Human Kebab

Human Kebab

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Human Kebab is like a frown with a nice ass. Post-modern Garage Rap, a genre only encountered just this once by a Human tandem of Kebab himself and turntablist DCHAP. Slick vinyl slicing and underground rap showboating with a humorous deadpan. Death-discotechnique diatribes.


Human Kebab arose out of the creative interests and personality polarization of two dark individuals. Mentally exhausted with the hip hop and rock status quo, the awesome and fearsome rage of Human and DCHAP juxtaposed to dispel any notions that garage rock and rap weren't possible. Thus, Garage Rap was formed on a bed of compact discs, the comforter a catalogue of Public Enemy, Joy Division, Mobb Deep, The Cure, The Strokes, Gang Starr and Wesley Willis.

Human Kebab is musically divisional from the vast world of creators insofar as their ability to draw the attention of music listeners in dozens of mainstream and sub-genres is unparalleled. The twosome faced some incredbile challenges in the past year, opening for The Beatnuts with DJ Serious. They have seen critical acclaim from several rock bands, having played opening slots alongside The Cheap Suits, Silent Seymour, Clothes Make The Man and Warsaw Pack. It is within these open boundaries that Human Kebab finds itself a perfect match for all would-be fans, friends and foes.


Human Kebab - Impossible Songs (EP)
6 Tracks

Human Kebab - Impossible Songs (Extended EP)
9 Tracks

Set List

Set List - Set Time (Typically 30 - 45 Minutes)
1) Darkest Hour
2) Your Movin' Out
3) I Care About You
4) Forced Landscaping
5) Washin It Out
6) Clean Version
7) Wedding's Off
8) The Incredible Farmer
9) Stationery Robbery
10) Garrity