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Brick, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Brick, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Alternative Rock




"The Lookout (TOTAL ORDER vol 1)"

Almost a year ago these three, literally
kids, got up on stage at a club in
Atlantic City called the BONEYARD
and played what was to me a good
set. Nothing that I could say compared
with anything we were playing on Neue
Regel Radio at the time. So they were
chalked up and one of the maybe bands
to be played. Still they were really nice
people and awesome to hang around
with. With that in mind, I kept showing
up some of their shows and even ran
into them at the Iconic WonderBar in
Asbury Park. Over that time I have seen
a band GROW and MATURE like no
other in recent memory. Which is great
for a new artist because the only expectations
they have are the ones they put
on themselves to get better and write
more material or it was just my early
ignorance that just didn’t get it right
off the bat. Now, here is why I love this
band...they WORKED at it, real fucking
hard. The result was a show recently at
the Saint in Asbury Park that was infectious,
as it was memorable. The songs
never sounded like that before. When
they played “Gasoline” from their self
created EP , Melissas persona and
message came down like a Paul Bunyan
sized foot on the stage. At this moment
not only did I know they had arrived
but they were going to Blast the
door wide open. I immediately bought
3 Cd’s. They were regular burned Cds
which were hand written and some fun
sketches. Of course, not knowing how
much money the budgeted for recording,
and the lack luster packaging was
expecting much out the recordings. Silently,
I was hoping to hear something I
could play on the station. Holy shit, did I
get more than that. I have a record that I
am listening to literally everyday. I want
more music from this band already. It’s
and unapologetically original! Melissa,
Tyler and Joseph have carved themselves
an niche, that honestly I don’t think many
will occupy in the coming year. With
an upcoming show with the 90’s success
CLOUDS and more, there will be more
converts in the church of HUMONGOUS.
My advice to anyone reading this
article, is to take your $13 ($10 for the
shows and $3 for the EP) and SEE THIS
BAND! It will not be a show it will be an
experience. Melissa continues to grow
before our very eyes. Till this moment, I
still haven’t come across female vocalist
that she sounds like. Her guitar playing
is passionate. The backbone supplied by
Tyler and Joseph is nothing short of infectious.
You can pinpoint a ton of influences
in the band. As Robin Zander from
Cheap Trick told me, steal from everyone
but sound like no one. These guys Don’t
sound like ANYONE I HAVE heard. If
you ask me why I am being so honest
about my first opinion of the band to now.
It is because I am offering an apology for
not getting it right away, even though I
was routing for them. THANK YOU for
IT! I AM A FAN! - Neue Regel Radio

"Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Humongous"

Local friends, we are back again to talk about everything music! 2014 has been flying by, with a countless number of shows, benefits, new records and even breakups, all bringing the local music scene into the spotlight! I’ve been getting a ton of good feedback on the bands we’ve showcased so far this year, so I will do my best to keep you all satisfied. Also, thank you to everyone who has been sharing their shows and tracks on socials. It makes it a lot easier for a busy girl like myself to stay in the new!

This week, I will be writing about a band that was complete strangers to me just about two weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t know them at all personally, however, getting into their tunes, I feel like I have built a relationship with them (don’t worry, I’m not creepy). They are fairly new to the scene and have a growing fanbase, and I am here to give them that extra push! Please allow me to introduce to you, Humongous.

Now, I don’t have much of a history on this group, for I have really just started to embellish their journey and hop on board. Basically, I made a post on my Jersey Rock page asking bands/fans to let me know of some new music that I should be listening to, and well, let’s just say their name came up more than once! I am very glad it did as well.

Humongous are a three-piece, hard-rocking band with members Melissa, Joe and Tyler, and they are from Brick, NJ. Did they grow up together? Are they related? Have they dated? Everything is a big mystery to me and I love it! I cannot really remember the last time I saw a three-piece with one girl and two guys; I love the combination and think it could be rather deadly. I haven’t met this band yet, but I am hoping to change that in the near future. They seem like they would be fun to have in the studio for an acoustic session, so I will definitely be hitting them up!

