Jacksonville, Florida, USA

high energy powerful entertaining captivating extreme volume and well writen


BOLT is influeced from a time when a show was very visual, from a time When true entertainment dominated the industry. When Mark saw his first KISS concert he knew he had just witnessed a show that could never compare to another one past, present or future. . He had seen a performance that could be remembered for a lifetime and still as vivid today as it was back then. This is what BOLT intends on bringing back to the industry, "true" entertainment.


Just Breathe

Written By: Mark of HusH

how long I waited
my life has gone so wrong
always dedicated
my heartbeat's
nearly gone
open up a passage
let my senses free
either way we'll manage
as long as we can breathe

the meaning of holding on
for the unseen
the years of pain I'm on
shadows closer to me
I heard them say
redemtion's for a sinner
when ready to recieve
have no fear
for a new begginer
as long as you just breathe
hear me now as I head for my destruction
I know the cure
I'll find the way

hear me now as I head for my destruction
I know for sure
I'll find a way

Ball & Chain

Written By: Mark of HusH

make a little room for the ball n chain
somedays are'nt so easy
times are just so hard
with a ball n chain
you drag around the evening
until late at night
like a ball n chain
wake up in the morning
and see it holding on so tight
my ball n chain
make a little room for the ball n chain
Im like a ship without a sail
it's the hammer Im the nail
my ball n chain
how hard is it to find
a better waste of time
like a ball n chain
make a little room for the ball n chain

when the top comes to unwind
to put my ease at mind
my ball n chain
I don't hear no other sound
but me drag it all around
my ball n chain

broken heart

Written By: mark of hush

you turned away your eyes
you wouldnt lend a hand
you left me here to die
ill never understand
my name you did deny
I thought you were my friend

the sword you live by
you will fall from and then
3 days from bled dry
Im coming back again
dont look away again
I thought you were my friend

my bodies alive
ive rolled the stone
all Ive loved
I loved alone
you sold me for fame
you sold me in vane
you will be counted when
you hear me call your name
Im alive with a broken heart


Bolt - Mark Borrero lead guitar, lead and backing vocals. Stan Martel producer bass, backing vocals, Bobby Amaru drums, Jake Harding lead guitar.

This project has taken 3 years to perfect and manages to satisfy the needs of those searching for something more than sound. This CD is so much more than songs. "Bolt" was formerly known as the "HUSHXBAND" and contains the last recording of Steven Martinez (drummer, vocalist) that has passed away and is greatly missed. It is ironic that the song is called "Remember Me" that features Steve on backing vocals.

I have embraced the opportunity to work with producer Stan Martell of Martell Productions who also plays bass and sings backing vocals on many tracks due to the departure of Jonathan Knight that has moved on to further his education and prosper with his new business.

Jake Harding (the offspring and protege of the legendary Matt Harding) does an amazing job shreading solos on "Ball And Chain, Better Days, Sinner and Remember Me".

Bobby Amaru of "Burn Season" and "Amaru". Bobby does an exceptional job on drums which led to praise from none other than "Brent Smedley" of "Iced Earth".

This CD represents my life's work and defines the term "do it till it's right". I hope to hear from you soon and I hope you enjoy this project. Mark