Classic RnB vocals with a hip-hop edge - a break from the norm - A Hy8uS


Atlanta, GA. can easily be considered the up-and-coming music capital of the US. A developing metropolis whose name is synonymous with change, growth, and innovation, Atlanta attracts artists with big dreams and even bigger talents. It is an urban city that boasts an all star roster of chart-topping players that can be heard on every radio station and television network across the nation and has birthed the careers of countless industry staples. So, where else would three aspiring singers choose to plant the seeds of a prosperous career?

LaDon, aka L.A., hails from Los Angeles with his crisp, clear vocals and extensive range. His talents run the gamut from exquisite arrangements to impeccable harmony construction. Throw anything his way and he is sure to tackle it and surpass your expectations. His cool exterior suggests a timid and shy demeanor but once onstage a beast emerges.

Also a Los Angeles native, Juan, or j.blaze, brings forth a raw edge that is unique only to him. His raspy, sultry vocal serves as a powerful foundation for any harmony and provides a welcomed change to the normal vocal stylings heard in music today. He also contributes to the group’s distinction with his rock appeal, always pushing himself to think outside the box.

The Chicago-Land raised Brandon, or b-ezy as he is referred to in the industry, lends an old-school flare with his breathy, unwavering tone and heavy, distinct vibrato. His natural ability to change up his vocal technique allows for him to adapt to any track, producing the goods necessary to wow any audience. His natural flare for style also sets him apart amongst a sea of commonality.
These three individuals all made their way to the musical Mecca that is ATL and by a twist of fate, linked up to form Hy8us, a group that blends elements of Rock music, R&B vocal styling, and Hip-Hop undertones to create a sound that is undeniably inimitable. Why the name Hy8uS? “Because it is exactly what the music industry needs right now. Hiatus refers to a break in continuity and that is exactly what we do, we break the norms and provide the listeners with a much needed respite from the normalcy of today’s music.”


Yes, 1-2-3

Set List

we typically do 3-4 original songs depends on the venue. 2 uptempos and 1 ballad. We have great traditional accapella harmonies so we can do cover songs and any type of accapella for any event...we're extremely versatile.