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The best kept secret in music


"CMJ New Music Report. A&R Alert: Unsigned Artist Profile. Issue 844"

“Don’t even think about writing this high-energy trio off as a Blink-182 clone. Produced by Mikki James, the three-song Labor Day EP (so named because, after The Strokes finished recording their latest record, Hurry-Up was able to record the whole EP in one holiday weekend at the same recently vacated studio) is a sure sign of great things to come. Take “Punk Life,” which draws lyrical inspiration from late rapper Biggie Smalls: co-frontman Max Leavitt re-wrote the lyrics to Biggie’s song “juicy” to reflect his own life, but the Notorious one’s presence can still be strongly felt—and the Brooklyn Hip-Hop king would be proud. Veterans of the local stage at the Warped Tour, the band has also already performed on Last Call With Carson Daly a walloping three times. Which just go to show that, like this EP, Hurry-Up Offense always leaves you wanting more.” - Doug Levy

"THE VILLAGE VOICE (New York) - feature article"

"Despite it’s longevity, the powerpop punk genre has also seen its share of crappy bands with nothing but three chords and hair product in their pockets. Enter Hurry-Up Offense: two frontboys with WB guest star looks and their kickass drummer, who write songs about problems facing disaffected twentysomethings living in Brooklyn. The group occasionally gigs as Carson Daly's house band on Last Call, which might cause many to write them off. But, as they beg on their new Labor Day EP, "Don't believe the lies": The kids have skills, working fierce bass solos under happy three-part harmony….But there's a legitimacy to their music that trumps bubble-thrash assumptions." - THE VILLAGE VOICE (New York)

"MUSIC CONNECTION - cd review"

“Brooklyn’s H-UO is a punk-pop trio whose three-song EP shows the band has been well-named –– each tune is fast-paced, precisely executed, and finds the end zone…this Offense distinguishes itself as a very tight unit with a remarkably smooth, melodic vocal touch that puts them in the Weezer universe. “Punk Life” (with rewritten Biggie Smalls lyrics) is the standout.” – - MUSIC CONNECTION - cd review

"ALTERNATIVE PRESS magazine - cd review"

“DIY punk trio who’ve played everywhere from a bakery to the Vans Warped Tour. Sounds like upbeat punk with plenty of three-part harmonies and candy-coated hooks” - ALTERNATIVE PRESS magazine - cd review

"PUNK PLANET - cd review"

“Hurry-Up Offense are spastic punks—testing anything and everything…It’s power pop. It’s metal. It’s country. It’s completely unselfconscious. But these hyper-hypos aren’t trying to meld genres; they’re a tried and true punk band who just can’t seem to hold back their neurosis. Their NYC-fed heads are on overdrive, and they’ve got to burst out the buzzing sounds of the city through their music. Songs about drugs, cops, sex and politics. In-your-face vocals, bulldozer bass lines, jackhammer drums and high-speed guitar solos. Categorize them as punk or whatever you want, just as long as it’s bold, fearless and fast.” - PUNK PLANET - cd review

" (cd review)"

"Three guys, three songs, inspired by an impatient (but ultimately
generous) East Village club owner. Read their bio to understand their
name. Who will carry the torch of punk? Maybe some kids from Brooklyn ...
uh, for a change? Hurry-Up Offense have unleashed a short, sharp, shock-to-
the-system EP that begins and ends quicker than sex between two consenting
eighteen-year-olds. Johnny Rotten was wrong when he said there's no
future for you!" -
- (cd review)


"This easily likable trio plays with clever, entertaining lyrics. Hurry Up Offense has a rare ability to capture earnest energy on tape. Their playing is richly caffinated, a type of Descendents on speed. The song, "Punk Life (Juicy)" spoke directly to the fan in each of us and was endearing. The three-song effort acted as a solid introduction for me, as the guys have two full-length records and a ton of touring on their resumes. "Think Out Loud" will easily have a crowd moving and singing along and the kids at the malls of America should eat this with a spoon. Fast enough to appeal to all forms of punk fans, yet also poppy and cute enough to draw in a less cynical JERSEY BEAT crowd. These guys may be the stars of the future editions of the Warped Tour.”- - JERSEY BEAT

