Hunter Harvey

Hunter Harvey


Original, honest, and moving singer/songwriter from Memphis,TN. An old soul in todays generation of manufactured artists. Country blues rockin roots. Traditional songs with a refreshing edge.


Hunter Harvey is a singer songwriter raised in the music soaked city of Memphis, TN and now resides in southern California. Hunters influences range from Elvis and Dwight Yoakam to Wilco and Gram Parsons. His first full length album was recorded in 2005 and was supported with a tour out west. He has opened shows for a diverse group that has included hit songwriter Mac McAnally, surf guitar god Dick Dale, and Rocco Deluca and the Burden. Now back in the studio working on his sophmore album at Melrose Studios, which is scheduled for release in summer 2007.


Daddys Little Angel

Written By: Hunter Harvey

How could you do it, take her from me
How could you be so cruel, to somethin so sweet

What did I do to give her back
How come good things they never last

Memories of footprints are in my heart
Toys are scattered in the yard
Just one more kiss before you go
Daddys little angel is flyin back home

Your life was short but I won't forget
I wish god had taken me instead
Everytime those stars will shine
you will be that gleam of light

Memories of footprints are in my heart
Toys are scattered in the yard
Just one more kiss before you go
Cause daddys little angel,is flyin back home

I remember your first steps
those funny sounds you made while you slept
Now these days just seem so sad
maybe leavin this world ain't that bad

Time has come for you to part
Heavens waitan on your heart
So just one more kiss before you go
Cause daddys little angel is flyin back home
Daddys little angel is flyin back home

Love Ain't Easy

Written By: Hunter Harvey

Says shes had all she can take
Shes got no reason here to stay
I think its time I hit the road

I guess its probably for the best
When all we did was second guess
But I still hate to see you go

Love ain't easy Gotta treat it kind
It makes you crazy sometimes
Love ain't easy Love ain't blind
You just gotta see it Eye to Eye

She says I'm never gonna change
We're both goin seperate ways
We can't say we never tried

We just never found the words
To say how bad each other hurt
But I could see it in your eyes


What can I do To change your mind
And stay with me one more night



Good Morning Sunshine released in 2005. Single released on compilation Cd, by Shut Eye Records called United States of Americana. Local and satellite airplay. New album in progress

Set List

PB&J, For what its worth, Love ain't easy, Good Morning Sunshine, Cant Stop thinking about you, Life of the Party, Daddys Little Angel, California Sun, Devil in Disguise, Imaginary Girlfriend, Hole in the sky, Old Gitter and Carolina Stars.
Cover Songs: Dead Flowers, Jack and Sally (Keith Sykes), Lookin at the world threw a windshield (Sonvolt). Sets are usually 1hr. to 1hr. & 1/2.
Usually do 13-15 songs.