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Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States | INDIE

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"Hurricane Mason and Steepwater (Chicago,IL): Rocking In Oklahoma"

Three piece Chicago, IL rocknrollers Steepwater will be rocking Oklahoma on Jan 10 and Jan 13 w/ Hurricane Mason warming up the show both nights. Steepwater is fresh off of their appearance on Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Gimme Three Days Cruise". The cruise departs from Miami. FL and features performances by Lynyrd Skynyrd, .38 Special, Steepwater, American Minor, Blackberry Smoke among others.

When they step off the boat in Miami, they'll get in the van and drive 23 hours to Oklahoma for 2 headlining shows on their mid-south jaunt in support of their latest album, "Revelation Sunday". Steepwater have been described as "heavy americana" and have performed their music worldwide alongside acts as diverse as Buddy Guy, Wilco, Cheap Trick, Umphrey's McGee, Army of Anyone and Deep Purple.
A few hundred miles to the south of Steepwater's Chicago headquarters along Rt 66 in Tulsa, OK Hurricane Mason is another 3 piece band embracing some of the same work ethic and heavy american rock with roots. Guitarist Matt Mason says, "It's and attitude, an outlook...just some good ol' boys out there making good music and it just so happens we were able to jump on the bill and help bring Oklahoma rock fans something real special. This is going to be 2 awesome nights of the 3 piece rawk in OK!"
- HM Newsdesk

"Artist Feature-Hurricane Mason 03/08"

Emerging Artist Spotlight - Hurricane Mason

By Professor Cletus

As American as apple pie and reality television and as rooted in our collective American hearts as Ed Sullivan and ice cream sandwiches is of course everyone's favorite musical genre, Rock. Hard driving purely libidinous Rock music is entrenched in the soul of America as if it is a reason for this great country to exist, thriving on steady common-time rhythms, heavy distorted guitar riffs soaring above the best laid bass lines backed up by heart-pounding percussive beats rung out of gloriously large drum sets. It is safe to assume that anyone who is reading this article loves Rock music. Here in the heartland of Uncle Sam's stomping ground, we lack no amount of Rock, thanks in part to Hurricane Mason, a band that continues to emerge and render their name synonymous with that of the Rock gods they pay tribute to through their sacrifice of bloody fingertips and sweaty brows.

Coming straight out of the enclaves of Tulsa, Ok., their show can be characterized as a journey through the roots and ever-expanding edge of Rock music with a little Country thrown in to even the odds a bit. Along with their thoughtful, Bluesy, Rock originals, Hurricane Mason brings you their interpretations of everything from Grand Funk Railroad to Willie Nelson to the ephemeral AC/DC, putting a Green Country spin on the music in a way that'll make you stomp your feet and swivel your hips and wear a stupid euphoric grin the whole evening long.

Hurricane Mason was witness to its own birth back in 1999 when founding member, lead guitarist and vocalist Matt Mason decided to rock out for the masses in fully coagulated band formation. Mason is a man of the world as he was born via Defense Department employed parents across the world in Tokyo, Japan. After a stint in Germany and Muskogee, Mason's family settled in Bartlesville, Ok., where he grew into the man he is today. He took the long way around the world to Rock Green Country. He cited his musical heroes as "basically everybody."

"I get off on a Reggae band just as much as, say, a Bluegrass band as long at it is real music played with passion and conviction," Mason said.

Once the new millennium came around, Mason grew weary of the purely cover-tune set lists the band was playing and decided that it was time to go original with the help of new collaborators. The end of 2001 was host to Hurricane Mason's first recording effort, Cast Iron Constitution. It marked the beginning of an era in Mason's personal musical life and the constituting of Hurricane Mason as a solid well-oiled Rock machine. The Hurricane went from tropical storm to full blown threat to the establishment of Rock in Oklahoma. This album also marked the beginning of the current drummer's tenure in the band.

Skin-slapper Shawn Montgomery is a native Tulsan who has been hammering out rhythms since the young age of eight years old inspired by bands such as The Who, Led Zeppelin and legendary Rock icons KISS. Along with his strong driving percussive contributions, his lyrics can be found on two albums making him as well-rounded as a yoga ball.

