Hurt Street

Hurt Street


~Smart Rock~ Tangible emotional content, danceable grooves, and singable melodies make Hurt Street a band for the masses.


A five piece modern alternative rock group with soulful and introspective lyrics that set themselves apart with their intense, yet danceable improvisational style. Although the members of Hurt Street consider themselves a rock group because of their tendency to write anthems and straight ahead grooves, their musicality has often landed them on bills with some of Texas best jam, alternative country, and rock groups. Hurt Street has shared the stage with the likes of Vallejo, Larry, Topaz, Reckless Kelly, and Jason Boland, in addition to being a headlining act, in their own right, throughout the state of Texas for almost four years. Hurt Street leaves audiences inspired by their powerful lyrics and captivated by a performance that is equally gratifying to both listen and watch. There music is a compelling combination of the visceral tone of the grunge rock of the early nineteen-nineties, grooves similar to those that have brought Dave Matthews to the top of the music industry, and thoughtful arrangements expected from the likes of The Counting Crows. Through almost endless regional touring and the release of their latest disk, "On Our Sleeve" in 2005, Hurt Street has staked their claim in the Texas Music Scene and are fixed on the great things that surely lie ahead.


Better Than You

Written By: Luke Wade

I see a man with a plan in a three piece suit
Can't use a shovel, Can't Play The Flute
He't got a car that's too nice to drive
Raps it in plastic and keeps it inside
I said hey man, who are you
"I've got a nice car and nice clothes and I'm better than you"
So, Hey man, what do you do?
"To be honest, five days a week I sit in a both"

You gotta, go to college, get some knowledge
I'm better than you
Ahmen, brother been I'm better than you
Go to college get some knowledge
I'm better than you yeah
Ahmen, Ahmen, Ahmen I'm better than you

So, we began a philosophical conversation
As people tend to do
So, after sometime we began to
Drop formalities and his true point of view showed through
My god could kick your god's ass he said
How's that I asked, "he says I'll prove it to you"
My God gave us tank, guns, hot moms and A-bombs
But what did your god ever God Damn give to you
Sand Aids and oil

You gotta... Go to college
Get some knowledge
I'm better than you
Ahmen brother Ben I'm better than you
Go to college, get some knowlege
Ahmen ahmen, its no sin to be better than you

So my hand are soft and so is my mind
But my first world leaves you third world behind yeah

My granfather dropped the big bomb
And Now I'm better than you

So, you died on my TV screen
And it can't be as bad as it seems

I've got the means yeah,
So I'm going to take, whatever I need

Yeah, but that's not me


Written By: Luke Wade

This is modern Day Romance
Lying naked on the Floor
Before I even asked you dance

Our mouths consumer each other with a kiss
Like Animals consuming flesh were ravenous
We're Ravenous

Like Vinegar I taste you in my mouth
An unpleasant reminder of a night I could have done without
A night I could have done without
And a night I could have did....

And what I did
And what I would choose to do
If I had my way with
I said damn the sun
It hurts my eyes
And I don't want to go outside
I like the artificail light
Flesh and bone and silicone

My courage grows
As my desire begins to drown
Out my sense
The beast in my always seems
To leave me defensless

And my scense of wrong and right
Are cheap tonight
My scense of wrong and right are cheap tonight

And what I did
And what I would choose to do
If I had my way with you
I said damn the stars
They remind me
Of how I couldn't have been
But things are devine
Things are devine
When you're supine
When you're supine

Live It

Written By: Luke Wade

Eyes Meet around a corner
They each wonder
Could you be the one?
Eyes glance as her heart dances
As a smile crosses her face
They keep walkin'
Cause we're talking
But they each shrug it off
And contine on
They each wonder if
The one will come

So what if that feeling never comes
So, if life is happiness and happiness is love
Without the love of my life a car a house and kids
i just realized I don't know what life is
To be a fatalist could be a fatal mistake
But to live in the moment could take everything know away
And I'm a deadman walking
like a salmon
Swimming up stream
I'm already over
Like this moment moving into memory
I'm a deadman walking
Can't you see me..
And nothing really matters
So, why don't you come and dance with me
If you're only living for yourself
You mite as well dig yourself a hole
Because you've got left to do
Is, grow old and die

My innocents like a picture I keep upon a shelf
If it doesn't belong to me
It belongs to someone else
A glorified image of an imaginary thing
But isn't having sex just a part of living
I once said I want to give it up
To a person i truly love, but then I said fuck it man I want it now
i'll just give it up

To live in the moment could be a momentus mistake, to live in the moment could tear everything you know away
The people we label sluts and whores began this way

And I'm a deadman walking
Like a salmon swimming up stream
I'm allready over like this moment drifting into memory
i'm a deadman walking can't you seem me
And I'm singing nothing really matters, so why don't you come and dance with me

So get up on the floor and come dance with me
Do it for you soul and come dance with me

Live it loud live it proud just live it
Live it out loud live it for yourself just live it
So live it loud,
Live it proud
Live it loud..
Why don't you come and dance with me.


"Want More?" - Self-released EP 2003
"On Our Sleeve" - Self Released EP 2005
"Better Than You" - Self Released Single 2006
"Changes" - Self Released LP Due Out in January 06

Set List

We are a band that focuses on original content. We perfer a 90 min.-"Power Set", but we feel comfortable filling up to 3 hours of time.
The songs that we play on a regular basis:
3.Better Than You
5.The Desert
6.The Open Ocean
7.Real People
8.Live It
9.Life is
10.Red Headed Devil
12.What do you want from me?
13.Hell in a....
14.Ghost On a Wire
16.The Waltz
Covers are an occasional flavor. We typically only keep a handful of covers fresh and will put together covers on a gig by gig basis. Covers we have played in the past include.
1. The lemon song By:Led Zep
2. Ramble on By:Led Zep
3. No Woman no Cry By: Bob Marley
4. Waste By:Phish
5. Lets Get it On By: Marvin Gay
6. Magnolia Mountain By: Ryan Adams
7. Walking On The Moon By: The Police