Humble Tip

Humble Tip

 Lynchburg, Virginia, USA
BandHip Hop

Street Ministry Minded Kingdom Builder. I believe that God has equipped myself with the tools necessary to impact the hip hop culture for Him. It is my desire to present Christ to a lost and dying people through the medium of rap, and I want to do it ALL to the glory of God!! -I Cor. 10:31


Jason Lewis aka Humble Tip was born in Washington D.C. The majority of his youth was spent in Capitol Heights, Maryland. Born and raised in the inner-city community, hip-hop was something Humble Tip was surrounded by his entire life. Growing up with both parents in the household, two brothers and one sister, Humble Tip learned the value of family and church. Oddly enough, it wasn’t until he decided to attend Liberty University that he realized his gift of rhyme. This emcee explains "I never wanted to do this whole rap thing. I wanted to go to school and become a sports agent. I never, ever saw myself rapping". In fact, the artist says that his father almost had to force him to do his first performance. Humble Tip is heavily involved with the ministry team Strictly 4 Jesus. This organization of young believers in Jesus Christ holds weekly Bible studies, accountability, assist in preparing and promoting Christian entertainment venues, ministers in detention centers, to youth groups and also is involved with global missionary outreach. Humble Tip linked with this ministry team once he arrived at Liberty University where he completed an undergraduate degree in Health Promotions and is currently working on his Masters Degree in Health and Wellness. Armed with in depth knowledge of Gods word, academic success, and a deep connection with and passion for this youthful generation, Humble Tip is determined and focused on making an impact on the culture.

Here are music videos of mine that I hope speak to you.

LU Anthem
This music video is geared towards exciting high school youth about the incredible opportunities available at Liberty University. I am a graduate student of LU and I also received my Masters degree from this college. I wrote this song for the school years ago and recorded it and the music video approximately 3 months ago. I hope you enjoy it.

Humble Tip Introduction Acapella Piece
This is a very quick one minute and a half introduction piece that notifies fans, youth leaders and non believers alike of the type of artist that I am.

Nobody This Krunk
This video is based on the fact that no one should be more excited than a Christian because we have the future of eternity with the King to look forward to. The word Krunk is a simple slang word that means excited.

Can’t Give In
This video is focused on encouraging Christians not to give in to the secular temptations that attempt to lure us into a life displeasing of God. This video is specifically aimed at Christian musicians who sell their soul for the fame that comes along with mass exposure.

Here is a link of me performing at a Hip Hop concert to give you a visual example of how some crowds respond to me (I am the rapper in the red hat).


"The Merger" Mixtape - 2006
"Society's Threat" Mixtape - 2007
"Our Turn" - August 2008
"Hold Em Off" Mixtape - May 2009
"About Business" September 2009
"intentional" mixtape - May 2011
"S.H.O.C.K" - September 2011

Set List

Between 15 min-1 hour