The early 2000s were a time for Hurricane Mason to start to congeal and find a bit of "self-ness" in their originality. Cast Iron Constitution was followed a couple years later by Its Only Miles, the Hurricane's second recording achievement that capped off a growing show schedule and an expanding body of original music penned mostly by Mason himself. Its Only Miles has been said to "build on [Hurricane Mason's] heartland rock sound," and, "what really stands out amidst the Southern Rock and Blues vibe, though, is the resurgence of the classic Tulsa sound." Hurricane Mason is not a band that doesn't live up to its praises.

The current bass player joined the group after the release of their second album. His name is Ace Eversol and boy, oh boy has he been around. Originally from Okmulgee, Eversol has, in the past, played with the likes of Sonic Distortion, Flaxen Harlot, Outside In and Prey Naked. His bass playing has caused more Oklahoma feet to stomp than all the flaming bags of dog poo to ever adorn an Oklahoma porch put together. Mason blames (in a good way) Eversol for bringing more structure and direction to the band. Early on in their musical relationship, Ace helped to tighten some of Matt's musical screws and to help define who he was as a player and a writer. Evidently there is a lot to learn from this seasoned bass aficionado.

Hurricane Mason: 5 Alive was released in 2007 and is a collection of live material featuring the bands current, and hopefully permanent, line-up. It was released at what seems to be the height for this bands career so far, and probably just before much more success. Their tour schedule is bordering upon relentless as they can be seen playing near anyone who might pick up a Current. March will see them playing mostly around the Tulsa area with a foray down south to Norman. They have found a comfortable spot playing the booming area casinos and are featured at the Osage, Cherokee, Riverwind and Elephant Run casinos regularly.

Check out and for their tour schedule, more information, samples of their music and opportunities to purchase their CD's. Have a good day and keep on Rocking - thanks to Hurricane Mason.
- The Current (

"Hurricane Mason "It's Only Miles" Best Produced Local Indie"

"..One hard working band, these guys. Their latest disc, It's Only Miles came out at the end of April and builds on their "heartland rock" sound. What really stands out amidst the southern rock and blues vibes, though is a resurgence of the classic "Tulsa Sound". Sometimes every thing comes full circle."

"...Hard work, regular gigs and a solid new cd prove that there's still room for good old-fashioned, blood, blood, sweat and tears rocknroll. Hurricane Mason is the working man's rock band." - Urban Tulsa Weekly

"Hurricane Mason Wraps up 175 Dates in 2005 with New Years Eve in Downtown Tulsa"

Hurricane Mason will be finishing up 175 dates in 2005 with a special New Year's Eve show at the Jones'N Club in downtown Tulsa, OK. The club is located in the 2nd floor of the Great Western Plaza Hotel at 17 W. 7th (7th & Boulder) and has been the home to the weekly Hurricane Mason Local Music Showcase since June of this year.
"Oh yeah, man, we're excited about the New Year's Eve'll be a great way to ring in the New Year safely and celebrate all we've done this year," says Matt Mason, the group's founder.

The group released Hurricane Mason:"It's Only Miles" in April after recording sessions in Tulsa, mixing in LA and mastering in Nashville. The group's second album, it won them "Best Produced Local Independent Album" and "Hardest Working Band" from the Urban Tulsa Weekly. It is available for sale online at,,, as well as download sites iTunesEurope, iTunes Australia, and iTunesUSA. Cuts from the album are recieving airplay in France, Germany, Italy, Canada and as far away as Ft. Smith, AR.

It's Only Miles
Hurricane Mason has logged thousands of miles reading the rocknroll survial guide out loud onstage every night...175 of them in 2005 all through OK, KS, TX and AR. They've had top billing alongside headliners like Ted Nugent, Blackfoot, Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad) and even Tulsa hitmaker Dwight Twilley. "We like to celebrate rock's golden era everytime we go out and bring our own high flyin' hard drivin' rocknroll music to the masses at the same time...what's more fun than that?"

The Rockin' New Year's Eve w/ Hurricane Mason Package includes a room for 2, steak dinner, champagne toast at midnight and a show that's definitely gonna be one you won't want to miss. 918-585-5898 for reservations. -

"Hurricane Comin': Hurricane Mason Celebrates CD Release with Show at Cherokee Casino"

by John Wooley, World Scene Writer

The best musical advice he ever got, said Matt Mason, came at a guitar workshop in Connecticut, where Ozzy Osbourne's famed guitarist Zakk Wylde was holding forth.
"This was back there, even before (the 1991 Osbourne hit) "No More Tears," recalled the guitarist, singer and songwriter. "He was up there wearing bell bottoms, drinkin' beer, and playing classic guitar rocknroll, and told me, "Don't just listen to me. Listen to the guys I listened to."

