Hungry Little Monkey

Hungry Little Monkey

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS

The skewed electro-pop of a science fiction nerd-girl. Layers of strange sounds, odd rhythms and melodic vocals that venture from sweet to aggressive.


As a vocalist, Hungry Little Monkey sang with Perth alternative pop-rock band, Minor Characters, in 2003-4, then a few dBs louder with an experimental thrash-math outfit in 2005, before finally deciding to go it alone in the computer world under her bed. From this underworld sanctuary, she now happily conducts the weird impulses of the latent pop artist and experimental punk in her.

Set List

30-45 minutes

Dr Seuss, Oh Where Are You?
Plug In, Turn On, Get Out
When I'm Dead
I Melt Like A Dali
Foot Down
Lover, Are You There?