Hurray for higgsfield

Hurray for higgsfield


We are about music. Conduits of creativity. Our sound is original and distinctly different. In an age of polished and manufactured music and images. Ours remains real and true to its source. Powerful and engaging the music we make is passion, blood, sweat and tears.


Hurray for higgsfield formed in 2005 as a musical project grounded in the folk recordings of Scott LeBlanc, Frank Russell & Pat Lavender. The three eager to find the more illusive particle of music, their collaborative works open up broad soundscapes by mixing dark soulful vocal progressions with disillusioned choruses. Independently created within the reddened walls of a rundown city set apartment, the higgsfield crew is currently recording their first full length record aimed to be released in the fall of 2008 followed by a string of tour dates in the east coast. Existing tracks add clever melancholic lyrics over cranky reverb-heavy guitar riffs with sombersonic synth undertones, lends an ideal blend of contemporary pop that allows you to bob your head while pondering bigger questions

Set List

Neon light
New rec
Fight for time
Flare lights your eyes
Chest pain
Good and grand
Natural habitat