Hungry Onion

Hungry Onion


Hard, fast, Chicago rock with a distinctive style. The bands many early influences include Naked Raygun, Bad Brains, Black Sabbath,Minor Threat, Exploited ,The Ramones, and Screeching Weasel to name a few. Their diversity stretches from punk riffed tunes to songs with a harder edge. Good Times...


Hungry Onion's independently released album entitled, “DRINKS DANCING GIRLS” features songs that resonate with vibes of the bands many early influences including Black Sabbath, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Exploited ,The Ramones, Naked Raygun, and Screeching Weasel to name a few. The album’s diversity stretches from punk riffed tunes like “Milkmen”, and “Why” to harder edged songs like “0069”, and the self entitled tune, “Hungry Onion”. The band’s distinctive style is most identifiable in songs like “Big Wheel”, “Sloppy Pants”, “Shift the Blame”, and “Slip Away”. Hungry Onion is a local Chicago rock band. Among the many Chicago venues that they have played are Reggies, Double Door, The Vic, The Riviera, Baxter’s Gin Mill, The Horizon Club, and the Playhouse. They have played alongside many bands including Beer Nuts, Disturbed, B Skin to name a few...

They are currently in the studio and will release a new album in Summer 2008.

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Hungry Onion independently released their first album entitled, “DRINKS DANCING GIRLS” - a full length album. College airplay and indie radio airplay in the west coast.
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Set List

14 songs - Threshhold, Hungry Onion, Lubo's Dead, 0069, Ain't the One, Milkmen, Fire, Sloppypants, Loose Meat, Aligator Waltz, Nose Job, Can't Leave It Alone, , Big Wheel, Shift The Blame, Why, ....
We do not do covers. Our sets are 45 minutes to an hour.