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"Mastering Music"

There is no doubt whatsoever that more Arkansas musicians are making and distributing their own albums than at any other point in time. The reasons for this huge wave of recording are easy to discern. Studios can now fit in bedrooms, and thousands of copies can be ordered and made with ease. Put those things together with the loss of power and prestige of major labels, the rise of iTunes (which only asks for music to sell and doesn’t fret over where it comes from ) and you have a pipeline in place that anybody with a guitar, a dream and a small amount of ambition can exploit. Below, members of four acts that have recently produced CDs talk about what goes on in making the music happen.
Album: The Red Eye Home Band: Humpback Jack, from Fayetteville Label: Lifetime Records Who’s in the band? Nathan Carter, keyboards and vocals; Amos Cochran, bass and sound effects; Bryan Burkhart, drums and percussion; Trey Burkett, guitar.
Answers provided by Trey Burkett
Guests who helped record the album: Original guitarist Ryan Winkle co-wrote and recorded approximately half of the songs and helped produce and engineer the early sessions. He was replaced by [myself] about halfway through the recording process.
Where was it recorded: Bryan Burkhart’s home studio.
Why was it recorded there: Out of necessity. It was free, and we could work on the album whenever we could find the time. Having very few time constraints made the recording process less stressful, especially with Nathan having to travel from North Carolina to do the sessions. We could really take our time and get everything how we wanted it without worrying about depleting our bank account.
How long did it take: From ideas to final product, about a year.
How much did it cost: $ 1, 700 for duplication and printing. Studio time was free.
What’s your favorite sonic moment on the CD and why: A toss-up between either of the guitar solos in “Free.” It’s the first part I wrote for the album where I felt 100 percent confident that what I played was perfect.
How did you decide on the cover: We had four or five cover ideas and narrowed them down through popularity contests. We asked our friends, family, other bands, basically anyone who would listen, which one they liked the most. I’m pretty sure we ended up going with the one we liked best.
How will you sell the album: The album is being sold at, at our live shows, on iTunes, at I. O. Metro Furniture, Sound Warehouse, Hastings and Spun Records in Fayetteville.
Do you expect to make or lose money from the CD: We were able to pay for the album using money we earned from performances. Since the album was paid for before it was released, we plan to make money from the sales. Although we have no idea how many we will sell, we’re shooting for 100 million copies by the end of the year. It’s all dependent on whether or not we can get Wal-Mart to stock the record....

- Werner Trieschmann, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

"Humpback Jack Show Review"

While many of our friends were at Red Rocks bidding a heartfelt farewell to our beloved String Cheese Incident, Candy and I had the pleasure last Saturday night to see Arkansas-based jam band Humpback Jack at Angry Ales in Charlotte, NC. Yes, I said Arkansas, Yes we stayed home to see them, and YES THEY ROCKED OUR ASSES OFF with rolling thunder rhythms a la Widespread Panic and intricate compositions a la Garaj Mahal.. By the end of the 2 set show they had won us over as well as winning over a VERY tough Angry Ales mob, having to overcome second set technical difficulties that at one point caused the guitar player to step off stage while the other seamlessly traded off solos, only to return with the equipment needed to slap all of us in attendance with a Trey-esque solo that made Chris' jaw drop and involuntary hoots from the crowed!! Very impressive for a young band that was making their Carolina debut at a venue not known for showing love to jam bands. The band was clearly disappointed with their performance and if that was a performance they feel they need to apologize for.... I can only imagine what they will have for us when they are on point! I wouldn't miss tonight's show for the world.

They are on their Summer '07 tour in support of their debut cd , The Red Eye Home. Although very well written and produced by the band, we feel their cd does them no justice. They are a LIVE JAM BAND FOLKS! Check 'em out from their recently placed position on our top friends list. As you may already know, Candy and I don't post bulletins/blogs about specific bands unless we really feel they are worth checking out... let alone put them on our top friends list!!! We reserve that for the best of the best (in our humble opinions of course :) Humpback Jack is one of those rare exceptions to our rule.

Blessed with 7 shows in 8 days, before dates in Missouri and Arkansas, North Carolina will be getting multiple doses of Humpback Jack this week. These dudes seem determined to make waves in the North Carolina music scene. We happily received our first dose last Saturday and we haven't stopped listening to the The Red Eye Home since. Chris has been perpetually humming the opening track, Freebase Suitcase. Hook melodies and strong's what the doctor ordered for lack-of-boogey-blues!!! Ready to get dosed?!?!?!

Humpback Jack are:

Nathan Carter (Keyboards, singer/songwriter a la Hornsby/Winwood but with a flair for electronica :)
Bryan Burkhart (Drums, percussion, background vocals) This dude likes to stand up and pound them like Stanton Moore!!
Trey Burkett (Guitar) NOT Anastasio but he's still pretty young yet and VERY capable of busting out sweet hooks and jams....
Amos Cochran (Bass, vocals), 2006 Ozark Music Awards Bass player of the year!