That comment opened up Mason's musical horizons, and he started discovering and rock and roll licks he'd never heard before. Not long after that, he began listening to Red Dirt music as well. "Medicine Show and Tom Skinner and all those guys," who had an effect on the music he was playing on his own. He did lots of work with a wide variety of Tulsa musicians and styles.

All of it, he said, helped coalesce the sound of the band Hurricane Mason, which includes veteran bassist Ron Martin, drummer Shawn Montgomery and Mason himself.

"I was just trying to put everything together and make something totally unique," he said. "And I think it is. My band gets alot of the credit, too. There isn't anyone who sounds like Hurricane Mason."

You can evaluate that statement for yourself after hearing "It's Only Miles", the trio's new disc.

Featuring guests like vocalist Annie Ellicott; guitarists Les Moorman, who also recorded the disc, Sean Al-Jibouri; organist Robert Day; and Tulsa sound keyboardists Rocky Frisco and Jack Wolfe, "It's Only Miles" offers listeners some well-played and well-wrtten tunes that reflect Mason's and the band's spectrum of influences.
"It's a hybrid, with a lot of different things in it," noted Mason. The first track ('Nasty RockNRoll') sounds like AC/DC meets Deep Purple, and the second one ('Girl Across The Street') is kinda like the Beatles jamming with Steve Earle. Country and rocknroll still use the same notes!"

Other numbers on the disc include and indictment of TV news called "NewsMan," one of two in the collection wrtten by all three band members, and "Soulshine," an upbeat, spiritual number by
Allman Brothers-Gov't Mule guitarist Warren Haynes. It's the only song on "It's Only Miles" that Mason or the whole band didn't write.

"That song is one of those chestnuts you've got to have nowadays," says Mason of "Soulshine." I've been hearing Warren Haynes do that for a long time, and it always cuts straight to the heart. Everyone needs a song like that-people don't have to listen too hard to know what it's about. It always gets a great response, and when you play 150 dates a year, a song like that is golden."

Hurricane Mason has been playing an increasing amount of casino dates, where people tend to respond best to songs they've heard before. When Hurricane Mason first began playing Cherokee Casino back in September, the members did just those sort of numbers, finding ways to make them musically interesting as they could.

"We have what we call the our Freedom Rock set, which encompasses stuff by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Rick Derringer, Neil Young and ZZ Top-stuff that we never get tired of playing, the real recognizable stuff. And we've always liked to take some of those well-known tunes and do 'em differently. Otherwise, you're just a cover band.

"What we like to do, too, is take these tunes and slide one of our own in," he added. So we might do "Friend of The Devil" by the Grateful Dead, slide in 'BCRO' from our new album, and then play "Honky Tonk Women" by the Stones.

"So, in the 10 minutes or so that have gone by, they've heard eight minutes of stuff they know, along with a new song that'll stand up with the others. It's great, because the way it's evolving, we're getting to play pretty much whatever we want."
- Tulsa World, 05/25/2005

"No Glam Here; Hurricane Works For A Living 04/27/2007"

from the pages of the Muskogee Phoenix 4/27/07

No glam here; 'Hurricane' works for a living
By Jane Wilson correspondent

Hurricane Mason is a working man's band. Matt Mason started the band more than 7 years ago and the band has gone through its share of changes.

Ace Eversole is the 13th bass player in 7 years and Shawn Montgomery is the fifth drummer.

This current line-up has been together for about two years and it looks like it's going to stick.

"It's a three-piece rock n' roll, hard-driving, high flying rock n' roll. That's basically what I tell everybody," said Matt Mason, lead guitar and vocals. "There's a lot of diversity in this band, we're able to kind of do everyhting from Steve Earl to Black Sabbath, but it doesn't sound like any of those bands. We're really diverse, we've got a lot of different influences, lots of different things happening."

Hurricane Mason is a hard working band that is involved in just about every aspect of the business and you can really sense their passion for their music.

