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Hustle City

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"Demo Review"

"You might think with the name Hustle City that the music made by this trio of Bellinghamsters would be fast-paced and quick hitting. However, their live demo, recorded in just eight hours at Turtle Recording Studios across the boarder in White Rock, B.C., plods along at less than a frenetic pace.

Hustle City clearly has a lot of talent. LG Kush's vocal work immediately brings to mind a cross between Jim Morrison (The Doors) and Layne Staley (Alice In Chains). Mr Wobbles plays bass with a deep, dark sound challenging his skills by being heavy on both melody and harmony. BC's drums, well, let's just say this group would be nothing without them. Masterfully mixing rock and funk, the drums are tight, loud, and active throughout the CD.

The sound created by Hustle City is a combination of metal, alternative rock, and grunge. Despite being made in just eight hours, the production is good and the band is tight. The songs are good and played well... The drums are the most exciting and varied section of the band.

Despite being a bit slow, this album is pretty good. The musicianship is definitely there and if you like funky, powerful rock and roll then Hustle City might be the band for you. - What's Up Magazine


Hustle City Demo



Brian and LG were born and raised in Bellingham, WA, and had been in numerous bands before Hustle City. They were working on some material together not long before Mr Wobbles moved up from Kelso to go to WCC, and not long after they started hashing out songs. After just nine months of playing together, the band headed up to white rock and recorded their five song demo live, in just one 8 hour session. Hustle City produced the demo without the help of a record label. Turtle recording studios has over twenty years experience in the business and has worked with Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Dinosaur Jr, and Sum 41, to name a few.