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"A Strong Return To The Singer/Songwriter Mold"

It’s been a while since a record has come along that successfully taps into both the heart and soul of some of the best 70’s singer/songwriter fare such as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, America, Bread and James Taylor. But a duo going by the moniker of Huns and Dr. Beeker have done just that on their full-length debut “The Middle of Somewhere”.

Hailing from the small town of Burlington, Wisconsin, the twosome are far from strangers. Jon Hunsbusher (aka Huns) and Eric Erickson (aka Dr. Beeker) grew up just a few blocks from one another, where they formed a musical bond writing and performing their own compositions throughout the southeast region of Wisconsin. After a long hiatus, the two recently decided to reform and record their first official release.

Recorded in Lake Geneva, and co-produced by Todd Bowie (SundayRunners, Martha Berner), the songs that unfold on this 13-track collection are well-written, beautifully performed and exquisitely produced. The tone of the album is immediately set in motion with the opening number, “A Day Like This”, a sweet acoustic-driven ballad, kissed by the twosome’s sumptuous harmonies and Bowie’s earthy banjo. This is quickly followed by the more pop-flavored “Cereal Girl”, as well as the haunting beauty of “The Dew Drop Inn”. On the majestic “Ponies”, an electric guitar kicks up some additional dust over the duo’s rich harmonies during the song’s indelible chorus, while the simple, yet poignant guitar-line that drives “Cry Me a River”, only solidifies the pain, emptiness, and ultimately, hope that aches through the song’s lyrics. With their tongues in cheek, Huns and Dr. Beeker poke fun at corporate suck-ups on their song “Company Man”, where they sing, “I’m a company man, climbin’ up the ladder just as quick as I can. Get out of my way, or you’ll have footprints on your back, ‘cause this boy’s got it all, he’s on the fast track.” But the two also quickly turn much more serious as they sing, “Mama where are you-Papa where did you go? And where are all the children who used to play here? Only Heaven knows,” on the introspective “Ghost Town”, a tribute to the victims of Chernobyl’s nuclear accident.

With strong acoustic-based compositions, and beautiful harmonies, lightly spiced with welcome modern rock arrangements, Huns and Dr. Beeker have created a rich soundtrack for the human psyche-touching on love, loss, pain and pleasure.

- Tony Bonyata,; Nov 13, 2005


I downloaded "Cry Me A River" from ITunes.
Awesome sound guys! Come play in Nashville! I also left a review for the album at the ITunes Music Store.
- Nashville


Just found your names when I've been browsing the web for 26.04.1986 , Tschernobil , the day where my younger son had his first birthday.I found Elenas page , found your left a very,very deep mark. I thank you very much for this song and I thank you that you've done it for Elena. Best wishes from Rudi

- Germany


I found your website from after I listened to Ghost Town. Not many songs bring tears to my eyes, but this song did. It was written and composed beautifully, although it is very sad. Ghost Town really sums up the stories of Elena Filatova's pictures. It is nice to hear of artists like you! Thank you for your beautiful music! - Louisville, KY


I will be ordering your CD. When I heard Ghost Town on Elena's site I was completely awed by the feelings it evoked. Hope you can find a place to play in the Denver area - I will be there.

PS: I hope the demo use of your material on my own Chernobyl website is acceptable:
- Colorado

"What an amazing accomplishment the album is!"

Cereal Girl is so beautifully moving. It doesn't get any better than that. Congratulations!
- Yankee Drummer


Love the CD. Company Man describes a lot of people I've known, and The Dew Drop Inn describes a lot of places I've been. - Wisconsin


Wednesday, Jul 12
Like so many before me, I happened across this site via Elena`s Chernobyl stories.
The tale Elena tells us is a very sad one, and the song "Ghost Town" takes that sadness to the point of realisation that perhaps we are all, in some way, a ghost town unto ourselves and our fellow humans.
We shelter so much away from each other and this leads to pain and destruction in many levels of life.

Great song, altho my eyes were closed when I listened to it, they opened up as the song progressed...loved every millisecond of it !!

Keep up the good work...
- South Africa


I accidentally found you by browsing through itunes personal imixes. How I got there I don't know-but I'm glad I did. "The Dew Drop Inn" is amazing! It simultaneously provokes both nostalgic and positive anticipatory feelings within me.
- Seattle, WA


these two days, i continue to listen your very good song called ghost town. the song is so touching both the music and lyrics.
so i tried to make another version of ghost town short film besides elenafilatova one, it now contains lyrics and ending.
i hope what i did do not make any troble to you.
here is the link to download it.

here is my email:
if you think i should not make it to the public , just email to me and i will delete it instantly.

again, you both have make a very good song, and make me to be your fans.
- Hong Kong


"The Middle of Somewhere" - Released Oct, 2005.
CD - 13 tracks of all original material.
Songs from this CD have been played on local, NPR, and internet radio stations.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Though they grew up only a few blocks from each other in a small Midwestern town, Huns & Dr. Beeker never really knew each other until they met musically. When they finally did play together for the first time, they were amazed. It sounded like they had been singing together all their lives! Audiences agreed, and were delighted by their creative harmonies, and emotive song writing.
Huns & Dr. Beeker have had great success playing for enthusiastic crowds throughout the Midwest, and other parts of the country. Their latest release “The Middle of Somewhere”, continues to showcase their unique vocal harmonies, and gives the listener a look into the pains, pleasures, loves and losses of their personal lives. There is a new maturity in their songwriting, which can only be attained by a great deal of life experience.
Joined by producer/musician Todd Bowie, the duo explores new vocal territory, which serves to enhance the already engrossing lyrical content. From the whimsical “The Dew Drop Inn”, a story about the patrons of a small country bar on a rainy afternoon, to the poignant “Ghost Town”, a haunting tribute to the victims of the Chernobyl nuclear accident, this new CD will touch the hearts of listeners unlike anything else Huns & Dr. Beeker have ever recorded. Ted Jensen and Ryan Smith mastered the final tracks at Sterling Sound in New York City, adding to the magic of the record