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"Album review for Monkeyfeesh Music"

When I first listened to this album, I was wondering if Metallica had written an album using a secret identity, due to the similarity of the bands in the music they play.

Is this actually a bad thing? No, it's totally the opposite, in fact, a very good thing. Don’t think about them as a Metallica cover band, or Metallica wanabees, because they definitely aren’t.

They mix their styles very well, with the occasional flourish of softer rock, with one standout track, ‘Stained’. This starts out as a slow, soft, acoustic track, which becomes heavier, but still remains a slower paced and powerful track. This can also be said about ‘Stories before’. The occasional softer track is a relief from the brutal sounds of the rest of the album.

Every track shows a very well crafted style, and it is clear that a lot of effort has been put in to make the album as close to perfect as possible.

Hurricane Cletis also show an experimental side by trying to deviate away from just pure metal. Normally this would fail, but not here. HC pull it off with the success and conviction that takes the album to another level. This is evident on ‘Pieces Left Behind’, starting off with a very deep bass
line before turning to metal with an experimental twist, a progressive twist in some ways that really makes this track stand out.

However you decide to look at this album and its tracks, whether as a neutral, a metal fan, or as a person who hates metal, there is a track for everyone.

Each track has different but impressive qualities. Tracks like ‘Can’t follow’ start off with a deep bass line, which makes the track sound dark and heavy. If this track was a person then it’s not someone you’d want to meet down a dark alley!

If Canada can keep producing bands of the quality of Hurricane Cletis then the whole world will benefit. There isn’t a major weakness with this album, no one track sounds the same, and they all have potential.

If you love metal, you need Hurricane Cletis in your life. They offer a new perspective to metal, and it’ll refresh you. However, if you don’t, you still need to check them out - they may change your opinion of metal. They will make you like metal, if not fall in love with it all over again.


- Monkeyfeesh Music (United Kingdom)

"CD Review"

Genre: Pop Metal/Heavy Rock/Grunge

Review: Perhaps the greatest part of Hurricane Cletis is that they do not have to rely on a barrage of heavy guitar riffs to make an impact. The group works together to create a fantastic moodiness to their music, ranging from beautiful acoustic bits, to catchy hooks and superior melodic guitar riffs. You are being presented with a success story in the making.

In this reviewers mind catchiness is very important. Anyone can train themselves day in day out to become the most technically proficient musician possible, but musicianship is art before skill, so when an album full of recognizable songs is released, that is the most important factor when appreciating good music. I expect the debut to lead Hurricane Cletis out of their native land and onto the international stage.

Tracklisting: Disgusted; Don’t Wanna Wait; Stained; Spend My Time; Little While; Break You; Can’t Follow; Wastin’ Time; The Vicious Cycle; Stories Before; Pieces Left Behind; On My Way.

Personnel: Greg Dyck – Guitars, vocals; Rob Dyck – Drums; Darren Dyck – Vocals; JK – Bass; Chris Smith – Guitars, vocals.

For fans of: Nickleback, Alter Bridge, Motley Crue

Running time: 43:13
- metalhaven

"Album Review by Saskatoon Radio Producer"

"this album has a perfect melodic mix of vocals, with hard ,crunchy riffs, surprising, heart throbbing bass licks and old school "hey Man! we're going to rip your gotch off" arpedgios and bass drum...and just when you are getting into the groove and thinking "were going to rock out and guzzle some Jack"...these guys surprise the hell outta you with songs like "Stained"!...that bring you back to ground level and make you remember why you loved music in the first place. This album isn't just in my collection because of my support of local's in my collection because...I physically can't take it outta my cd's too awesome...almost as good as the amazing live show they put on! Great job guys..keep it up."

Sal - Producer, Announcer - Rock 102fm Saskatoon (Rawlco Radio) - Rock 102

"Killer Show"

"Cletis is one of those acts everyone wants to be a part of. An amazing album and a killer stage show to back it up. Definitely a must see."

Chad McDonald - The Modern Rock Show - Rock 102fm (Rawlco Radio) - Rock 102

"Belgrade - Serbia CD Review"

Hurricane Cletis has introduced themselves with their Self Titled album with 12 tracks consisting of similar conception, psychology and realization. Judging by their choice of genre, we could characterize their style as an untypical combination of rock and metal. Their music consists of alternative rock elements, hidden grunge details and emo variants. Fronting the band is a very convincible vocalist, and it is important to say that all members of the group reflect specific energy. Most influences in their music come from the 90’s period, but they have successfully offered their own original view. A few tracks possess an evident ‘radio hit’ dimension, especially the opening track “Disgusted”, as well as other songs like “Don’t Wanna Wait”, “Stained”, or “Pieces Left Behind”. It seems that Hurricane Cletis is a band that has a respectable future, so don’t hesitate to find their CD.

Rating: 8.5/10 - Barikada - World of Music


Hurricane Cletis' self titled album was released in late December of 2006.

The first single 'Disgusted' has been in meduim rotation on most Saskatachewan rock stations.

