Hard rock meets World Music, Hyaline is a cross between Tool and Dead Can Dance. They've even thrown some rock classics and modern rock tunes in, with their own signature sound and flavor. The band sounds huge for so few bodies on stage.


After less than 2 minutes of exposure on Bravo’s “Queer Eye for the Straight Girl” (a random untargeted demographic), Hyaline sells out 3 times on CD Baby (with over 88,000 bands), reaching Top Seller of the week in March 2005. Production of their second release “Neogene” (co-produced with Ronan Chris Murphy of King Crimson fame) has just been completed and is set for release in July ‘06.

Hyaline combines the sounds of guttural guitars, spine-vibrating bass, and driving drum rhythms with the haunting tones of violin, wind instruments, and intense percussion. The blending gives the L.A. based band a signature sound that has been described as “a hypnotic and tribal sound-scape with a heavy edge.” Combining hard rock influences with World Music instrumentation, the band has managed to attract a following as eclectic as its music.

After playing to a packed house for their self-titled CD release party at the Roxy on Sunset, more recently headlining at this years Third Eye Gathering Festival, and playing with bands such as The Psychedelic Furs, members of The Cure, Dada, King Crimson, Jane’s Addiction, and Porno for Pyros, Hyaline continues to build an impressive following throughout the U.S. from Los Angeles to New York. They have also begun to expand their following internationally in Australia, Germany, Denmark, The Philippines, Manila, Canada, and the UK, among others. With “Neogene”, the songs represent a refined format while building on Hyaline’s strong points of creative instrumentation, and open-minded experimentation. As a result, the band retains its integrity in this sophomore effort, as well as their dedicated fanbase. Video production has begun for the single “Shining”, and Hyaline’s music has been not only featured on a “making of” DVD for the Adidas commercial “Mechanical Legs”, directed by David Fincher (director of “Seven” and “Fight Club”), but also in the Banff Mountain Film Festival.


"Neogene" - 2006http://www.sonicbids.com/img/spacer.gif
Self-titled CD "Hyaline" - 2002

Various Hyaline songs can be heard on:

XM 52 - XM Satellite Radio
WMFS 92.9 FM – Memphis, TN
KLOS 95.5 FM – Los Angeles, CA
RadioNonsense.com- Saint Paul, MN (online)
Radio Marabu - Berlin, Germany (FM/satellite/online)
THE MIX USA - San Diego, CA (online)
Rocket E - Santa Monica, CA (online)
KKUP 91.5 FM - Cupertino, CA
WRUW 91.1 FM - Cleveland, OH
WDYN Dynamic Independent Radio - Rochester, NY (online)
KHSU 90.5 FM - Arcata, CA
WOWL 91.7 FM - Boca Raton, FL
SUB 88FM - Melbourne, Australia
KCSN 88.5 FM – Los Angeles, CA
KHTS 1220 AM – Santa Clarita, CA

Set List

Can play up to 3 one-hour sets of original music with a few covers included.

Original songs include:
Not Alone
You Never Know
Ja Ja
All I See
Wide Open
Scream Out
Lash Out
Scream Out
Candy Jar
Generation Now
In the Trees
Between the Lines
Instead of Me
Time Bomb

Cover songs include bands like:
Stone Temple Pilots
Marilyn Manson
Pearl Jam
Alice in Chains
Nine Inch Nails
Black Sabbath
Jefferson Airplane
Social Distortion
Pink Floyd
Golden Earring
Peter Gabriel
The Cult
Led Zeppelin
The Doors