Hunab Ku

Hunab Ku


Hunab Ku's music is articulate, weird, and complex to it's core. From their twisted alien soundscapes to their dense and rhythmic shredding, Hunab paints a calculated and vivid picture of expression, exclusive to them within modern avant-garde metal.


Originally from Chicago, IL and now residing in the rainy city of Seattle,WA, Hunab Ku is without a doubt an individual amongst masses. Fathered by the likes of groundbreaking artists such as Fantomas, Aphex Twin, Meshuggah and The Dillinger Escape Plan, the music of Hunab Ku paints a calculated and vivid picture of modern, avant garde metal. One that is undeniably original, and one that is impossible to ignore.

In Sept. of 05' the foursome released an intense four-song demo which quickly created a buzz within the metal community. Heavy-hitting modern experimental bands such as, Between the Buried and Me, The Dillinger Escape Plan and The Red Chord, gave notice to the rise of this potential new force.

As a follow up to it's release, the band began playing out locally and regionally. The sheer power of their performances, complex, inventive material, and unfailing work ethic immediately set them apart from the flock. This was obviously a group of individuals who were not here to imitate anyone, nor were they begging for approval. Confident in their sound and abilities, Hunab Ku had truly arrived.

In early 2007 the band stepped back into the studio to record a completely new body of work. This endeavor documents dramatic advances in sound and concept since their 2005 release. It effectively introduces the opulent presence of a new creative force in avant-garde metal music.

In 2008, creative differences with founding guitar player Dan Hagerty lead to the acquisition of Sleep Terror guitarist, Luke Jaeger. Luke is now functioning as the sole guitar player of Hunab Ku. One can only expect the blending of these talents to yield a mind scorching specimen of creative and technical experimental music. The future is extremely bright for this band.


Houdini's Achilles Heel

Written By: Hunab Ku

Blink of an eye, escapologist I, blink of an eye. Blink of an eye, escapologist I, blink of and eye. Hocus pocus, hocus pocus. There's nothing up my sleeve, I swear. Karma ticks like a clock. I can't escape these lies. Look through deceiving eyes. Fighting to stay afloat in my sea of deceit and lies. Abracadabra...Houdini tries escape this time, Achilles heel. Escape from anything, handcuffed bridge jumps...Straight jacket, can't hold...Escape from anything, walk through a wall. This too shall pass. Abracadabra...Houdini tries escape this time, Achilles heel. Escape from anything, handcuffed bridge jump...Straight jacket, can't hold. Escape from anything, walk through a wall. This too shall pass. Abracadabra....Dipped in Styx to be immortal. Oversight, you're vulnerable. Finger, thumb holds achilles heel, smoke and a bag of tricks is gonna get me. Slight of hand, manipulate your mind. Can't identify your face...which one am I talking to? And this too shall pass away, hopefully.

Murmurs of Asmodai

Written By: Hunab Ku

A grossly misshaped angel, evil black angel. On my shoulder whispering your evils. Hanging your bashed head on me, spreading your rotting feathers, stroking me with your nails...cutting. Your poison will be drawn from my veins. Parisitic black angel, ugly, more jealous you grew. Leave my thoughts or I'll see you in hell. (I'll cut you out like a cancer. Leaving you to feed on the blood of ghosts, but still my brother) On wings, terminating worlds...come back my friend, I don't wanna see you die.

Pecking Out My Stained-Glass Eyes

Written By: Hunab Ku

Colorful mosaic bursts. Feast upon the glass, ingest god. Statuesque lies, lies. You're born again, Lazarus rising, original sin. You can't define, unique relations, illusions of grandeur. Knees, cuts on them, I am scared of the blinding light. Pecking out my stained-glass eyes. Here wear blinders and don't ever think for yourself. Pecking out my stained glass eyes. Sheltered mind, please remove the wool from my third eye. Eternal gaze are the eyes of the omniscient one. Peck out these evil...break through the stained-glass now. I've summoned black birds to ingest the god I knew. You're born again, Lazarus rising, illusions of grandeur. No more blinders and I see for the very first time. Pecking out my stained-glass eyes.

Midnight Assassin

Written By: Hunab Ku

Secrets...Moonlight on the desert sand, fleeing from the deadly midnight assassin. Secrets...Ancient texts encoded on my fingerprints, you'll never catch me dead assassin.

Teetering on the Edge of Nothingness

Written By: Hunab Ku

Doubt, venomous gun, no. Shards sticking out...Watch riding up like eternal night. Stuck deep in the mud, no. Brain waves exist...Watch riding up like eternal night. Everything I've made, everything I've it tips the scales at unfathomable. Bones crumble, skull caves in, veins bursting...hemorrhage. Hanging by my teeth, scrape, clawing...falling...and the glint in my eyes start to fade. I drag on, feet fumble over every bump. Teetering on the edge of nothingness. Balancing...Doubt venomous gun, no. Shards stabbing me...Watch riding up like eternal night. Desperation, I can't bear it anymore...Under the weight of my self-made world. I have sacrificed everything, everything I am. I will conquer all my fears, pushing...pulling. I've become an explosion. I push on, I push on. I will rise up now. Teetering on the edge of nothingness. Balancing...


2009 - The Gaze Inward II (Re-release w/Luke Jaeger)
2007 - The Gaze Inward
2006 - Self Titled Demo

Set List

No covers. Six to nine original songs, roughly 35 minutes long.