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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | SELF
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""See You In Hell" - CD review"

Some days are better than others when you are a music reviewer that takes on as much stuff from unsigned and unknown bands like I do. Today was certainly one of the better days. See, I had to leave the house for a while and on the way decided to check the mailbox. Yup, as usual a CD greeted me so I thought I’d take it with me and have a listen in the car trip. I had a really quick glance of the bio sheet first and noticed that the band classes themselves as a metalcore band with some rock influences. I for one don’t mind metalcore when it’s done well so I put in the disc expecting to hear the usual generic core sound.

While listening to the opening tune SEE YOU IN HELL I was a bit confused as it sounded like sort of modern southern rock but beefed up a bit. Then, once the second track PLEATHERFACE got going I was instantly awashed with something a little bit special and hella awesome. Yes, the metalcore element is there, but it’s only a small piece of what the bands sound really is and the tune sounded like a modern day PANTERA in the riffing and vocal department but could also be looked at as modern groove metal too. Most of the rest of the disc follows in this trend and shows that HUNTER CITY MADNESS have really carved out their own unique sound that kicks a whole lot of ass and should appeal to many different corners of the metal landscape. The band come from OTTAWA, but it would be easy to believe that they came from Texas as this whole disc is a whiskey drenched, southern metal groove fest that just happens to draw some relatively minor influences from the metalcore and deathcore scenes without it being too much to turn off people that don’t listen to music from these genres.

Anyways, after my car trip I brought the disc straight inside and put it on the hi-fi system, where it stayed on repeat for the next handful of hours. To say I was surprised would be an understatement, and it is with that fact in mind that I am happy to recommend this disc to anybody that likes modern metal in any of its forms, and also to fans of PANTERA. The comparison isn’t huge, but it’s enough to be reminded of the time when Dimebag and Phil ruled the land of metal. -

"Featured Article on"

It’s unfortunate but a lot of people aren’t aware that Canada has a fairly healthy hard rock/metal scene going. Several new bands are writing and releasing music on par with their U.S. counterparts including Hunter City Madness. The band is a five man metalcore act from Ottawa, Ontario that formed as recently as spring of last year. Rather than trying to describe the band myself I’ll offer a well worded quote from their official bio that says it all: Armed to the teeth with a ferociously creative musical approach and a take-no-prisoners attitude, “Hunter City Madness will grip you tight, kick your ass to next Sunday and then buy you a beer afterwards.”

The band credits a number of rock sub-genres as an influence on their sound including metal, punk, classic rock and even southern rock. In less than two years together they’ve already accomplished quite a bit for a young band. They’ve managed to play over fifty shows all over Ontario and some in Quebec including two cross Ontario tours, The Hunt is on... Tour in 2009 and The Ride the Moustache Tour in 2010.

One of HCM’s trips to Quebec included the recording of the band’s debut EP See You in Hell. The group worked with Matt Laperle at Red Dusk Studios in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec to record the seven song EP. So far since its release, the EP has received some good exposure including being played regularly on internet and college radio stations and it is even available on iTunes, Napster and HCM has worked tirelessly over the last year and a half writing and recording See You in Hell all the while touring as much as they can and building up a solid fan base.

The group is looking forward to getting out on the road for an extended period of time promoting See You In Hell. So far they have a few shows scheduled in Kitchener, Ottawa and Toronto over the next month with more along the way. If you’re looking for some good Canadian metal and a band that knows how to get the crowd going then give Hunter City Madness a try. -

"Interview with"

Hunter City Madness has just released their debut CD, See You In Hell. This record is an all out assault on the senses and right from the beginning offers brash, aggressive and in your face metal tunes that will have listeners snapping their necks in no time at all. I recently spoke with vocalist Justin Gow about the band and their new release.

Now that your brand new CD, See You In Hell, is complete how do you feel about it? Are you satisfied with the outcome?
Justin: Yes, this being our first EP we are very satisfied with the response we have been getting both concerning the music and the artwork/concept. We are very excited to see where this first album takes us and we are stoked to hit the road and start writing new material for the next album. People seem to be digging the shows and the tunes right now which is always a plus so we are just seeing where this takes us and going from there.

