hurricane harmony

hurricane harmony


Hurricane Harmony is a band that encapsulates the raw energy and enthusiasm of the early 90's punk scene. stylistically eclectic, their sound captures elements from such bands as the foo fighters, pavement, dinosaur jr., and the trews. sincere and in gear, they will rock you like the hurricane.


Hurricane Harmony is a blanket term; like indie, or alternative, or post-modern. It is a name which lends a singular point of reference to an eclectic collection of teenage angst, enthusiasm, exstacy, and misery.

Contrived emotions have infected rock and roll. whiny, self-indulgent/obsessed artists are castrating our art-form; and Hurricane Harmony has made it their mission to save rock and roll through shamelessness, strength of character, emotional integrity, honesty, and not taking themselves too seriously.

Brady Zomer (drums) and Ira Smith (bass) grew up together in the countryside on the outskirts of kingston. over their childhood, they played in a number of bands, gaining valuable
experience together.

In 2002 it was time to head off to high school where Brady and Ira met Phil Bell (guitar/vocals). While the three never started a band together while in school together, Ira and Phil shared Brady between their individual bands.

In the summer of 2007, Brady (having just parted ways with Bodog contender 'Silver Screen Quotations') approached Phil about starting a band with the intention of "playing a few covers, making a few bucks, and maybe getting laid". Phil was quick to enlist, and before 2 months was over no covers had been learned, but an entire album's worth of material had been written.

Hurricane Harmony is the duality of nature. The beauty and the destructiveness.

we like to think destruction is beautiful...

Their influences include: Queens Of The Stone Age, smashing pumpkins, dinosaur jr., Foo Fighters, Nirvana, KISS, Pavement, Blink 182, The Flaming lips, the pixies, the trews, big wreck, Stone Temple Pilots, Death From Above, Black Sabbath, Black Crowes


Single(s): Exstacy (steaming on
Don't want a home (heard on 98.9 The Drive)

Set List

We mostly do original songs but we do some covers as well. we have two 45 min sets, so we can play for two hours if not more and also we can play electric or acoustic sets.

Damaged Goods
The Day I Met The Lord
Impotent Rage
Black sun
Summer fade
Take 5
Don't want a home
shadow of a dout
I love my baby to death
crystal deth
suicide release
lonely ghost

Call me - Blondie
Say it ain't so - Weezer
Next 2 you - Police
All alone - Splittr