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Urbalist & Moe Mentum are a breath of fresh air in an industry cluttered with gimmicks, bragadocious images, and false lyrics. We make real life music that not only makes you move, but also inspires thought.


Urbalist & Moe Mentum
Officially formed in late 2000, and originally called Hybrid H. The name was derived from the diverse differences in the backgrounds and cultures between the two members, and the way that their styles worked so well together. The "H" stands for the first letter in both of their last names. The group is now reffered to simply as Urbalist & Moe Mentum. After the 2002 release of their debut LP "Out of Hybrination”, the group released their first 12” single, “2 Yutes”, along with a second 12" record single, "The Countdown" and has been recording new material since. In addition to recording Urb & Moe have been performing in New York, New Jersey, and in numerous states in the northeast. Performances include opening for major recording artists such as Erick Sermon, Keith Murray, and G-Dep. The group was also invited to perform during Legends Night in Harlem, NYC. This was an event hosted by hip-hop pioneers Kurtis Blow and Melle Mel. In September of 2005, Urbalist & Moe Mentum moved to Atlanta, GA where Urbalist opened up a full featured digital recording studio called Risk It All Records.

One half of the group formerly known as Hybrid H, Urbalist has been writing, recording and performing for a decade strong. The group is now referred to simply as Urbalist & Moe Mentum. Born in Brooklyn in 1980, he moved first to Washington D.C. at the age of three. In 1984 he moved again to New Jersey. Urbalist has always had a very creative way with words and in May of 2000, along with then college roommate Moe Mentum, officially formed a group. After moving to Providence, R.I. Urbalist became co - owner of Infinite Impact Recording studio, gaining skills as a recording engineer. Urbalist is currently living in Atlanta, Georgia and is on his grind stronger than ever before. If you live in the A then odds are youve seen him out at a club either performing or passing out cd's and networking. An emcee above and beyond all else, and aggressively pursuing a recording contract, Urbalist is also owner and head recording engineer of Risk It All Records (indie), a pro tools equipped digital recording studio

Moses "Moe Mentum" Hernandez was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. After ten rough years in the Bronx and two in Manhattan, his family decided to move out to New Jersey. It was there where Moses discovered his gift with words and at the age of 16 developed his unique style. However, he gave up rapping his senior year of high school to focus on getting into college. In September of 1999 he went off to attend college at Johnson & Wales University, where he met Jesse "The Urbalist" Hershkowitz due to random room assignments. One night after a freestyle cipher at a college party, someone suggested that the two form a group. Their reply...... "Why Not!"


Letters to Myself (Depression)

Written By: Jesse Hershkowitz aka Urbalist

CHORUS - 4 bars (repeat 2x)

everybody gets depressed over certain things, certain things /
but its all about surviving through the hurt it brings, the hurt it brings. /

VERSE 1 - 16 bars

I feel depressed, and I think i know the reason why. /
My bills are stacked up to the ceiling, wallet's bleeding dry. /
So I'll write myself a letter, and call it a "dear Rodney". /
Im so broke, I feel like someone damn near robbed me. /
If I won the lottery, it'd prob'ly take me that much. /
Because my debt is ten times what i can make in a month. /
I'm paying conciquences, and it seems there isnt an ending. /
Big limits on credit cards before the frivilous spending. /
Getting sued, Its pending what happens in court. /
I cant afford a pack of cigarettes, just asking for shorts. /
Its back and forth, I pray that everyday's a dream. /
Im feeling cursed, as if i played for Boston's baseball team. /
I get the shakes, My wife's gone, I'm loosing my home. /
My credit's horrible, I'll never get approved for a loan. /
I could end it all, and let somebody find me hanged up. /
But instead, I'll take my chances alive, and bankrupt. /
Its only money. /

CHORUS - 4 bars (repeat 2x)

everybody gets depressed over certain things, certain things /
but its all about surviving through the hurt it brings, the hurt it brings. /

VERSE 2 - 16 bars

Yo, Im depressed, and I know what the reason is. /
I just met my brother's wife again, and seen his kids. /
So I'll write myself a letter, and call it a "dear Doug". /
A psychiatrist woild probably tell me I fear love. /
I see the road in front of me, and I 'aint scared of it. /
But I dont have a girl I care about to share it with. /
And that scares me, more than even death itself. /
Plus I'm affraid my lonliness will soon affect my health. /
Watching all the couples slow dancing through the song. /
With strong fealings, What the fuck could I be doing wrong? /
I keep loosing though, and drinking at the bar alone. /
Only hoping to meet a woman and escort her home. /
I need a chick who's real with me till the day is through. /
And through the night, with faith to know that what she say is true. /
Life's like a video game, and I dont have a "Player 2". /
Im all alone and its difficult ro make it through. /
What can I do? /