What was the writing process like for See You in Hell? Did you guys all write together? How long did it take?
Justin: Scattered would be the best word I could use to describe the writing process, simply because these songs are the culmination of our incubation period as a band. In the process of playing shows, writing, rehearsing and promoting, we tightened up the songs and decided which ones we wanted on the album based on their ability to tie into the concept and their individual strengths as songs. Each song is written in a completely different way but in the same vein. Nat and Jordan both contributed on lyrics with me on different songs. Guitars were a group effort with guitarists alternating leads and so on and so forth. Jelko laid down all his drums on his own by ear with ideas here and there from the band and Sean threw his two cents in whenever he could, even Mat Laperle our recording engineer tossed a couple of helpful suggestions our way in studio.

What can fans expect when they pick up a copy of See You In Hell?
Justin: They can expect an audio assault of the mind and body, a sexually religious experience like getting a lap dance from Kesha in a nun’s robe while drinking straight whiskey from a ceremonial wine glass.

What is it that normally gives you inspiration when writing lyrics and is there a theme or themes behind the writing of this record?
Justin: I draw inspiration from anything and everything including culture, society, media, religion, war, death, love, intoxication, addiction, insanity and everything in between. The theme behind this record is madness and what drives a man to lose his mind and to what lengths he can go once that threshold of good and evil has been crossed. The story which accompanies the album depicts the theme of the album vividly and will be available soon on our MySpace.

The artwork is quite amazing. How is it tied to the album’s title?
Justin: The art is basically a visualisation of the concept behind the album. The front cover shows the character “Madness” as he is about to enter “Hunter City”. The lyrics sleeve is meant to mimic the writing of his note which he leaves to explain his actions which is the cover of the actual CD itself. Behind the CD there is a picture of the band that basically depicts us as the only survivors of Madness and his bloody massacre in Hunter City, and the back cover shows Madness as he is walking away from the destruction and chaos he reaped in the city.

Are there any tracks on the disc that are personal favorites or that have good stories behind them?
Justin: Ask any member of the band and they will all probably choose a different song as their favourite, but I love, “Spreading Panic like Legs" simply for the last few parts of the song. The song is about wolves and how people and wolves are very similar when you break them down. In my favourite segment of the song it breaks down and a wolf cry can be heard before insanity erupts and the lyrics are some of my favourite on the album. “Take me back to what I left behind, to the moonshine, to the scent of blood and pine. You have been warned, you called on the storm. So baby ride it home. It’s magical isn’t it? The way all those pieces fit when you shove them in. Baby never mind the meaningless thrashing of limbs, it will desist. It will. I know it will." This to me conjures up images of a bloody yet beautiful feast, carnage and revelry entwined the poetry of the words in stark contrast to the subject matter they bring up. Plus the extra slow break down slays hard on the album.

Many of your songs are so hard and intense that I am sure they translate well into a live setting taking on a whole new life in front of a live audience. How does it make you feel when the emotion and power that you envisioned in the recording studio, come to life while playing in front of a crowd?
Justin: To put it succinctly – it makes us feel like a million bucks. Having people listen to us on-line or buy our CD or rock our stickers or shirts is all awesome, but nothing compares to the feeling you get when you are feeling the music, and the people are feeling you feel the music, and thus feeling the music in turn. It’s a cycle and it is one that we thrive on as a live band, we always strive to put on our best performance possible to give the kids the best possible concert experience. We want them to walk away still head-banging.

What is the hardest part about being in a touring metal band and what is the biggest obstacle your band faces?
Justin: The biggest obstacle for a touring metal band is getting kids out to the shows, especially when you are in a town where no one knows your name let alone your music. You have to do your best to stay grounded and focused and not get distracted by life on the road and it’s downfalls. There is a song by Canadian hip-hop artists Josh Martinez called “Hard Fall” and though it talks about a rap crew on tour, it is a great song and the anthem for any musician who has ever been on the road. You fight through the hardships and hope that in the end when you get home it was all worth it and you look forward to doing it again, learning from your mistakes and basically getting out there and doing what it is we love with the people we love to do it for.

