The Menister

The Menister

 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
BandHip Hop

From a Outcast to the Broadcast


Born in New Orleans, Louisiana the Menister was raised in Seabrook and after answering the call of God on his life, he began to reach out to the people of God with every opportunity given to him. The Minister remains mindful of the enemy and his devices to lure God's people from His love. But, our job as spirit filled born again believers is to intercept all the Devil's attempts to kill... steal... and destroy... so please take a moment to listen to the tracks. Hope you enjoy.


The Greater Works Demo

1. Greater Works
2. Where The Soldiers At?
3. Holding It Down

Set List

1. I need 1-2 Microphones

2. CD players must be mp3 disc compatible
(please notify me if you cannot provide this)