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I am back in action! Kick starting my return, I interviewed traveling favorites Humps and The Blackouts at Hoss’ Deli in Newport News, VA.
I was ecstatic to finally have the opportunity meet with these “outlaw” musicians, while they were in town visiting from Nashville, TN. I actually had the opportunity to see them live three times in one week, each experience being different (dare I say better?) than the previous experienced. I believe that the varying factor in each performance was the audience. The latter two shows, I noticed in both instances that the audiences’ electrical presence certainly charged a heavy hitting musical output from the band.
Considering that through out the week the band had many guest performers and line up alterations, one could still sense a unique presence that was a constant. Perhaps that was the outlaw spirit that emanates and defines their sound so well.
- ABrownAroundTown


Five song EP recorded June 2012
Courtesy of Small Barn Sound.

1. Tennessee
2. White Lines (radio airplay)
3. Down 64
4. People
5. Outlaw



Humps and the Blackouts were originally formed in Yorktown, Virginia in 2010 by Matt Humphries (vocal/guitar), Jayme Payne (mandolin/banjo) and Julian Lawson (guitar/dobro). What started as a few friends sitting around a campfire singing songs of the past quickly turned into a way of life.

In October 2011, Humps and the Blackouts relocated to Nashville, TN. The song "Tennessee" was inspired by the dream of playing in the Music City. They found a world filled with excellent music and most importantly, excellent musicians; including upright bass player Zack Stewart. Stewart joined the group and added what could be considered the backbone of the band. In September 2012, long time friend of the band Stevie Hogge joined as the harmonica player.

After writing and performing in Tennessee, the group decided it was time to put together a recording session. In June of 2012, the band recorded a five song demo in the remote preserve of Small Barn Sound in rural Tennessee. The demo album was to be the basis of their fifteen show 2012 summer tour through TN, NC and VA.

In sum, Humps and the Blackouts are more than just a band; they are a family.