Do you have any touring plans made yet?
Justin: Our next tour will most likely be during the reading week in February of 2011 or summer of 2011. All of us will be working full time or finishing up school this year so we won’t be able to hit the road to much during the year, but they’ll always be weekend warriors throughout Ontario, so be sure to stay tuned. When we do hit the road next, we’re aiming to cover Ontario, Quebec, and the East Coast so be sure to come party if you’re in the area.

Any closing words?
Justin: Spread the word, support the music! Tell your friends about us, pick up a copy of the CD on iTunes, come party with us at live shows, and check us out at online. -

""See You In Hell" CD Review"

See You In Hell
by Hunter City Madness

Ladies and Gentlemen raise your drinks cause its time to throwdown and get fucked up !!

Hunter City Madness are in town and this can only mean one thing, its time for this place to get laced !!

See You In Hell can easily be placed on the list of Metal Albums you need and what better time to drop it then on the peak of summer time.

Straight out of our nations capital comes 5 guys with a blast of good old southern rock that has mated with a one night stand from your favorite old tavern whiskey hole.

Sean and myself connected just before there first (The Hunt Is On) tour, he passed on the current track that was mastered "Bad Venom" and it instantly became a favorite to play on my show every week.

So how does See You in Hell start ??

Easy .. slow, slow enough to make you think the punishment is right around the corner, no samples here just a dim room with cigarette smoke lingering over head.

Welcome in Pleatherface, a little slice of drums and Justin is right in your face to let you know its time to move !!

The elements of the entire band are bringing a shit storm of madness (no pun) into this track and if your not moving by the time "read me my rights" is being screamed then you need to leave.

Snake em is just a great way to show the strength of what this band is doing right, a choke-hold of punch you in the face, drink and repeat.

Just as the band has taken the better part of the last 10 minutes of your life, Bad Venom comes at you with a whirlwind of intensity. Jordan and Nat shine with licks and chops the help fuel the fire that Sean, Mike and Justin are throwing the gas on. if you skip this song then fuck you !!

Booze hounds at 2 min 33 seconds reminds you that short is sweet but you better bring your poker face if you plan on drinking with these boys. The boys really get into this song with a relentless driving force, a collaboration of, on the second, backups.
This song can make you relate to your good old Pantera days !!

Spreading Panic ( Like Legs ) is a wild fire of a track. I really dig this track for taking it slow when it feels right and going right back to the hurt. The machine gun movements of the drums carry this track with some seriously dirty hooks.
Its an enemy of a track with just the right enough of transitions to remind you this will the make the floor shake.

Last but not least comes Old Habits of Young Lovers, a balls out, drink your face off, its time to fight track. just when you think that these guys have kicked your ass enough they finish you off with what hard work sounds like. bang your fucking heads and let the whiskey flow.
You could easily place this track on repeat, as all the best elements of this band are brought to one final stand off, as if they hadn't already beaten the piss out of you by now this is the final blow only to leave you waking up in a deserted town with you face down in a whiskey bottle. bonus points from the bass drop at the end !!

7 tracks later and i find myself 3 beers in and ready for a party.

Ottawa take notice, your senators cant play as hard as these guys do.

In all honesty if Jim Beam and Jack Daniels made love to vampire strippers during the making of from dusk till dawn then went down to Tennessee and kicked the shit out of kid rock, you would have yourself Hunter City Madness !!

Whats missing from this album ?? An HCM shot glass with the hot girl at the end of the bar's phone number!! -

"Top five most played bands on CJLO"

Top five most played bands on BREAK IT DOWN on CJLO

1) A Dead Motion
2) Trapped Under Ice
3) Set Anchors
4) Hunter City Madness
5) To The Lions

- As of February 2010 - Katrina Kuras

"See You In Hell - CD Review"

June 2010
Released: 2010, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Shawn Jam Hill

A self-described metalcore band with rock influences from way up in Ottawa, Canada, Hunter City Madness’ debut EP starts off with western-tinged slow burner "See You In Hell". Frontman Justin Gow possesses a wizened growl on this sparse opener replete with crisp production and a warm sound. I hope it gets heavy…(though I enjoy the rhyming of 'booze' with 'dues'!)

