Humungus Fungus

Humungus Fungus

 Seattle, Washington, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

Humungus Fungus is a straight up rock and roll band with classic rock and alternative tendencies. The music ranges from soft to hard, always includes a lot of dynamic and has a strong focus on harmonies. HF has already pleased a multitude of diverse crowds and is eager to continue with splendor.


HF initially got together in Sept. 08 for a day of jamming and fun. The jam was a lot more fun than anyone expected (and sounded good) so a second meeting was scheduled, then a 3rd and so on. HF spent from Sept 08 to Mar 10 in the rehearsal space practicing, evaluating, refining and practicing some more. Finally- in Mar 10 they were ready to play out. Without a demo at the time- they were able to land 6 shows at solid venues (Club Fuel in Seattle, The Swiss and Hell's Kitchen in Tacoma to name a few) in as many weeks-each with very positive reviews and feedback. Constantly working on performing, both technical and stage, HF has become an entertaining and competitive band in the Seattle area.


Cap and Stem EP

Set List

HF has done multiple shows where sets have ranged between 30 min and 3 hours. Our 1 hour set list includes:
My Enemy
4th of July
Something Else
All About Love
Goin' Blind
Summer of Stone
Help (Beatles cover)
Subtle Deception
Soul In Pain
Stage Fright
American Girl (Tom Petty cover)

Also we have a multitude of other songs in our ever-growing repertoire.