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Hungry Models

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Sound Bites/June 18, 2005"

Hungry Models -
This is easily one of the wittiest and snappiest names I've heard in some time, and their brand of infetious and danceable post-punk is just as good as many of the hot s#!t hype machines of today. If you're into Bloc Party or The Rapture, or old gods Gang of Four, you'd dig it (to coin a phrase)... - P. Wall for Free Times

"Hungry Models"

Hungry Models
Art Bar: Saturday, November 12

This taut trio brings its retro-style post-punk to a home base of sorts in that of the Art Bar on Saturday. With its power pop roots the band can't help but churn out infectious hooks, but all those catchy verses don't dampen the tension one bit. There's a dark streak balancing out every upbeat refrain. If Joe Jackson fronted Fugazi and only listened to Computer Cougar, then he might sound like the Hungry Models...
E. Greenwood - E. Greenwood for Free Times


Hungry for Shore (EP)


Feeling a bit camera shy


In the summer of 2004, the gods smiled down from the heavens. Two gods in particular, Penisia, the God of Rock, and Fellatia, the Goddess of Fashion, joined in ethereal coitus. The lovechild of this explosive union was Hungry Models, a band whose roots are buried deep under the fashion and rock ‘n’ roll center of the universe, otherwise known as Columbia, South Carolina (will relocate).
The three lads, known as Hungry Tim, Mike Model, and Simply Stan, unwittingly fulfill their collective destiny every day by writing and playing a frenzied brand of post-punk swank and just being "completely fabulous.” Influences for their infectious sound include The Clash, Gang of Four, Fugazi, Joy Division, The Smiths and Boyz II Men. When not scarfing down celery and diet pills, these models enjoy visiting Paris, shamelessly flirting with girls whose boyfriends are much less fabulous than they, and doing sit-ups.
After deciding not to sign with Sony Records (not that there was an offer), Hungry Models began work on their first full-length record to be titled appropriately enough, “Hungry Models’ Full Length.” This will follow the unofficially released EP “Hungry for Shore.” The divas are also currently accepting bids for a limited number of appearances in the Southeast.