hundred year storm

hundred year storm


Equal parts experiment and plan, this musical force rises and falls with the exploding of guitars and heartfelt melodies. Hundred Year Storm's new e.p. lulls the listener with a melodic reverie, teasing the tired mind by a concussion of furious, blustering rock.


Hushed, honest vocals carried with haunting melody. Ominous, commanding guitars, intricately layered with beautiful harmonies. Tightly-locked bass and drums carry the listener along through the elaborate soundscape. This is Hundred Year Storm.

Formed in Austin, TX during the scorching summer of 2003, singer / guitarist Bill McCharen began this musical journey to fully express himself in a unique and powerful way. To Bill, music is a deeply spiritual and emotional experience that is intended to make the listener dance and move while other moments to be still and ponder life. Through its music, HYS can fully express passion for life, love, pain and spiritual longings in a way that words alone could not. This is evident in Hundred Year Storm’s first studio release, a debut, self-titled EP.

Released in early November 2004, this release has already sold over 1,500 units as of August 1, 2005. The record also very quickly garnered critical praise from many well-known national indie rock websites, magazines, and radio stations. The regional success of the record led the band to take the next big step of hitting the road. In March, HYS played an amazing 15 shows in Texas, April a short West Coast tour and then in June a 20-date Mid West/East Coast tour including the Cornerstone 2005 Festival. In 2005, HYS will be out on the road September and October on the East Coast and November on the West Coast.

Now dedicated as a full-time band and touring relentlessly in support of their current EP, HYS also managed to lay down 7 new tracks between tours. Recorded and produced by David Dreesen of Jacket Weather Records, these songs usher in a new era for Hundred Year Storm. The new songs take you everywhere from the melodic indie rock hook of “Yesterday We Had It All” to the space-travel adventure of instrumental “The Golden Record.” Equal parts intricate and raw, Hundred Year Storm accomplishes something many bands fall short of - their own unique brand of experimental rock n’ roll.


Hundred Year Storm - "Unreleased Demo 2005"
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Hundred Year Storm - "Self-titled EP" 2004
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Set List

Deep Inside
Yesterday We had It All
Someday You'll See
Crash And Burn
Pilot's Last Broadcast