"INK 19"

“Punk rock: As a rule, I don't love it, as any six months worth of my reviews should prove, occasional hybrids like The Damage Manual notwithstanding. But bass/guitar/drums trio Hurry-Up Offense has a gift. It helps that they play flexible punk-pop with a cinematic touch of new wave in the style of the first couple albums by Joe Jackson…Record companies, this is a good move. I can be rented.” - INK 19


“West coast brat punks wake up on NYC's Lower East Side with a little more wit and a really bad hangover." - LA TONITE

"Axis Magazine (Orlando, FL)"

“In this day and age of cookie cutter quasi-punk, it is getting harder and harder for upstart pop-punk bands to gain respect. So what did Hurry-Up Offense do? Well, aside from multiple Last Call With Carson Daly appearances, this NYC-based trio has developed a sound that is less pop and more rock. The Labor Day EP is proof that, while this band is part of a popular genre, they are by no means defined by it. The track “Punk Life (Juicy)” proclaims the band’s motto, “You know very well who you are. Don’t let them hold you down.” Hurry-Up Offense know who they are and break the pop-punk mold with life-affirming lyrics, a diverse vocal sound courtesy of all three members and kick-ass balance between guitar, bass and drums. The two remaining tracks “Knock Down” and “Think Out Loud” help further distinguish the band’s sound. “Knock Down” is a rollercoaster ride between the lows of driving bass rhythms and the highs of an unexpected guitar solo. “Think Out Loud” features a completely different and entirely pleasant vocal configuration than the other two tracks. The three distinct tracks come together to create a picture of a band unafraid to embrace their rock influences. For this punk band, “growing up in the rock scene” has definitely paid off. The latest offering from these self-proclaimed punks, while never straying far from the pop-punk mold, carves out a niche in the never-ending sea of pseudo punk rock.” - Axis Magazine (Orlando, FL)


The Labor Day EP (released June 15, 2004. available at


Feeling a bit camera shy


After a few months of exhausting, cramped rehearsals, Max, Jason and Peter walked into a club in the Village. With no prior notice they bothered the owner enough to let them play a three-song pirated set under the condition that they, “hurry the fuck up!” They played only three songs, and they played them as hard and as fast as they could, squeezing every bit of energy needed for a 10 song set into four explosive minutes. The conditions of this first chance generated a style of performance that quickly became the force of the band and “Hurry-Up” Offense was born.

Since that night, the three have been booking, promoting and playing shows all over the country with their signature “Hurry-Up” approach. Hurry-Up Offense has spread it’s infectious energy over 35,000 miles of bowling alleys, skateparks, basements, clubs, bars, bakery’s, the Warped Tour, Japan--anywhere people will listen. Their sound is neurotic and furious, whittled down by one reviewer as, “old west coast punk waking up on the lower east side in NYC with a little more wit and a bad hangover.”

The Labor Day EP displays H-UO’s allegiance to the assault strength of the three-piece: the guitar, heavy and stressed with wrenching distortion, washes over rumbling bass lines and sprinting, panting drums. The vocals, both biting and melodic, are rich and distinct with the opposite personalities of the two songwriters (Max and Jason). These tracks deal with the frustrations of media deception, the demons of anxiety and depression, and in Punk Life, through the inspiration of Biggie Small’s “Juicy,” following your dreams and the heroes that play in them.

Hurry-Up Offense is shaking up today’s confused punk-rock scene with the precision explosions of raw energy that occur when inside your guts and your heart an unfathomable force is fighting to play every second of every day every mile of the planet.

*Adoleo – Excersio – Spero*
(Sacrifice-Rehearsal -Hope)