They cite some of their influences as Queens Of The Stone Age and Incubus, which are both like soundtracks to my soul. Maybe they just put that in their interests to grab my attention, but either way, it worked. Those are bands that are naturally talented with a real rock and roll sound with no extra flares or whistles—just talent. After all, in my opinion, that is all you need.

I started off by listening to a track called “King Of The Hill,” which really shows off their grungier side. I am not sure if they are going for this type of sound, but it almost sounds like they recorded it in a garage on a cassette tape, giving it that raw feeling. They may not have had it in the budget to get a mastered recording (trust me, we get it), or maybe they did this on purpose, but whatever it was, it works. The song is very catchy and Melissa keeps her mellow tone in check. She has a very soothing voice, not trying to overdue anything or hit any notes that are out of her range. It’s real, relaxing music. I then checked out “Point Of Interest,” which is also very different. If you are listening to this track for the first time, you can kind of get a full idea of what this band is all about: having fun.

Just by looking at their social media pictures—uploading “friend selfies,” if you will—you can tell that they are always hanging. It just goes to show that their band bond is natural and not forced by any means. Whether they’re in the studio, at a show or just chilling, they really seem to vibe with one another. Granted, I am making these assumptions completely off of images, but I feel that’s what pictures do: capture situations and emotions.

Humongous are super supportive of the local music scene and most of the bands in it. Upon doing some more research on these guys, I ended up discovering four or five other bands that I hadn’t heard about, simply because they were giving them shameless plugs on their socials. This, in my opinion, is also really cool, because they are doing a great job not only gaining their fanbase, but also networking with music lovers of all genres in hopes that these people will come across their music and build a relationship with it.

They recently announced a little spring/winter tour on their Facebook page, hitting a few venues in the area, so if you get a chance, check them out. I have yet to see them live, but I have a feeling it will make me swing my hips, not my head, and chug a beer. I hope they release an EP or even a full-length in the near future, for that seems to be the goal from what I am reading. They will be performing live at EJ’s in Seaside on Feb. 14 and Paul’s Tavern in Lake Como on Feb. 22. There are also more dates not mentioned here, so you have many opportunities to see this band! If you meet them before me, do me a solid and ask them what their backstory is, because I am dying to know.

To find out more about Humongous, visit their Facebook page at I will be back next week with another fresh new band, so keep up the good work with scouting some new talent! - The Aquarian

"Interview: Humongous Gives Back By Chatting With Elephants For Autism’s Jerry Ryan, Stream “Drown It Out”"

Hey! We’re Joe, Melissa, and Tyler from the band Humongous. Nice to meet you all!

As a rock musician, you may find it difficult to hold your edge while supporting your community and being an upstanding citizen. Atlantic City’s Jerry Ryan has brought the brazen fun-loving rock and roller’s an easy way to make a difference in the lives of others by starting the Elephants for Autism charity foundation. Not only does this charity help enrich the lives of children and families with music lessons, but they even go so far as to get the instruments to put in their hands as well.

We had a chance to ask Jerry a few questions about his work for the local music scene and the next generation of up and coming musicians.

HUMONGOUS: When did you first start becoming active in the local music scene?

Jerry Ryan: First became active in the local music scene in January 2010 by planning a 2 day festival for August.
Basically spent all of 2009 going to shows in Philly, dc, nyc, and beyond, seen some really amazing bands and thought it would be a great idea to bring those same great bands to Atlantic city
At the time this area has a graveyard for music, it’s amazing how far we’ve come since then
Bands aren’t skipping over Atlantic city anymore.

H: What drove you to be so passionate about helping children with autism?

JR: My son Jeremy is my biggest inspiration and driving force. To give other kids the same opportunities and enjoyment he’s having through music is all the motivation I’ll ever need.

