Hybrid offers a new and vital direction in today’s rock world. Their style draws you into an atmosphere of lush, melodic progressions, a tight and punching rhythm section, subtly layered guitar nuances over crunching, hooky riffs, and powerful but reserved vocals.


Hybrid began in 2000, from a foundation of friendship shared by guitarist, Jon Byrd, and bassist, Tony Hawkins. Having kicked around the country in a signed act for a major label during the 1990’s, Jon and Tony longed to take a more complex, raw turn. With that in mind, they started looking for a drummer.

Okey Parsons soon answered that call. Okey, a West Virginia native, had relocated to North Carolina and brought to the table a solid foundation in percussion that matched the style and caliber of skill that Jon and Tony were looking for. He has consistently awed audiences since with his strong, diverse and exceptionally creative force in the superior rhythm section that Hybrid has made their signature.

Jon Byrd, a North Carolina native, has been playing guitar for most of his life. He has become known in the local music community as a subtly superior guitarist who displays command of the guitar without showy overplaying, but is known to astonish his fans with layered harmonies, eclectic progressions, and spectacular arrangements. His nuances can easily be missed except by true fans, or accomplished musicians.

Tony Hawkins, also a North Carolina native, is the other half of this powerhouse rhythm section. Having played on the national level for many years, Tony is experimental with new sounds. Each song presents a sonic adventure and Tony never fails to please.

In the fall of 2003, John Culberson becomes the vocal “finishing touch” to this act. But, don’t let him fool you. He has been singing on the local scene for many years in some of the best bands around. His reserved but powerful style resonates with the likes of Chris Cornell in its intensity, yet he is capable of vocal range that allows Hybrid to expand their sounds more fully. He’s a treat for the ears in the days when screaming have become the norm.



Written By: Hybrid

you followed the pathway down
to where it led you
to where life bled you
you swallowed the lies right down
cause that's what they fed you

You could see it coming
But you couldn't get out of the way
Life's a game of choices
And you live with them once they are made
That voice is calling you
and you answer every time
got nowhere to run to
you're lost inside your mind

Tore another piece away
Life is cold without a reason
When 'never again' just sounds too hard
and the end just seems so far away

Let go of the broken pieces
kill the guilt the american way
Drink up to no tomorrow
Cause it starts today

So much for deciding
So much for the peace you need
Love and hate colliding
And in the middle is where you bleed


Killing Me

Written By: Hybrid

In a way pictures start to fade as daylight turns to grey
Reminders of the past just get in the way
But you don't seem to notice or seem to care at all
You sit exchanging glances with shadows on the wall
Which gets us nowhere...

If it's killing me
I know it's killing you
You live in darkness
so your light just can't shine through...

Things unspoken
Promises broken
I laid it all on the line
But in reality somewhere
could mean that everything's fine
You don't seem to notice
Or seem to care at all
You've been having conversations with shadows on the wall
And we're getting nowhere

If it's killing me
I know it's killing you
The place you live is a room without a view
If it's wrong for me to choke on my mistakes
That's my choice to make
the choice that binds me

Nothing Remains

Written By: Hybrid

you say you're trapped
fucked by destiny
so what you're telling me
is you have no choice

A slave that can't break free
With no soul, no style, no voice

No...your empty words don't mean a thing
I can't hear a word you say
There's nothing you can do for me
You just get in my way
you've given nothing
expect nothing in return

Reflection but you don't wanna have to face it
Those eyes staring back at you don't look the same
So close that you can almost taste it
The hurt, the guilt, the blame

No...your empty words don't mean a thing
I can't hear a word you say
There's nothing you can do for me
You just get in my way
You've given nothing
Expect nothing in return
some things will never change
Some fools will never learn

Awake and dreaming



The group is currently in the studio, working on their debut release.

Set List

Hybrid has a full bag of original material that is unleashed at opening and headlining shows. They also have a 3 hour load of cover material ranging from Nickelback to Tool, and from Jane's Addiction to Pink Floyd.