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"Hyakkei first album release party in june, 23, 2006"

Hyakkei three were standing in dark stage.They began to play a silence sound.
A fantastic atmosphere wraps floor by effected echo sounds.Their minimum formation(G./Ba./Dr/) expresses a sound imagination wealthily.From strain to relaxation, and strain...they make sounds to drift.The sound that they spin lets us recall various images.
Audience will image various landscapes from same song.
Their song equally can express a soundscape like their song draws each soundscape.
Hyakkei's show reminded me that "Audience can get image freely, can not force a strong claim and impression from a player".
Hyakkei is instrumental band, no vocal in their song. And there was no words that arouse a specific image, in their music.One, words fix a specific image, instrumental music makes it possible that a listening person image it more freely. Imagination make it possible that everyone have various landscapes.for example, our imagination lets us act on a blank part of a superior picture.
I strongly felt a Japanese retro flavor by Hyakkei's show. Of course, they don't use traditional Japanese musical instruments. As a matter of course, they don't sing a retro flavored song.
A scene that Hyakkei creates seems to be totally an japanese UKIYOE print, an elegant sound, and a sort of sense of nostalgia.They do not pursue glitz.They play using Japanese"Wabi-Sabi". They leave the final decision to audience's imagination.Their show really conjures images of hundreds of landscapes.
- Jungle Life Magagine


>Second Album"Okurimono"(neiro / 2009)
>First Album "Standing Still in a Moving Scene"- (Human Highway Records / 2006)
>V.A. Compi "The Mixing of Landscape"-(Human Highway records / 2005)



2003. Formed in Osaka, Japan.
2005. V.A.[The Mixing of Landscape](2 songs include).
2006. 1st Album[Standing Still in a Moving Scene](Human Highway Records(Japanese indie label)) release. Music showcase[MINAMI WHEEL2006](osaka, JP).
2007. Music showcase[SXSW2007](tx,USA), FORMOZ FESTIVAL2007(Taiwan), and JP Tour with euphoria.
2008. JP Tour with OVUM. FORMOZ FESTIVAL2008(Taiwan). Moved in Tokyo.
2009. 2nd Album[Okurimono] release (April).JP tour.