Hurricane Doyle

Hurricane Doyle

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

"like the Spice Channel for Uncle Tupelo fans." Nashville Scene


Nashville-based Hurricane Doyle pays a respectful nod to Lynyrd Skynyrd and the country-blues of the Rolling Stones, but their good timing, hard living musical tales of whiskey, women, love and guns define a genre all their own, somewhere between alt-country and southern rock. With wild eyed, drunken, country boy foot-stompers offset by the occasional knock-kneed, awe-shucks offering of love and redemption, the self-titled debut is an authentic rock and roll record by authentic southerners who love a good time, and love writing songs about it.


Debut LP July 10, 2009

Set List

Jesus Help Me
Death Of Me
Got A Gun
Die Like a Rockstar
Who's Next
Sugar Mama
Got No Breaks
Baby Likes the Cocaine
Hey Mike
Casino Queen
Excuse Me if I Break My Own Heart