"Pleatherface" kicks in with a stop/start chug reminiscent of A Life Once Lost’s less complex arrangements as skilful guit-box noodles get backed up by some bad-ass bass bombs. The groove is solid and the energy is high with just the right melding of melody and dissonance made famous by the almighty Every Time I Die, a group whom HCM may very well worship (and yes, that is a compliment). Keeping the spaghetti theme intact, "Bad Venom" begins with a 'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly' homage (I think…Hollywood is not my forte) only to descend into a crashing wall of double-bass inflected bombast and more of those groovy, guttural vokills, meaty stuff rounded out by some truly inspired six-string squiggles. "Booze Hounds" is a swaggering Southern-inflected jam that riffs a little Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster boogie while maintaining the HCM tone, one I find more pleasant as this terse 7 song missive rocks on.

As a genuine fan of all things rock and metal I think HCM bridges that gap admirably while staying true to their sound. The clean parts are still a little dirty and that wall of guitar noise is omnipresent. I bet this slays hard live because HCM sound bound and determined to rip it but good. -

"PAIN TV Interview"

Interview on VBM productions' show "Pain TV" - Pain TV

"See You In Hell - CD Review"

Name of Patient: Hunter City Madness
Album: See You In Hell
Date of Review: 06/2010
Region and Country of Origin: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Height: the band formed in 2009
Weight: First EP

Significant Findings:
There is a huge difference when heavy does rock and when rock does heavy. The main difference is that by stripping away the heavy down to rock you are watering down the product. Wimping out of your commitment and being an overall sell out. It's like when supermodels take over movement or causes. When rock does heavy you not only gain muscle power but up the antee on your overall credibility. The rock doing heavy lacks the foundation of heavy and you end up with a town built with studio and props and no depth. A town that a single door slam will make it look like a hurricane just hit. These mix of styles always falls in the abyss of not enough or too much of one. it becomes a novelty act and is soon forgotten. The fans in the end want their meat and "potaters". I guess like the evolution of man itself; the evolution of this hybrid style had many successful specimen but never quite caught on. It's back to the pit of creation and hope that a new band will crawl out of the pit.

Possible Diagnosis:
With all that being said you obviously know that this day has come. This flows both ways without any glitch. We can sit and name a bunch of bands that have valiantly attempted to tangle with both beasts and ended up getting a horn here and a hoof there, rock out and black and blue. Hunter city Madness is 2 concepts into one like when one says vegetarian ground-beef or liquid metal, ideas that normally we don't put together that work. Unlike the platypus this concepts not only works; it works incredibly well. God neglected the aesthetic of the platypus make him an outcast but not a rebel,a loner, Hunter city Madness is a full on beast with all it's part in sync and streamlined to perfection.

Hunter city madness comes out of the creation pit kicking and screaming with a blend that finally justifies the genre and gives new meaning to the term hard rock. -

"Algonquin College Battle of the Bands 2009"

Judge 2

Very strong stage presence - Great performance - Vocals strength- great throughout - Bass strong performance, skills and presentation - Strong, cohesive - Energy remained high throughout- great performance - Overall music ability is solid

Judge 3

Good stage presence - Amazing fills, never missing a chance to show the crowd - What’s up insane guitar, singer reminds me of a fly on the wall ( edgy, aware and ready for the ride!) - Not much room left on stage- you guys owned it all! - SOLO, owned it! - Judges 2 and 3

"WINNER - Algonquin College Battle of the Bands 2010"

Definitely the fan favorites. Good job at bringing out a crowd.

Good stage show and great crowd interaction.

Great vocals, tight band and good song structures.

Nice touch to plug the other bands on the bill; shows respect.

1ST Place - Judges


1st runner up at the Campus Music Explosion Eastern Ontario finals. - Campus Music Explosion

"CKDJ Interview"

Interview on CKDJ Algonquin College Radio station on the show "Ottawatch", hosted by Cayle Campbell; promoting release of upcoming EP "See You in Hell" and the upcoming "Ride the Moustache Tour" with Assassinate the Following. 3 original songs played on air. - CKDJ Algonquin College Radio


See You In Hell EP

We have our music in regular rotation on radio stations such as CJLO Radio at Concordia University in Montreal, CHUO Radio at Ottawa University, and CKDJ Radio at Algonquin College in Ottawa.