Check them out live this week but first dust off your dancing shoes and get ready for a blend of original electronica infused funky/jazzy in your face jam rock:, then get ready for covers from WSP, Blind Melon, Pink Floyd, Traffic, Warren G & Nate Dog, and other "Classics" thrown in. May be others in their library... who knows...that's what they dosed us with on Saturday... new covers tonight???? hmmmm???....Good stuff! .... Can't wait to find out what they have in them tonight! - Chris and Candy, Charlotte Music Aficionados


THE POUR HOUSE—Self-described hybrid-rockers, Humpback Jack speaks of jam-rock ecstasy: Their debut full-length The Red Eye Home departs from their Electremental EP's pop-oriented roots to experiment with textured electronics and techno-funk beats. Check the brilliant slow-burn of "Freebase Suitcase"—electronic skitters chasing slippery synth and guitar crescendos—for a preview of the band's dance-floor potency. Raleigh's own groove-masters Waylandsphere headline. Show starts at 9 p.m. for $6. - Kathy Justice, The Independent

"'Jack' of all music: former Willy D's house band to release debut album of originals"

Every Tuesday night for a year and a half, Nathan Carter and his crew played what everyone else wanted to hear. Now, with the release of Humpback Jack's debut album, "The Red Eye Home," they are showcasing music of their own making.

In 2003, Carter was playing piano at Willy D's Dueling Piano Bar in Fayetteville and hired drummer Bryan Burkhart to join him. As the nightly entertainment, the duo played cover songs from Elton John, Journey, Garth Brooks and others at the request of bar patrons.

After hours and between gigs, the duo worked on original material with guitarist Ryan Winkle. When they later decided to expand beyond Willy D's in 2005, the group added bassist Amos Cochran. In the fall, Trey Burkett replaced Winkle on guitar.

The group's debut album, which will be released Thursday at George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, is a testament to and inspired by the great lengths the band has gone through just to sit in the same room together.

Since forming the band, Carter moved to North Carolina, where he plays in several bands. Every two months or so, he makes the 14-hour drive from the East Coast to Fayetteville. The distance and his dual residency make performing together and recording difficult. Studio sessions often took place late at night after Carter made a mad dash halfway across the country. Among many things, the new album's title, "The Red Eye Home," was inspired by those trips.

"It's about driving back and forth," Carter said, "and coming out of the studio when the sun was coming up."

Indeed, the album is meant to be thought of as a journey. It begins with the sounds of footprints, a creaking door and a train moving at high speeds.

"And then the music kicks in. The album is a whole piece. At the end, he's quiet and back home, and then asleep," Burkhart explained.

The album contains 11 original songs and was recorded in Burkhart's home studio. Burkhart and Carter shared production duties.

Although the music is now very much their own, it still bears the marks of many of the groups they've covered throughout the years, including progressive rock groups Yes and Traffic, jam bands Widespread Panic and pop rock groups such as Coldplay.

In the end, perhaps, Humpback Jack sounds a little bit like a thousand different bands. And as a former live jukebox, they've certainly covered their share. Their album reflects that, Burkhart said.

"It gives more variety than most [records] you pick off the shelf. It's jam, it's pop. And it's some quiet, happy music, too," he said.
<p><a href="">Original Article</a> - Kevin Kinder, Northwest Arkansas Times


2005 - Electramental EP;
2007 - The Red Eye Home.



Humpback Jack is a four piece, self-described "hybrid-rock" band from the Ozark Mountains; more specifically described as a rock mix of jam and pop, classic and modern, acoustic and electric, analog and digital, lyrical and instrumental, ect.

HumpbacK Jack started out as a house band at Willy D's Piano Bar on Dickson St. in Fayetteville, playing whatever was requested by the audience. Since then, the band has evolved to writing their own material, as well as playing a few of their own choice covers, and intertwining them into entertaining sonic landscapes.

In 2005, Humpback Jack released their first album, an all instrumental 4 song EP entitled "Electramental." The band has finished up their first full lyrical album, "The Red Eye Home," which was released April 12, 2007. The album can be purchased through multiple digital download stores like itunes, rhapsody, digstation, and others; as well as hard copies of the cd through live shows,, cdbaby, and various mom-and-pop stores around the country.

Humpback Jack's repertoire is extensive and diverse, compiled mainly of their original rock material. The sound has been created by the collaborated styles of all four members and their influences. Humpback Jack's music bears sonic reflection from artists like Bruce Hornsby, Widespread Panic, Radiohead, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Santana, Yes, the Dave Mathews Band, O.A.R., Gallactic, The Meters, Steve Winwood, Phish, The Steve Kimock Band, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, and many more. Micah Davidson, founder of the Charlotte Jamband Society, describes Humpback Jack as, “bold...full of hard funk grooves that can't help but grab the listener and won't let them go!!!!!!!”

Even though Humpback Jack's focus is on original material, cover songs performed by these artists and many others are not uncommon to a Humpback Jack performance. This gives the audience an exciting mix of fresh new music and familiar favorites.

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