Hush Money Mob

Hush Money Mob

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A breath of fresh air. Something that is new, different, and much needed on the music scene. An artist that touches on more than one subject, not just saying the same things as everyone else.


No more sitting back and learning from others mistakes "Hushmoney has the Erg to be Heard". While the firm is based in Atlanta, members vary from D.C., Boston, Fla, and of course GA. Providing a wide range of Urban Hip-Hop, R&B, Neo Soul, Gangsta, as well as comercial. "Hushmoney has a little something for eveyone". Being influenced by Pac's passion, Nas's knowledge, Rage's boldness, Outkast's creativity, Jill Scott's range, Eminem's determination, Queen Latifah's unity,and Dr. Dre's ability gives them a Bone thugs Harmony that sets this group in different directions to navigate any system. This young group of talented individuals have already worked with well respected artist and producers in the game such as George Clinton, Mr. Cheeks, Kool Ace, Po (section 8 Mob), Lil C (Nappy Heads), Juddah, Janks the cat, and Wyclef Jean just to name a few. Members of this well known entourage include their leading man "XceLLence" who birth such hits as "Rock n Roll Star", "Can i touch you", and "A-town" featuring his partner in rhyme "Boston George". Others include Goldie-lox, and Princess Liya who's hits include "E-z now", "Thats just me", and "You don't know me" which has recieved numerous airplay on radio stations such a Blazin 102.3 (Tallahassee), FamU and FSU college radio stations, Ga State radio, WPGC 95.5 (D.C.) just o name a few and has also made performing appearances at the Constitution Hall (D.C), Frequency, Level 3, Royal Peacock (Atl), The Moon, Chubbys (Tallahassee), Roanoak (N.C.)
As you can see w are well seasoned but hardly done. Hushmoney was established in 2004 after various attempts with other groups such as "Ghetto Alliance" 2000 (sold over 350k), "3-Sum" 2001 (sold 100K), and "Hidden talent" 2003 (sold over 250K) Independently. Which was good but we are destine for greatness. From being on the bottom to the top back to the bottom "Hushmoney is Starvin for Stardom".


Ghetto Alliance '01, The Vine: Vol 1 '03, The Vine: Vol2 '04 , Get Money: Vol1 (MixTape) '06,

Set List

1.Rock N Roll Star
3.You don't know me
5.Can i touch you
6.Easy now
7.Company you keep
8.Shake your booty