We also have our music in regular rotation on many internet radio stations such as Hard Rock Radio Live,Indie Castle, HellHound Radio and



To all our fans, friends, and family.

We as Hunter City Madness decided after two and a half years that it was best to end on a high note. It was becoming more and more difficult to find the time and money to keep this project going. We all began to have other things that took priority in our lives and our interests had changed so we thought it was best to end it and move forward. We want to thank SO many people for helping us out and being there for HCM, we'll never forget the support. Some of us we'll most likely continue with various music projects so stay tuned.

We've met TONS of great people and friends for life - sorry in advance if we forget someone, there's just too many to think of - Big shoutouts to all our fans, friends, family, Nat Plamondon, Today I Caught The Plague, Texas With A Dollar Sign, Assassinate the Following, The Jettison Commitment, Red October, Gunsmith(RIP), Not Even Death, Dancing With Paris, I The Destroyer, every band we shared the stage with, Spectra Sonic, DC Music, Rick Hall and Kronik Noise, Sinnastarr Entertainment, Wicked Music Promotions,, Bruce Moore, Project Pain, CJLO Radio, Mat Laperle, and any one else that we've shared this experience with - we thank you tremendously.


HUNTER CITY MADNESS (Ottawa metal/hardcore/rawk)


with special guests

BARN BURNER (Montreal metal/rock, Metal Blade recs)

NOT EVEN DEATH (LAST SHOW/Orleans rock/hardcore)

EAGLESON (Ottawa rock)

Saturday February 18 @ Mavericks (221 Rideau St.)
Licensed 19+ - 9pm doors - $10 advance + service charges

tickets available tomorrow at Vertigo Records, or from the local bands

direct ticketing link:

facebook event page:

Much love always,
Hunter City Madness


"Ottawa take notice; your senators can’t play as hard as these guys do.

Straight out of our nation’s capital comes five guys with a blast of good old southern rock that has mated with a one night stand from your favorite old tavern whiskey hole."

Hunter City Madness is a five man rock influenced metal core band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The like-minded ideas of these young men took shape in the spring of 2009 and combined to form a hellish tribute to the eternal outlaw, the rebel and the renegade. Armed to the teeth with a ferociously creative musical approach and a take-no-prisoners attitude, Hunter City Madness will grip you tight, kick your ass to next Sunday and then buy you a beer afterwards. With blistering fury, they take the stage and pull-no-punches. They leave their blood and sweat on the floor and when the smoke clears and the amplifier’s dissident tones recede; you will know that you have just experienced Hunter City Madness.

Drawing inspiration from a veritable melting pot of artistic influences including southern rock, metal, punk and classic rock, these high-spirited party animals take their love for the music they create and spread it like a wildfire for all to feel the burn.

"As a genuine fan of all things rock and metal I think HCM bridges that gap admirably while staying true to their sound. The clean parts are still a little dirty and that wall of guitar noise is omnipresent. I bet this slays hard live because HCM sound bound and determined to rip it but good."
- Metal

In the last two years HCM has played over 50 shows all over Ontario and Quebec with notable bands such as Anti-Flag, Baptized in Blood, Dead and Divine, and Counterparts, to name a few. With the release of their debut EP, their rock and roll train is only picking up steam. In the two years that they have been together, they've also embarked on two cross Ontario tours. The Hunt is on… Tour’ with Gunsmith in 2009, and again on the Ride the Moustache Tour with Assassinate the Following in 2010. They also won two college battles of the bands, obtained media coverage from numerous sources including, and Pain TV, have their music played in regular rotation on various radio stations in Quebec and Ontario, gained endorsements from Shred Clothing, and much more.

During the fall of 2009 the band traveled to St. Hyacinthe, Quebec to work with Matt Laperle at Red Dusk Studios. These booze-drenched, early morning sessions of depravity put to music, eventually became the band’s debut seven song EP “See You in Hell.” With the release of their debut EP "See You in Hell" Hunter City Madness plan to come out swinging full-force. The EP has received praise from numerou