Mobile, Alabama, USA
BandHip Hop

I bring hip back to hip hop going back to the original roots where rap started, fun positive, motivational, and real.


My name is Robert B. Miskel Jr. I was born in Mobile, Alabama January 1, 1983 and grew up in the city of Prichard. I am now 27 years old still in the city of mobile. I have been married for 4 years now to my beautiful wife Andrea and we have a 4 year old son name Robert J. Miskel. We are now buying our first home, making improvements, and loving the experience. I am currently enrolled at the University of Phoenix taking online courses seeking a Bachelor’s degree in Human Service management. I chose this course because I enjoy making a difference and helping people to achieve and better themselves. I currently work for a non-profit organization assisting people with mental and intellectual disabilities helping them with daily living skills and keeping them involved in community events. It is something I never saw myself doing, but I have a lot of fun with the individuals I serve each day.
I enjoy spending time with my family just to relax and have fun no matter what we are doing. Shopping with the wife or playing wii and hanging out at Chuck E. Cheese with my son, bowling, and a few other activities makes me proud and continue to work hard to make our lives better. I am active in church keeping god first learning along the way and assist with security to make sure everyone is safe from the surroundings. I also enjoy going out from time to time like cabarets and clubs occasionally. Barbecue’s and cookouts are my favorite events any time of the year. I like to shoot pool with friends even though I am not a professional. I also joke to throw my friends off their game while playing. My favorite two restaurants are Olive Garden and Baumhaeur’s Wings here in my home town; I really like eating wings while sipping down a couple pitchers of bud light with friends as well.


How I got to be where I am

My music is special because although it is still street music it is also mature without all the negativity and disrespect towards anyone. I would consider some to be inspirational on life, love, family, and just having a good time as one of the tracks is entitled. I can offer a variety of styles in my music. I believe that my current album shows that. From hip hop club tracks, blues, love songs, and real life situations, I can cover it all. My music is ninety nine percent family friendly without all the profanity. A positive attitude on life, inspirational to others, and being involved in the community working with youth helping to turn bad into good. A role model and so much more instilled in me is what I can and will bring to the industry. At this time with the fresh release of the album I am trying to build my status as a new artist by entering all local talent shows and open mic events, traveling to surrounding cities and states. There are no written articles or reviews at this time.
My stage name is H.V.Too, it’s short for hoodlumville, which is what my lifelong neighborhood has went by in the past. It was incorporated with my nickname “too” which I received from being a junior and changed the spelling. I began recording in two thousand five with my little brother Trolando Miskel who has his own studio and makes most of my beats. Two of his friends and I did a collaboration and made a real hot track to the point where we were invited to free openings for several acts coming to mobile. Only one was successful due to the other individual’s level of determination to work hard. My brother shortly departed for college in Huntsville, Alabama so a lot of things slowed up and I no longer communicated with the other guys do to history with music. As time passed I continued to write and decided to take better control of the situation. In the middle of two thousand nine I decided to set goals and follow my dreams as an artist who loves to write and record music. I found the resources I needed to kick things back off and one led to another and I was back recording sounding a whole lot better with a different approach. Proud to say with barriers in my journey in March of 2010 I finished my album entitled The Beginning. I am now promoting, traveling to other states, and writing new music as we speak with continued help from my little brother keeping me stocked with new and better quality sounding tracks during his last year of college.