Hustle Heads

Hustle Heads

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An amalgamation of DeLa Soul, A Tribe Called Quest & the Roots.


The Hustle Heads have prepared for countless hours to deliver BrownNoise. Consisting of Bobb Mohommod and Aloysius Goldschmidt, Hustle Heads are ready to release their club movin single 'Soundboy Music (Keep On)'. Being compared to A Tribe called Quest, The Roots and De la Soul to name a few; the Heads are here to stake their own claim. The ability to break away from the main stream and perform their interpretation of music is their main goal.

Their influence is more of an era than it is a particular group or genre. These kids of the Nineties remember fun times and parties and desire to take their music to where it can be enjoyed by all. Striving for perfection in the studio, as well as on stage, they are poised to entertain and rock every venue that they visit.

Hustle Heads have finished their debut EP on BrowNoise Music and quietly anticipate its arrival to the masses. The Heads continue to bring fresh and new "Noise".


Duky Dope Demo
Bootleg Ver. 4.0
1st single: Soundboy Music (Keep On) feat. LB

Set List

Food for Thought
Soundboy Music (Keep On)
The R.O.C.
Monkey Business
Nasty Girl
Cameo Killers
Just Listen
R.O.C. Remix