Hungry, Hungry Ghost

Hungry, Hungry Ghost

 San Francisco, California, USA

H,HG is a unique gaggle of american ex-youths playing honest songs, which are sometimes satirically referred to as post-indie transcendentalist punk ballads.


This project was born in Berlin across the sea and blossomed into something marvelous, culminating in a small German tour and the decision to move back to the States, where it now resides with new participants in Northern California.

Our influences are probably anything we've ever heard or wanted to hear.

We strive to make music we would want to hear and we hope others find something special in it as well.

With utmost sincerity,

Alex & h,hg


SHINGLE PEELINGS EP - 2007 (digital, Widerheim)
SLEEPING ENGLISH LP - 2009 (CD, Infinite Best)
CYCLOPTIC MYOPIA EP - 2009 (digital, Infinite Best)
I'M GIVING AWAY MY KUNST EP - 2010 (digital, self-released)
O' SPITAL EP - 2011 (digital, self-released)

-Tracks from SLEEPING ENGLISH & CYCLOPTIC MYOPIA have appeared on a few different shows on MTV Canada.
-Numerous tracks from SLEEPING ENGLISH & CYCLOPTIC MYOPIA have been played on German and American radio, including an in-studio live performance at on Fritz! Radio in Berlin/Brandenburg.
-Selected tracks can also be heard on Last.FM and Jango.
-The track "Breathing Animals" was featured on NPR's Second Stage podcast.