Brazilian newspaper “O Globo” and others, plus at various internet websites - and it was noted by some to be one of the best Brazilian rock albums of the year 2011.

After touring in Brasil playing at many festivals and venues, Humanish is now preparing a special edition of their album with unedited tracks through the Bolacha Discos label and will also be putting out their first video “Algum dia na memória” directed by Rodrigo Rigoni.