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Louisville, Kentucky, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | INDIE

Louisville, Kentucky, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2000
Band Rock Experimental




"Sailing Away On A Sinking Boat"

. . . and so, the blueprint of the album: immediate songs with stereoptic images set to rock that is fast, crazy, and loose, with a ton of insane changes that are like prog rock without the math. The musical vocabulary ranges far and wide; from almost obsessive lapses into funk, to the C & W of "If P had W" (one of the more charmingly direct statements of female lust you're ever likely to hear), from the straight rave-up of the aforementioned "Hook Up the Keyboard", to the almost Brechtian "Intervention". There are songs about murder, incest, Czech girl illegals and healthcare, drinking, sex, the cops . . . all the biggies. And through it all, Humongous sprints along at breathless pace, barely slowing down enough to land the punches. - The Death of Everything Blog/William Zink

"Humongous "Miniature Pinschers""

"Miniature Pinschers" is not a selfish album; it fucks your soul up and gets out quick. Despite bob-tailing on a trail-drive down art rock lane, it ain't boorish and vain in any sense. Make no mistake, these are just rock songs that happen to be unclassifiable ... Humongous never sounds like a band that intentionally pulled the rug out from rock n roll in some pose-striking endeavor; they seem like they just started making songs without any subscription to any already-affirmed and formed music scenes." - American Gloam Blog/Brian Manley


Humongous "Miniature Pinschers" LP 2012



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