“As we have grown so much over the years, both musically and spiritually, we believe in our music and are confident that listeners will appreciate our desire to deliver something unique and distinctive”.


Many listeners would agree that heavy music is in a state of flux. The metal scene has not experienced a truly unique sound in years and is coming to a time of lull; enter HundredFold. The sounds of HundredFold are best described as a melodic yet surprisingly heavy mix of powerful guitar riffs, pounding drum rhythms, and dark vocals that cut from clear melodies to menacing growls in seconds. Citing various influences such as Chevelle, The Beatles, Staind, Pearl Jam, Incubus, Sepultura, and System of a Down, their hope is to bring heavy music to a new level. HundredFold’s music is accompanied by lyrics that tackle personal struggles, and deep issues of life and spirituality. Their goal is to create music that listeners will be drawn to through the reality of their words and the emotional force that drives the music.

Set List

Ending of Autumn
You have a Lot of Explaining to Do
None the Wiser
Something More
Lead into One
Everything about you Dies
Bank on Daytime Rain

Send the pain below - Chevelle
Vitamin R - Chevelle
Ariels - System of a Down
What it is to Burn - Finch
First time - Finger Eleven