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Tacoma, Washington, United States | SELF

Tacoma, Washington, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Pop


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"Humble Cub Photo Shoot and Interview"

by Jess

One day at work this; what you’re about to read and see, all just kind of happened. I saw Allan and he said they were doing a photo shoot for their new album and I thought, “Ohh, this should be interesting, and fun.” So, I tagged along and then I kind of figured other people might find this interesting, at which point I decided to take pictures and before I knew it, this turned into an interview. Then, Allan mentioned how they had a few things to do but that we could continue this afterward so I went down with them to Zach and Jenna’s where they proceeded to work on the art for their new album. We all eventually found ourselves sitting on the floor in Zach and Jenna’s studio upstairs where we recorded an interview that kind of turned into more of a group debate on the local music scene. Needless to say we scratched that and I decided I’d email Allan the questions I had come up with after more thought on the matter and I think he liked that idea better too….So here we are:

An Interview with Humble Cub:

JM: What are some of the inspirations behind this album and/or what provoked you to write these songs?

AB: I wanted to see what I could do, Just like the open mic years ago. I wanted to see what I could do. I had been writing songs for years and was approaching thirty. I thought if I ever was going to say anything or make any kind of mark I had to start playing/recording rhythms and melodies that moved me. I had a vision during the conception of a particular song….I could see it…so simple…but so big..powerful. I wanted to experiment. I purchased a 16 track. I was living in a sweet old house w/ a sweet young woman and befriending pt. defiance in the fall of 09. I started playing these songs with other people and realized these were powerful creatures (the songs). the songs didn’t really bloom until I met these hoohaws I’m playin with now. we finished up the songs and wrote a few more and decided to put some wax down. I think something also clicked rhythmically for me during this last year and a half. I had been playing bass alot more. this is the only thing I really want/enjoy getting better at…not the bass, but songwriting/recording.

2. What do you think you are actively/passively communicating through these songs?

AB: Acceptance maybe

JM: In respect to this new album release what are you most excited about?

AB: I’m excited that I’m actually releasing anything at all. It’s been four years.

JM: When can we expect to hold this album in the flesh?

AB: Probably June. we hope to have a demo w/ us in late april. A teaser…a titty tease

JM: What are you planning to see come from the photo-shoot and what were your inspirations for that; what are you trying to communicate through the pictures as such?

AB: I was planning to see alot of awesome pictures, but have only seen one…and it’s awesome. it was U’s idea to have ghosts walking in between us. He didn’t really like how they turned out and wants to do it again in a better setting..he’s just a perfectionist. He’s a can ask him why he wanted to do was his idea…

JM: On another note, what do you think of Tacoma’s music scene as a whole? what do you like/dislike etc…?

AB: Genuine and small. Critical…but thats a good.. I think there are alot of good bands. more bands and shows

than people to see them…

JM: Also, are you all planning a tour anytime soon? when? where?

AB: Yes. April 30-May 5. pdx-bellingham. six days/six cities.slam bammo! like pros er somethin.

JM: Finally, is there anything you’d like to share with our reader’s?

AB: It’s crazy we’re all here doing this together. It’s absurd. sometimes I can’t handle it. Thanks for being around. -

"More Secrets of the Beach"

A look behind the scenes of the illustrated tour diary published in the August issue of City Arts Tacoma. - City Arts

"Humble Cub"

Life and love and lack thereof
Humble Cub releases self-titled ode to Owen and the Point

By Rev. Adam McKinney on September 8, 2010

HUMBLE CUB: Like eating Popsicles by yourself.

The first time I saw Allan Boothe perform, it was a solo set at a benefit show at The New Frontier for the Squeak and Squawk music festival. His performance was bizarre. He stood atop an amp, clear across the room from the stage, guitar in hand, back to the crowd. It was strange and playful, though marked by an unmistakable loneliness.

This is how I approach the new full-length release from Allan Boothe's full band, Humble Cub. The album features mostly guitar pop, dominated by Boothe's nervously diminutive voice. As the album opens, Boothe laments what a struggle it is to capture and retain happiness, how hard it is to love.