"I think it's a little bit of everything, there's a little bit of everything for people that come out and see Hurricane Mason. There's a little bit of rock, country, a little bit of everything that people can relate to," said Ace Eversole, bass guitar.

The perception is that they are a cover band, but in fact they are an original band.

"I tell everybody we're an original band that plays covers when we have to," said Mason. "We play covers just so we can work; we're working musicians. This is what we do."

People also don't always know what to expect from these three guys when they see them.

"Sometimes people see us setting up and they're like, 'Well, there's this Grizzly Adams looking dude, and then there's this rock n' roll guy, and then there's this Keith Richards back there on drums, and what is this going to be like?'"

Well, most people are quite impressed because they hear The Stones, Shooter Jennings, Led Zeppelin, as well as their originals.

"I want them to walk away thinking, wow, really tight show, really interesting song selection, really good, great original material and really nice guys," said Mason.

Their past two CD's have done well.

"Cast Iron Constitution," which was released in 2002 was nominated for Best Blues Album and "It's Only Miles," released in 2005 won Best Local Independent Album.

They are currently working on their third album.

"We're going for more concise. You get to to a point, I did, as a songwriter and artist, where it's like I know what I can do. I know what I'm capable of doing," said Mason.

They have reached their stride and it's all coming together.

"We've grown as a band a lot over the past year and a half. There's a lot of gigs, and a lot of recording and songwriting and the songs help us stand out. They're good originals," said Eversole.

Ace has great influence on the overall sound and presentation of the band. He also runs a successful recording studio and produces other bands.

"What I do is come in and produce bands and I think that I've tried to focus in on the good points of this band. And one of them is Matt's songwriting and together we write really well and we understand each other," said Eversole.

The songwriting is a combination of all three. "Shawn's actually wrote lyrics to a couple songs that were on the last album, and I produced the whole thing, so the ideas come from a lot of different places.

It's not just one person," said Eversole. "This album is going to show a new Hurricane Mason. It's going to show a more polished Hurricane Mason."

There are tons of three piece bands out there, but that doesn't mean it doesn't pose its own problems.

"We've got three guys, so that means we've gotta work really hard." said Mason. The three piece thing is kind of limiting, but on the other side of the coin, if you look at it, it's sort of like there's no limits to it."

"We're out there, shaking it up, changing it up, writing our own stuff, and I don't think there's a whole lot of people doing that," said Mason.
- Muskogee Phoenix,

"Robin Trower and Hurricane Mason Rock The Cain's"

".....What I'm trying to relate to you is that when musicians come to the Cain's they bring their "A" game. And THat means you won't want to miss the show this month when local boys Hurricane Mason open for guitar legend Robin Trower.
If you're a fan of local music and happen to listen to 97.5 KMOD then you've probably heard Hurricane Mason. These guys are Friday morning regulars on Phil and Brent's show as well as a number of venues throughout Tulsa. More Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchett than Robert Earl Keen or Bob Childers, these guys aren't your typical red dirt band. They bring a certain bluesy bad-ass-ness that some of their regional brethren sometimes seem to lack.
Guitarist/singer Matt Mason drummer Shawn Montgomery and bassist Ace Eversole have been playing together for over a decade, along the way opening for artists as disparate as Foghat and Jerry Jeff Walker. This time, they get to take the stage and warm up the crowd for Robin Trower....." - The Current, June '09 pg 30

"The Cutting Edge Webzine Reviews Cast Iron Constitution and It's Only Miles"

Hurricane Mason come to us from Tulsa, Oklahoma. They play rough and dirty blues rock with a fair share of southern country swagger in the mix. They have a couple records out on their own label and play a steady string of dates throughout the mid-west. The band were kind enough to send us review copies so we started our education with Cast Iron Constitution, their 2002 debut. A raw production gives songs like “Head Up In The Clouds”, “Hell Bent And Glory Bound” and “Don’t Shine Me On” a rugged live feel. If that was all they offered they’d be lumped in with a million other pub bands, but straight away you can hear a certain finesse.

