Hamburg, Hamburg City, DEU

modern triphop. brother and sister. noises and sounds. flapping (flap flap). flickering. rhythmic. then clapping. chuckling. rumbling. cracking.


Hundreds – that’s Eva and Philipp Milner from Hamburg, Germany, little sister and big
brother, one band, songs that know how to put a spell on you.
With Philipp playing the piano, Eva on the microphone, their beautiful, fragile
programming and editing (without a neon sign screaming “Nerds!”) and the heart on the
right spot they create music which with its beauty is able to cause a sweet stomach ache
now and then, with your eyes shut, very physical, with goose bumps on your skin.
Hundreds come up with euphoric and sometimes sad pop song writing which immediately
captivates you. Their compositions are again and again characterized by sensitive yet
sophisticated rhythms wanting to own each and every single one of the listener’s muscle
fibres – and they also manage to do so.
In between you can hear noises and sounds – there is flapping (flap flap), flickering,
rhythmic, then clapping, chuckling, rumbling, cracking. Hundreds make music you can
trustfully skinny-dip in, full of soul, unpretentious, light and organic in its sound. Space for
tumbling and losing yourself already included.
Their biggest desire is desire.

While the recordings have your ears rejoicing in Eva’s harmonic singing, when playing live
the beats emerge as the band’s motor, but without any loss of depth as Philipp’s beautiful
playing keeps it all together.
When it comes to Hundreds heart and dance floor certainly merge.

Please visit to listen to the band’s music.


Hundreds E.P.
(Debut album coming in March 2010)

Set List

1. Solace
2. Machine
3. Grab The Sunset
4. Happy Virus
5. Fighter
6. Wait For My Raccoon
7. I Love My Harbour
8. Let's Write The Streets
9. Song For A Sailor
10. Rabbits On The Roof
(ca. 40 minutes)