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First Impression…Best Impression…Lasting Impression
Forget who I am like, let me tell you who I am… As Hunnye B. begins to tell who she is, she stumbles on her thoughts. Not being able to think of any eloquent, fancy way to express who she really is, she compares herself to a down to earth, heartwarming average Suzy Q with a with a foxy twist. She is someone people can relate to in person and through her songs. She has several influences, most of which can be heard in her music. They range from pop, R&B, and dance. For a few years Hunnye B.’s talent went dormant and her dream became only a memory. Back in 2006 Hunnye B. was approached by a prophetess at one of the weddings that she was singing for in Houston, Texas. She actually approached Hunnye B. at the rehearsal dinner not knowing who Hunnye B. was and what Hunnye B. did, but she told Hunnye B. some things that were very true. One in particular was about Hunnye B.’s talent and how she did not need to allow negativity to keep her from doing what she was destined to do. She said at the time that Hunnye B. was supposed to be making CD’s but due to the fact the Hunnye B. was not living the way that she should have (negative behavior, lack of faith), sadly she was blocking her own blessing. That was back in 2006. Hunnye B. is ready for her destiny and it has already come. She has been making music…doing what she is suppose to do.
Hunnye B. was born Chasity Dejoynett Hodge in 1986 in Birmingham, Alabama to the parents of Sam Hodge and Glenda Franklin. As an active member in the church choir and playing the piano by age five, Hunnye B. was an advocate for music at an early age and has continued to maintain a great love and interest for music. During high school, Hunnye B. could be found singing in chorus or in the Tarrant High School Choir. She was also an active member in the gospel group “Pursuaded” from 2005-2007. She also sang with the Afro-American Gospel Choir of the University of Alabama for a brief period in 2005. In 2008, Hunnye B. joined RCA recording artist Elaine Hudson and the Shaydz ov Brown, a local dance band that performs Motown and R&B. In the band, she was known as Hunnye Brown. That is how she came up with her industry name as a solo artist – from Hunnye Brown to Hunnye B. In February of 2009, she sang with Minister Prince Yelder and the Disciples for Christ at their live recording in Birmingham, AL, and at several other events including the Gospel Music Workshop of America. Hunnye B. has also performed at several weddings and wedding receptions in and out of her home state including Pennsylvania, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana. Having sung in front of a crowd of 20 to hundreds Hunnye B. truly considers entertaining others to be her path of life and enjoys what she does to the fullest.
The R&B/Pop singer and songwriter is truly an inspiration among women with songs like “Gotta Move” which talks about Hunnye B. having to move on from a bad relationship and finding someone better, and “Fool for You” which is about how some women decide to stay in a relationship despite the infidelity. Hunnye B.’s music career is soon to bloom into a beautiful rose that never wither and die. She has been working on her craft since she could remember. As each day passes by, she gets better at what she does. She will no longer sit on her dreams, but be proactive in making them come true. She is currently working on her first album. As of today the album is untitled, but it set to drop in the spring of 2010. She is also making great connections with venues and other artist for future shows. Hunnye B.’s goal is to not only have her name in the streets of her home town, but to have her name in the streets of the nation. This is her passion. This is her mission. This is her impression. This is Hunnye B.