It first hits you in the acoustic mandolin of “Against The Crooked Sky,” before the guitars storm into a thundercloud of feedback. The juxtaposition of acoustic vs electric bring dynamic texture to the trail song “Before It All Begins.” Add in the occasional harmonica and guitar/vocal fuzz effects and you’ve got the building of an original sound along the lines of Crazy Horse, The Band – even The Black Crowes. Quickening the pace is the Scorpion-esque “Killing Machine” right next to the Allman Bros-styled jazz number “Space Change.”

Their sophomore outing, It’s Only Miles (2005) proves that constant touring elevates song writing. Remaining a power trio, Matt Mason (g/v), Ron Martin (b/v) and Shawn Montgomery (d/v) still shoot from the hip but the groove sticks like glue. Mason’s guitar finds its way around memorable licks found in “Nasty Rock-n-Roll”, “Girl Across The Street” and the Neil Young-ish “Between The Night.” The lyrics dig a little deeper while the introduction of the Hammond B3 and Piano keep the songs engaging.

The record treads close to the band’s influences. “BCRO” reeks of Black Crowes, “Painted Smile” has that Billy Gibbons’ blues edge and then there’s “Angus Young” which has Mason doing his best Brian Johnson. Much like their previous collection, It’s Only Miles, showcases the diversity of a band that can move from the hard rock of “Newsman” to the boogie of “Little Drops Of Rain” and still tackle Warren Haynes’ (Govt’ Mule, Allman Bros) “Soulshine.” A right talented bunch worth checking out.

"Chuck Eddy Eddytor's Dozen"

First off, badass CD cover — a great big American buffalo bison, an extremely manly animal. And these Tulsa, Oklahomans sound badass, too: For instance, "Head Up in the Clouds" is a good, long 8:13 choogle about getting' nekkid in New Orleans that stretches out into a winding Allmansesque ending; "Killin' Machine" is a heavy brooder with a Nazareth-style buildup; and "Spare Change" an open-road biker ballad that steps on the gas. Is this what Springsteen's pre-debut-album Jersey Shore metal band Steel Mill sounded like? Could be.
- Village Voice weekly, NYC

" Reviews Hurricane Mason"

It’s a two for one deal, in discussing Oklahoma’s Hurricane Mason. This trio of southern boys knows how to bring the rock, with influences ranging from Guns ‘n’ Roses, Black Sabbath, Ted Nugent, and a splash of Molly Hatchet. These two albums came out in ’02 and ’05, respectively.

This band is mainly a trio, but they get plenty of guest help in the studio. The riffs are plentiful on these two slabs of rocking delight, with sleaze permeating throughout both releases. I'd say the vocals are akin to Pepper Keenan of COC, but with a little more twang. I thought I heard the use of a talk box in “Don’t Shine on Me On,” which was a nice addition. Of the two, Cast Iron Constitution is the better, as the songs hit just a little harder.

This would be a great band to hear in a bar, with a few pints and the smell of nicotine. This is arena rock done right; it’s epic, emotional, and triumphant.



5 Alive / 2007, Hideaway/Ditchboy Records

It’s Only Miles / April 2005, Ditchboy Records

Cast Iron Constitution / May 2002, Ditchboy Records

2002 Jaycess Band on Boston, "Vacant" from Cast Iron Constitution

2005 Oasis Rock & Roots Radio Sampler Vol. 5 #3
"Between The Night" from It's Only Miles

XM Unsigned
Radio Antenna 2, Bergamo, ITALY
Magic Carpet Ride/Extreme Rock, Australia
BeauBFM Limoges, FRANCE
IROK Radio
97.5 KMOD Tulsa OK
95.3 The X, Ft. Smith, AR
91.3 KRSU Claremore, OK
92.7 The Zoo, Salina, KS
100.5 KATT, OKlahoma, City, OK

Discography is available at over 40 online download services worldwide such as iTunes (Europe, USA,Asia and Australia), and in retail network of 2400 stores throughout the USA and Canada through Super D distribution.



Feel the passion, soak in the energy! This is high flyin’, down and dirty flannel shirt blue jean rockandcountryroll for the fans. “Hello!, (insert your city here), we’re Hurricane Mason from Tulsa, OK…”how ya doin’?”

The award winning rock-with-roots act Hurricane Mason is a band whose refreshing originality and superhuman work ethic puts them in a class all their own.
Come see a show and you’ll be taken on a trip through who’s who of rock with a few twists around the bend of the long dusty backroads where the black cactus grows and “The Dukes of Hazzard” meet Skynyrd Van Waylon.

