Hurry-Up Offense

Hurry-Up Offense


If Elvis were to play in a band today, he would be in the Hurry Up.


After a few months of exhausting, cramped rehearsals, Max, Jason and Peter walked into a club in the Village. With no prior notice they bothered the owner enough to let them play a three-song pirated set under the condition that they, “hurry the fuck up!” They played only three songs, and they played them as hard and as fast as they could, squeezing every bit of energy needed for a 10 song set into four explosive minutes. The conditions of this first chance generated a style of performance that quickly became the force of the band and “Hurry-Up” Offense was born.

Since that night, the three have been booking, promoting and playing shows all over the country with their signature “Hurry-Up” approach. Hurry-Up Offense has spread it’s infectious energy over 35,000 miles of bowling alleys, skateparks, basements, clubs, bars, bakery’s, the Warped Tour, Japan--anywhere people will listen. Their sound is neurotic and furious, whittled down by one reviewer as, “old west coast punk waking up on the lower east side in NYC with a little more wit and a bad hangover.”

The Labor Day EP displays H-UO’s allegiance to the assault strength of the three-piece: the guitar, heavy and stressed with wrenching distortion, washes over rumbling bass lines and sprinting, panting drums. The vocals, both biting and melodic, are rich and distinct with the opposite personalities of the two songwriters (Max and Jason). These tracks deal with the frustrations of media deception, the demons of anxiety and depression, and in Punk Life, through the inspiration of Biggie Small’s “Juicy,” following your dreams and the heroes that play in them.

Hurry-Up Offense is shaking up today’s confused punk-rock scene with the precision explosions of raw energy that occur when inside your guts and your heart an unfathomable force is fighting to play every second of every day every mile of the planet.

*Adoleo – Excersio – Spero*
(Sacrifice-Rehearsal -Hope)


The Labor Day EP (released June 15, 2004. available at

Set List

expect the 3 somngs on the Labor Day EP, plus a whole lot of new material that he yet to be recorded but that will knock you on your ass they are so good.