Highway J

Highway J


A refreshing revival of popular rock. Vocals are highlighted with a refined yet raw guitar backing. Impression will be made by the vocals. Lyric delivery and performance are centered around music that satisfies more with each listen. Live performances are inclusive and provide a familiar setting.


In an era of pop heroes and pre-packaged musical robots, Highway J ignores the fads and does what makes sense, good rock music that strives for meaning and creativeness. Fronting songs like "Corporate Clown" and "Beyond This", which combine both thoughtful social commentary and memorable melodies without losing a driving edge, Highway J crafts a pleasant experience for the thoughtful listener. Since 2003, HJ has explored its rock roots as well as delved into similar musical genres while highlighting its vocalist (Dave Combs) as he seeks to strike a chord all his own. Combs, an obvious talent, continues to evolve from his classically trained beginnings and draws comparisons to no one with his unique energy and ability to command attention. Guitars, (Ryan Knox, Ryan Bradle) share a musical relationship that tosses back and forth pieces of riff, delicate melody, and exploratory noise. The two members who form the rhythm section (Don Bruce - Bass)(Jeff Badorek - Drums) act as the expressive force that drive the band's songs into reaching their culmination. No tricks, no loops, no hidden backup singers - just a refined rawness that aims to rediscover real music - that is Highway J. TO VIEW MUSIC VIDEO VISIT: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoID=2012550547


Highway J (2006)

Set List

Can cover 3-4 hour sets. If it is an all original set we can cover 1 1/2 hours. Most shows combine a mixture of covers and originals. 80% cover 20% original. We are happy to adjust and plan according to venue. Bands that we cover include: Death Cab for Cutie-Incubus-The Police-Dave Matthews Band-System of A Down-Red hot Chili Peppers-Snow Patrol-U2-The Gorillaz-
The Killers-Rage Against the Machine-Smashing Pumpkins-Foo Fighters-Duran Duran-Violent Femmes-Counting Crows-Alice in Chains-Audioslave-Weezer-Black Crowes-The White Stripes-Sublime-Blur-POTUS-The Strokes-Radiohead-Train-Fuel-Pearl Jam-Jet-Cake-Phish-Coldplay-Jane’s Addiction-Nirvana-Modest Mouse