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Hustle Bound is a group of youngNew Orleans rappers. Due to Hurricane Katrina we are all spread across the counrty and we have had a big loss.Although we are going through so much right now we will continue to do what we have started until we get to the level we want to be at, and that means never.


This is ya boy Chris, im 17, I write songs for my people and right now im in a group "Y.B.D" , but now I feel as if its my time start recording. I am also promoting new groups now so if you are from New Orleans talk to m and we can work something out for a good deal.
I have been writing raps for about 5 years, now I am working on my first real album. I made a few underground albums before, if you're in the industry and from New Orleans holla at me. I got involved in hip-hop by my boy Iceberg. If it wasn't for him i don't think I would be doing this so when I make it he is the 1st person coming with me.
Most of my influences come from that boy Weezy F. you know what I mean, but I don't have a certain style I work with. I can rap with almost any style. I can go slow, fast, med. it really don't matter I just have to get a hot track and once I start to feel it, ima start spittin.
For now I mainly use my cousin's beats and sometimes I get one off here and freestlye to it. I just gotta thank everybody that got me though this Jay9,Ace,Dee,Big L,Colin, Puttin, Dougie,and really just about the whole New Orleans. And I want yall to know, im up here holdin it down for yall in the Maryland and D.C area.


Get Low Or Get Lowered
Call Me When It's Gangsta
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Set List

At this time I will be performing only with Banga Mike unless I am together with my group again. The current set up consists of 3 songs and a moment where I speak on Katrina. First, I rap to my single WORK to hype up the crowd.Second I perform a song I recently wrote titled "Where You From?" at the end of that song there is a line that makes the song blend perfectly with another song "Ride"