Their wide range of original takes on well known material from the golden age of rock has found them appreciative audiences from all walks of life.

Bankers, doctors and lawyers line up beside cowboys, hippies, bikers, college kids and party girls to bask in the glory of muscular, anthemic stadium rock brought together by this unique triumvirate.

This is a highly original act who uses cleverly arranged covers to open up the ears of the audience to their extensive catalog of original music that continues to generate fans from their home town of Tulsa, OK to the far corners of the internet.

Passion, creativity and fire collide to bring you a thirst-quenching rock show rife with pounding drum beats, blistering solos, emotive vocals, and super skilled bass playing.

They have firmly established their claim on the title of Tulsa’s Hardest Working Band.
Since 1999 they played over 1000 gigs, released award winning albums, supported local charity events and took their music to the masses with astounding frequency all over OK, TX, AR and KS.

"When musicians come to the Cain's, they bring their "A" game. You won't want to miss it this month when local boys Hurricane Mason open for guitar legend Robin Trower.

"More Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchett Than Robert Earl Keen or Bob Childers, these guys are not your typical red dirt band. They bring a certain bluesy bad-ass-ness that some of their regional brethren seem to lack..." The Current, June '09

"This is arena rock done right; it’s epic, emotional, and triumphant. The riffs are plentiful on these two slabs of rocking delight."

"An exceptional down and dirty, salt of the earth rock-n-roll band from Oklahoma….Hurricane Mason recalls Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Deep Purple, AC/DC and The Black Crowes even as they establish themselves as a top shelf band in their own right."
Ronan Chris Murphy, Grammy Nominated Producer/Mix Engineer, Los Angeles, CA

"...Hard work, regular gigs and a solid new cd prove that there's still room for good old-fashioned, blood, sweat and tears rocknroll. Hurricane Mason is the working man's rock band." Gary Hizer, Urban Tulsa Weekly

“These guys will have you tearing up the dance floor all night long!” Amarillo, TX Edge Monthly

"One hard working band, these guys. Their latest disc builds on their "heartland rock" sound. What really stands out amidst the southern rock and blues vibes, though is a resurgence of the classic "Tulsa Sound". Sometimes every thing comes full circle." Urban Tulsa Weekly "05

"It's Only Miles" offers listeners well-played and well-written tunes that reflect Mason's and the band's spectrum of influences.” John Wooley, Tulsa World. "05

"This one (2005's It's Only Miles) was up for "Album of the Year"!" Stan Moffat, Payne County Line Promotions,"05

"These Tulsa, Oklahomans sound badass: "Head Up in the Clouds" is a good, long 8:13 choogle about getting' nekkid in New Orleans that stretches out into a winding Allman-esque ending; "Killin' Machine" is a heavy brooder with a Nazareth-style buildup; and "Spare Change" an open-road biker ballad that steps on the gas. Is this what Springsteen's pre-debut-album Jersey Shore metal band Steel Mill sounded like?
Chuck Eddy, Village Voice, NYC "03

“An entire album dedicated to over the top guitar playing and Mason’s Leon Russell meets Ozzy and Axl Rose vocals…” Tasteful guitar work revealing a strong Allman Brothers and Santana influence, Mason effortlessly packs the last 35 years of blues-rock grind into Cast Iron’s retro rock stylings…” Urban Tulsa Weekly "02

“Well written lyrics and awesome chops. The pictures he paints with his words are very vivid. This album will rock your soul and take you on a “Magic Carpet Ride.” Stan Moffat, Payne County Line Promotions "02

Television appearances:
-Up Late w/ Ben Sumner CW12/19
Closing Act:
Oct 2007, Sept 2008
interview June 2009

-Rt. 66 Music Shop
Cox Cable 3
June 2007
30 minute documentary featuring live in studio performance as well as interviews with the band from the Hideaway Studio compound.

Radio appearances:
-Tulsa, OK 97.5 KMOD
Breakfast Club Zoo
live performance/interview during friday drivetime
Jan '04, April '04, Mar '05, Oct'06, Jan'07, '08, June '09

Grand Lake Live! 96.1 KITO Vinita, OK
aug '08, Mar '09, june '09