Hunters and Gatherers

Hunters and Gatherers


golbin rock, goblin rock. goblin rock


beginning from Kelly Hangauer's high school late night recording sessions involving one hitters of pot and pita bread, Hunters&Gatherers was in the making. like a coffee pot making coffee. russian born friend Anton Shnyra was also invoved in the early days of Hunters&Gatherers (which was then "The Guest"). simplicity interwoven with acoustic guitars and summer weather was how it started. then david came along. he was working at panera at the time. and went to an all boy's high school. david and kelly were in love with the same girl, so that meant that they had a very direct and obvious connection when it came to music and tastes in music. they recorded an ep a few summers ago, before their senior year in high school, with hot equipment they were borrowing from Zach Hangauer, founder of RangeLifeRecords. The equipment was the same shit that was going to be used for the White Flight album. which is hot shit. but, realizing the magic that could be created in the recording process, these aliens started wanting to perform live. this become even more of a reality when DJ SayMyName and Kelly met in physics class. they liked eachother. and they still aren't sure why.


hunters and gatherers/windchimes ep

Set List

this and that
that and this
and this
that and
this and that