Hunting Club

Hunting Club

 Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Hunting Club is an experimental pop / indie group of multi-instrumentalists. Atop lush orchestration, Brian Wilson-esque harmonies, and with pulsating beats, droning synths and auxiliary , singer Eric Pasi's beautiful falsetto captivates the listener.


Hunting Club formed in 2008 and draws from a range of artists (Prince, Portishead, Beach House, Caribou) to melt away the thick ice of Minnesota by creating a lush and highly orchestrated sound that bends the ear with drones of happiness and sadness.

Brothers Kyle and Justin Steen grew up with fellow musician Bob Dubois in a sleepy Wisconsin town known more for agate rock than indie rock. Both brothers settled in St. Paul to pursue a higher education where they met Hunting Club frontman Eric Pasi. Hawaiian-born, Minnesota-raised, Pasi brought a different perspective to the group's otherwise sardonic stylings. The final addition of engineer / producer / multi-instrumentalist Jeff Marcovis rounded out the group in 2012.

A group of multi-instrumentalists who oscillate between keys, drums, guitars, and auxiliaries (sometimes mid-song), Hunting Club’s approach to songwriting leaves each song to grow within its own fragile space; their evolving and pensive approach to songwriting is a virtue.

The band’s first full-length album was recorded over several months in the Club's home-recording studio in Northeast Minneapolis. The end result was "The Plaid Album", which drew critical acclaim and resulted in being named one the top 50 bands in America by the Boston Phoenix. Vogue Magazine also featured "The Plaid Album" last year.

As of 2012, the group is currently in the studio recording their Sophomore effort, tentatively titled "St." and has been working with Ryan Olcott (12 Rods, Mystery Palace). "Skyscraper" is the first single off the album and has received immediate attention and praise. "St." is slated for a fall release and the band will be setting up dates across the US for this summer and fall .


Pretty/Ugly EP (2009)
The Plaid Album (2010)
Midford EP (2011)
St (Fall 2012)