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This band has not uploaded any videos



"New Releases - Hunter Jones - Laurel"

Love Our Records presents Hunter Jones’ super splendid jam ‘Laurel’…

Hunter Jones are back again with another free download so cool, its north polar bear. Using some warmer notes, imagine an early Fleetwood Mac held hostage at a summer resort led by the Mafia, forcing them play over and over, we are now close to describing Hunter Jones’ lost timeless sound that is delivered so delicately it hurts..

But in the real world i can here myself transported to the room in Texas were the young four piece record this whilst the bass player ignores texts on his phone about ‘Who’s up 4 going 2 the bar tnght!?’ Much love , Kev La Kat x

As promised the new video from Hunter Jones, direct from their home party in Austin, Texas.

Laurel is Hunter Jones’ second single on Love Our Records and delivers the flavour of 90’s shoe-gaze indie in a instrumental fashion that has the power to make you forget what you were meant to be doing <3 - Love Our Records

"Five For Free #202"

Rather than the solo artist you might expect, Hunter Jones are a Texan band who specialise in instrumental tracks that take influence from surf, shoegaze, indiepop and lo-fi; so many things we love basically. Therefore it doesn't come as much of a surprise that the reverby 'Pizza Shop' from their demo EP ticks all the right boxes round these parts. - The Sound of Confusion

"Hunter Jones: Laurel"

Love Our Records presents Hunter Jones‘ super splendid jam “Laurel.” Imagine an early Fleetwood Mac, where Summer festivals and warm notes collide, creating that timeless sound with a delicate delivery. - Kick Kick Snare

"Hunter Jones: Pizza Shop"

Exploring about internet I found an instrumental band from Austin, Texas called Hunter Jones. Their music provides a nostalgic 90's backdrop and while dreading the potential flimsy vocals popping in, they did not appear and something slightly more tropical happened. - Kick Kick Snare

"Dez Por Zero [#37]"

Para muitos hoje é dia de descanso para outros é dia de ramboiage, por isso o melhor é mesmo aproveitarem estas dez músicas por zero, todas disponibilizadas pelos artistas e escolhidas a dedo por nós.

De Blur a Para One, passando pelo novinho tema dos Holy Ghost!, aqui ficam estes super refrescantes novos temas para dançarem em modo ”low-cost” aí em casa!

Para a semana há mais. Até lá, bons downloads! - Punch Magazine

"Hunter Jones - Laurel"

Posted on October 14, 2013

Have you ever listened to a song and thought: Well, I like the music, but it would probably sound better if there weren’t any vocals…? This track kind of seems like someone had that wish granted. Most guitar-based instrumentals have a lot going on in them, they’re usually densely packed with layers and sounds, and they don’t tend to follow a verse/chorus structure. This, on the other hand, sounds pretty much just like a song with the vocals taken out. There’s no flashy playing, no weird noises, no achingly long crescendos, it’s just a standard band set-up, with a rhythm guitar and a lead one playing simple melodies over the top. But that’s the wonderful thing about it, how often do you take the time to notice how great a band sounds on its own behind the singer? Like I said, it’s not doing anything fancy, but it’s a great sound, it’s a joy to listen to. It just goes to show, you don’t need a hundred pedal changes and time signature leaps to make a decent instrumental rock song, you don’t need synths and drones and beats layered over the top either, you can just be a tight band with a good ear for simple melodies, and if you’re brave enough to just let that speak for itself then you can make great music like this. - Screen Screen


EP - "Demo"



Hunter Jones is an Austin four-piece that met in elementary school. After obsessing over Real Estate's "Days" in college, the lifelong friends began to structure their jam sessions and formed a proper band.
Besides the Real Estate influence, Hunter Jones is described as a cross between DIIV and Explosions in the Sky. They self-released their first EP, "Demo," in May 2013. Singles like "Pizza Shop" and "Laurel" stand out as jazz-pop instrumentals — perfect backdrops for those of us content with splitting six-packs of beer with friends on cozy Friday nights.
Starting as a post-rock outfit, they quickly incorporated elements of jazz and Spanish boleros, branching out as far as their musical imaginations could take them. They love playing shows, and are happy they're no longer 12 years old, playing the Hedrick Middle School cafeteria, covering "Smells Like Teen Spirit."