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Club moving music with a twist of r&b an a World Wide Appeal!


"Club moving music with a twist of R&B, and a world wide appeal..."

HUNNIT PROOF, a group with an independent record label (Hunnit Proof Records); consists of four members. Super producer, engineer, song writer, and artist/performer, Isaac Fimbrez (aka Nasty Nov) age 23. Producer, hit song writer, and artist/performer, Eric Fimbrez (aka Eezo), age 20. Heavy hitter producer, song writer, and artist/performer, Nick Rojo (aka Spliff/Spliffessa), age 19. Inspirational producer, song writer, assistant engineer, artist/performer, Alan Figueroa (aka Figarola) age 19.

Hunnit Proof makes music for the love of it, not to fit in.. This young group has an energy that stands out and makes people take notice. Hunnit Proof has their own sound and they are appreciated by rap audiences as well as people who don't even like their genre of music! They have a broad fan base that extends from young kids, to teenagers and adults.

How did this unique sound start? History began in 2004 when HUNNIT PROOF, a fresh young group from San Jose, California, emerged on the San Francisco Bay area rap music scene!

In these early years Hunnit Proof recorded songs and performed in local regional club venues. The composition of the members changed during their first year, with three members leaving. The remaining four members continued to write and record songs and develop Hunnit Proofs' unique style. Dedicated to their profession, all the members of Hunnit Proof attended a San Francisco College focused on education in the music business and music production. Using this knowledge, Hunnit Proof continued to develop a local fan based that requested an album. The group spent the past two years producing an album and creating their multi-faceted Myspace website. Through this website, their audience has enlarged from a local base to an international one, with requests coming from September 5, 2007Germany, The Bahamas, Australia, The United Kingdom, Iraq, Egypt, Central America and South America. Because of their local and international fan base, Hunnit Proof knows that they have a unique sound, one that has world wide appeal!

When they released their first promotional CD to the public in early 2007, it didn't just sell out of the trunk, it sold worldwide. Hunnit Proofs' fans have asked,”When are you going to be on the radio?” “When are you going to put out your first album?.” This is that time! Hunnit Proof is producing their first album and their first single is ready to hit the market! With every passing day, Hunnit Proofs' national and international audience is growing and requesting copies of the promotional CD.

The Hunnit Proof members say, "It's not like we woke up one day and decided to rap. We all were born into music and we all have a family history of music" "We do music how we do it, it just comes naturally, we ain't trying to sound like some one else," say the members of Hunnit Proof. By working with a lot of local San Francisco Bay area artists, Hunnit Proof gained the respect of these artists and their fans. Brian (“Big Bass Brian”) Gardner (a mixing/mastering engineer at commented, "When I was running it down, I was struck with how different it was which I always appreciate. I found myself liking it more and more. Someone even came in my control room asking, ' Who Is That?' They just may have something here!” This young group has a bright journey ahead and they want to share it with the world as they continue to move forward.

HUNNIT PROOF is a music creater, comprised of natural artists, who create a fresh new sound for THE FUTURE!


EP'S & Compilation Albums
Jan 2007: The Million Dollar Mindz EP
Apr 2007: Off the Top Records Presents... All Walks The Compilation
July 2007: Scrilla Mack presents... 408 Riderz Compilation
Singles currently in progress to release:
August 2007: "We Mappin It'
October 2007: "Keeps it Hunnit The Mixtape"

Set List

Its on & popin- 4:11
We mappin it- 3:05
Ohh my!-3:25
Gucci Bi*ch- 3:13