Human Touch

Human Touch

 Athens, Attica, GRC


Human Touch
An elevatingly innovative instrumental trio
Athens, Greece

• Sound: Greek, Irish, American and Cypriot backgrounds; a fresh and soulful universal hybrid.

• 2 decades of Performance: International jazz, European ethnic festivals. Individually, have played with Trilok Gurtu, Mike McGoldrick, Peter Erskine, Arild Anderson, Davy Spillane ,Milcho Leviev, Billy Cobham, The Temptations, The Camerata String Orchestra…

• Unique multi--instrumental approach creating a rich palette of rhythm, colour and emotional depth.

• Influencial on whole generations of Greek instrumentalists.

• “lived” music : audiences uplifted and moved within at each concert

It’s no wonder they’ve been called
“The Best Kept Musical Secret in the Balkans”


Human Touch-1998 Lyra ML 0646
Movin' 2004 Libra Music LM030-2