Hurt Model

Hurt Model


Instrumental progressive rock/metal. Odd time signatures and guitar tunings


Hurt Model is an instrumental Progressive Rock/Metal band from Los Angeles, California. Formed in Washington D.C. in 2000 by guitarist Trevor V and drummer Bennett Erickson, the band later relocated to Southern California where they met bassist James Barry in 2007. In 2008 they released their latest EP, "This is You."

Hurt Model = Instrumental prog metal in odd time signatures with weirdly tuned guitars

"Cool sound - Captain Beefheart meets the Fall and gangs up on King Crimson for the mother of all fights - awesome" - Barry Lamb


"This is You" LP 2008

Radio Support:
KSYM- San Antonio, TX; WNMC- Traverse City, MI; WRRC- Trenton, NJ; KSVR- Mt. Vernon, WA; KHEN- Salida, CO; CKUT- Montreal, QC; WAWL- Chattanooga, TN; WCVE- Richmond, VA; WMWX- Fairfield, OH;

Hurt Model has also been featured on several blogs including Cerebral Metalhead, Gimme Tinnitus, Radio Free Silver Lake, Renrat's Metal Bazaar, and El Ten Eleven.

Set List

Typical set is 30 minutes. We can do up to 1 hour. Typical set is these songs:
1. Beneathy/Betweeny
2. Where Can I Get Some Quaaludes At?
3. My Strawberry Short Little Pony Cake
4. Meat Me for Facial
5. Wild Side a Mile Wide
6. Meet Me at Erol's Video
7. Sitting Next to Susan

No covers.