The second single 'Stained' has been in medium rotation on most Saskatchewan rock stations, rotation on Sirius Satellite Radio, recieving features and adds throughout Canada, and can be heard on a variety of internet radio stations.

After a whirlwind year, Hurricane Cletis began writing the follow up to their last album. The band once again enlisted the help of producer Ryan Andersen, and this time made their way out to Vancouver's Greenhouse Studios. Selected songs off the ablum also received the attention of the renowned Beau Hill (Beau Hill Productions). The album is slated for release in June 2009, and promises to keep you on your toes and blow you way just like a hurricane should.



A storm is brewing around Hurricane Cletis...

Hailing from Saskatchewan, Canada, Hurricane Cletis has quickly dominated the local music scene and has become a front-runner for
international recognition.

It all started in 2006, when just after a year of writing, Hurricane Cletis decided to hit the stage. In 2006, Hurricane Cletis won Roxy on
Broadway's ''Ultimate Band Warz", earning the respect of industry moguls Ralph James (The Agency Group) and Steve Blair (Head of A&R
for Warner Music Canada). Only a few months later, Hurricane Cletis was selected as one of 29 artists to receive a $10,000 recording grant
from Rawlco Radio.

Shortly after, Hurricane Cletis began recording a full length self titled debut album. The band enlisted the help of Ryan Andersen (Red Door Recordings), who has worked on projects such as Nickelback's 'The Long Road' and 'All the Right Reasons'. Andersen's other credits include working with the bands: Thornley, ACDC, Hinder, Default, Bryan Adams, Theory of a Deadman, and Faber Drive. Combining sounds of their influences from yesterday and today (Motley Crue, Godsmack, Nickelback), the band created a punchy, driving collection of songs. While boasting hard rockin songs like 'Disgusted’ and 'Break You' while tracks like 'Stained' and ‘Little While’ show a more vulnerable side.

Only a few short months after completing the album, Cletis member Greg Dyck was chosen as the regional winner for the Canadian Radio
Star Songwriting Competition for the song 'Stained'. Among hundreds of entries, Hurricane Cletis rose to the top and earned a trip to Toronto
for Nationals, and an opportunity to showcase the song during Canadian Music Week.

This is only the beginning. Hurricane Cletis has played numerous sold out shows, and have quickly become the giants of the Saskatchewan
music scene. In the past year alone, they have shared the stage with Seether, Econoline Crush, Saliva, Art of Dying, and Streetheart to name a few.

Hurricane Cletis continues to build a fan base both nationally as well as internationally. With and unbeatable live show, and small town
charisma, they garner attention on any stage they play. Simply put...Hurricane Cletis is a must see live show that screams their ''get off your ass
and party'' attitude.

After a whirlwind year, Hurricane Cletis began writing the follow up to their last album. The band once again enlisted the help of producer Ryan Andersen, and this time made their way out to Vancouver's Greenhouse Studios. Selected songs off the ablum also received the attention of the renowned Beau Hill (Beau Hill Productions). The album is slated for release in June 2009, and promises to keep you on your toes and blow you way just like a hurricane should.


* In 2006 Hurricane Cletis competed against over 50 bands in the Rock 102 and The Roxy on Broadway’s Ultimate Band Warz. The band took first place in the finals, which were judged by industry heavy weights Ralph James (The Agency Group), and Steve Blair (Head of A&R Warner Music Canada)

* Recorded a full length album with Ryan Andersen, whose credits also include Nickelback’s ‘The Long Road’, and ‘All the Right Reasons’, as well as artists such as Thornley, Hinder, and Theory of a Deadman

* Received representation at Midem 2007, The World’s Music Conference

* The track ‘Disgusted’ was chosen as one of 200 songs worldwide to be added to Japan’s second largest mobile carrier, KDDI – with over 20 million customers

* In 2007, the song ‘Stained’ was chosen as the regional winner of the Canadian Radio Star Songwriting Competition, sending the band to Toronto to showcase the song during Canadian Music Week

* Hurricane Cletis received the opportunity to showcase during Junofest, as part of the 2007 Juno Awards in Saskatoon

* Hurricane Cletis has been receiving airplay on various Saskatchewan radio stations, features on National radio stations, as well as internet radio.

* The self titled debut CD has received many positive reviews, including the most recent by companies in Belgrade-Serbia, and the United Kingdom

* In April 2007, the song ‘Stained’ was added into rotation on Sirius Satellite Radio, and continues to chart

* Songs from the album have been featured as part of the soundtrack for a Canadian extreme sports DVD, presented by Rocky Mountain Trench Adventures

* Slow Motion Films chose songs ‘Disgusted’, ‘Little While’, and ‘Break You’ to be used as part of the soundtrack for ‘Motorvation’, a popular Australian motor sport DVD.

* The track ‘Disgusted’ was chosen by Monster Pro Wrestling as Mark Posey’s (Mr. Intensity) theme song

* In the past year, Hurricane Cletis has shared the stage with bands such as Saliva, Seether, Econoline Crush, Art of Dying, and Streetheart

* The band contines to top the charts on the Saskatchewan Top 30 (

* In April 2006, the band received placement in the upcoming