I saw Humble Cub altogether recently at a house show, and Boothe approached the sometimes melancholy themes of his songs with aplomb, wrapped up in a wave of guitars and snappy drums. In person, Boothe is funny and open, with an easy smile, and on stage he is no different.

On the album, amidst Boothe's skin-intimate depictions of life and love and lack thereof, he keeps returning to the beach.

"I knew that Point Defiance and Five Mile Drive were there, but I had never really explored that area, and specifically the beaches, and I think that had a strong effect on my writing at the time," says Boothe. "Where I was at in my life was pretty dark. It's always been kind of dark. Someday, maybe, I hope to get brighter."

Humble Cub's self-titled LP is no downer, though. There is always a humor bubbling beneath the surface, most explicitly in the intro to "Awesome Island," with Boothe affecting a weird accent and threatening to fuck someone up if he fails to give him "Internet."

Saturday brings about Humble Cub's CD release, and I advise you to attend and pick up a copy. The record is lush and rewarding on multiple listens. If you've ever wandered through the trails of Five Mile Drive, you'll recognize this as the perfect soundtrack to getting so wonderfully lost.
Humble Cub

with Fall Electricity, Outdoor Voices, Mary Mary
Saturday, Sept. 11, 7 p.m., all ages
The Peabody Waldorf, 745 Broadway, Tacoma
- Weekly Volcano

"CD REVIEW: Humble Cub- S/T"

Hailing from Tacoma, Humble Cub has made their mark on the local indie-rock scene with their impressive self-titled debut album.

The nine-song record is a refreshing listen all the way through.

Early Modest Mouse recordings heavily influence the record's guitar work and front man and chief songwriter Allan Boothe sing the album's unique and catchy vocals.

Boothe is an immensely creative individual whose eccentric mannerisms make for an entertaining live show.

It's not uncommon to find Boothe painting with watercolors or scribing new lyrics into his note pad during a live set he's inspired by.

Boothe writes playful lyrics about love, relationships and life. The lyrics are wildly creative, poetic and full of vivid imagery.

"Full of the ocean, sea horses in my spine, crack my head on the coral, let it bleed the sea that's inside," sings Boothe on the song "Ergonomics."

The Humble Cub songs have a considerable amount of space and movement.

"I think Carson's guitar effects help with that," Boothe says.

Carson Churchill creates space with ambient guitar parts that sit in the background perfectly.

The guitar and vocal melodies are layered to perfection and Boothe's vocal progressions are poppy enough to get stuck in anyone's head while his impressive guitar work flows flawlessly.

The band's creative sound has been generating a great deal of local attention. City Arts featured a story and illustration of the band on a recent tour, Weekly Volcano reviewed the record and a film featuring Boothe and his music will be showing at the Tacoma Film Festival Oct. 10.

Humble Cub also has the do-it-yourself (DIY) mentality.

"I think DIY is the new indie," says Boothe. All merchandise including the CD's were made by hand with the help of Humble Cub's friends.

Hard copies of the record, T-shirts and buttons are available for purchase at their shows.

The album also can be downloaded for free at:

"There's more of a chance people can hear it that way," Boothe says.

The band will be embarking on a tour to California in October to promote the record.

An interview and live performance with Boothe can be heard at: - The Pioneer


self-titled (2010)



Inspired by the observation of people and the natural world, Allan set out to share some of his own experiences. "Raised on top 40 hits" Boothe says, "early material by Modest Mouse really empowered me." It was Isaac's vocal style that shared a revelation to his ears. "It was like hearing a friend sing something to you, a peer, almost like listening to myself" Isaac has a noticeable lisp, a small speech impediment and Allan, a stutter. "Before I perform, if I can reach one person that doesn't realize their full potential, and I can empower them to use music as their creative expression, great! Anything beyond that is just an added bonus. I'd like to do for others what Isaac did for me."