H: Tell us about the people who have been effected by autism in your life.

JR: My son Jeremy is 10. I also have a nephew,Jordan, 19 with Aspergers

H: What are you most proud of and what do you hope to see in the future for Elephants for Autism.

JR: Most proud of the fact that I was blessed enough to be put in a situation to make a difference in the lives of others and find my purpose in life.
It’s a bonus that music happens to be involved in the equation. I’m also proud to have such an amazing support system who I have inspired and who have inspired me
I try to focus on the moment so I don’t get too overwhelmed but each day we are moving the right direction, creating a brighter future for these children , while bringing us closer to our true spiritual self. Basically, we are healing each other through music.

H: Tell us about the Benefit Compilation Cd and accompanying festival.

JR: The cd is in the works. Looks like it’ll be a 3 disc cd commemorating the third festival. About 60 tracks from bands all across the U.S. will be featured & it will be available at the festival itself which is may 16-18 in Atlantic City at Le Grand Fromage, The Boneyard & Ventnor Coffee. The purpose of the cd is more to raise awareness and to expose these great bands that have sacrificed their time and money to be part of something bigger than the music itself. It’s more of a celebration in a way.

H: Where can we get Elephants for Autism volume 1?

JR: You can get volume one by simple asking me for one. I’ll give you one if you promise to listen and spread the word.

H: How can the regular joe schmoe help?

JR: The best way to help is by word of mouth. After that, you can send invites or even contact me if you’d like to volunteer your talents. There’s always room for people that truly care and wanna help. These things always seem to fall into place as the festival gets closer. I’m pretty confident that the people that are meant to be involved will be and this event will only get bigger each year. You’re one example of that. Thank you for doing your part.

As a thank you from us in Humongous, we’re going to be holding a Bake Sale on Valentines Day, February 14th, at EJ’s Tavern in Seaside Heights with the lion’s share of the proceeds going directly to the foundation. We also want to help get you all excited for the release of Elephants for Autism Vol.2 so here’s our donation, “Drown It Out”. - Speak Into My Good Eye

"Watch A Full 45 Minute Set From Humongous Live @ Paul’s In Belmar"

A few weeks ago we hosted a talk between the three members of Humongous and Elephants For Autism’s Jerry Ryan in advance of the charity’s upcoming festival. Following the release of a few official singles last year, the Brick, NJ trio are currently running the local circuit bringing their modern grunge sound to the masses.

Want to gain further insight into what all the hoopla is about? Humongous now offers a full 45 minute recording from their recent performance at Paul’s Tavern in Belmar, NJ opening for fellow SIMGE favorites The Black Clouds. The band rips through a righteous, head sway inducing set in spite of the audience’s refusal to move up close and personal to the triumphant triumvirate.

Kick back with a frosty beverage or two and get a feel for the Humongous live experience below - Speak Into My Good Eye


"...But He Didn't Really Die" Released March 15, 2014
Recorded and Produced by Jason Portizo at Ugly Door Studio in Toms River, NJ

1.King of the Hill
4.WhiteSoul Control
6.Louisville Slugger



       Formed in 2013 by Tyler Schafer, Joe Malek and Melissa Mayhew, Humongous was originally a 4-piece hard rock band under the name Fragment No.7 with singer Bre Mooney.
       With Mooney's departure mid 2013 and Melissa stepping in front of the microphone, Humongous was
formed. They all come from different musical backgrounds; Melissa having been an acoustic singer/songwriter, Tyler having been in neumerous bands and cover bands, and Joe working in his attic with many alternative artists. These elements together for the unique sound that is Humongous. In March 2014 they released their first EP entitled "...But He Didn't Really Die" which was produced and engineered at Ugly Door studio in Tom's River by Jason Portizo. They are currently recording a 5 track follow up to be released before the new year with engineer and producer Jimmy Foon of Hollywood Music Studio in Los Angeles due out before year's end.

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