CHORUS - 4 bars (repeat 2x)

everybody gets depressed over certain things, certain things /
but its all about surviving through the hurt it brings, the hurt it brings. /

VERSE 3 - 16 bars

I'm depressed, there never has been a more tragic day. /
You see, today my cancer stricken son passed away. /
So I'll write myself a letter, and call it a "dear Evan". /
I've never wondered so much if there's really a heaven. /
He was eleven, spending most of every week in a bed. /
He was strong, but in not long Lukemia spread. /
Now the emptyness is slowly taking over for real. /
Ive been depressed but never deeper than this moment I feel. /
He was sick for 'bout a year and then three weeks in a coma. /
And I had always dreampt of watching him receive his diploma. /
I feel so numb, he shouldnt have been taken so young. /
When he'd come up to bat in little league I'd pray for home runs. /
While there was time, we had moments that you can't define. /
The Make A Wish Foundation came, but couldn't grant me mine. /
Now each second seems like an hour, this 'aint right, it's wrong. /
Someone explain to me in what way this life goes on?

CHORUS - 4 bars (repeat 2x)

everybody gets depressed over certain things, certain things /
but its all about surviving through the hurt it brings, the hurt it brings. /

The First Five Days

Written By: Jesse L. Hershkowitz

The First Five Days
Written by Jesse Hershkowitz

Verse 1 - (sixteen bars)

When the pain first started I could hardly notice, / My right arm, a slight harm, but I was largely focused. /
I couldn’t, I wouldn’t let it impede on my speed motion, /
Deep Devotion, Day one All I needed was three Motrin. /
Got to the weed smokin’ and the speculation, /
Then the confusion, jumped conclusions with no hesitation. /
Musta’ slept on it wrong, or worked for way to long. /
The pain aint gone, just getting worse, its way to strong. /
I fight back, strap on an ice pack and go to work, /
‘cause when the rent’s due landlords go berserk. /
And I am no fool, yall know that I’m old school, bretheren, /
So with an injured arm I engineered a Pro Tools session. /
What could I be facing, shoulder dislocation? /
I was afraid, straight up and down, that’s not a misquotation. /
When day one was done, and I slept & snored, /
On a scale of one to ten, my pain rated less than four. /

Hook - (repeat 2x)

It took five days to find out that I had cancer. /
It was five days that I looked to find an answer. /
It took five days to find out that I had cancer. /
Five days, these are the first five days. /

Verse 2 - (sixteen bars)

Day two, I wake up, pain un-tolerable. /
That type that makes you cry despite whats un-honorable. /
More drama, it’s always something/
Tryin to stay positive instead of spending all day bumming. /
But the pain was so insane, it had me buggin the fuck out. /
My luck had just run out, I could do nothing but just shout. /
Day three, not much would aid me well, /
So I went to the ER in ATL. /
The doctor tried to diagnose it, but was totally wrong, /
So he prescribed some pain killers that were supposed to be strong. /
Day four, no pain has ever plagued me more, /
Might be the same desease my brother had in ‘84. /
Is it Bursitus, or Osteo Mialitus? /
I don’t know what I got, but I know that my life is priceless. /
By the time I tried to go to sleep, my chances were bleak, /
This is how fast it had advanced in only half of a week. /

Hook - (repeat 2x)

Verse Three - (sixteen bars)

On day five I find out, but I don’t like the answer, /
X-rays showed that I might have a type of cancer. /
So whats next? Every medical test possible. /
My cousin Dennis helped get me placed in the best hospital. /
I didn’t know which cancer could be more or less probable, /
But I knew that chemo therapy would be my next obstacle. /
The rest of day five was spent by making appointments, /
Including one for surgery, which was a major annoyance. /
They did a biopsy, which came back malignant, /
I was devastated, this event was cataclysmic. /
Now I could give up all hope, but nope, not me, /
Ive been to places so dangerous that most cops flee. /
So you see, I’m not afraid and I aint choosin’ despair, /
Not even if I’m nauseous all day and loosing my hair. /
In only three days my chemo treatments start, I’ve heard. /
But either way I’ve got the heart to make it, mark my word. /

Hook - (repeat 4x)


"Out of Hybrination" - debut LP (2001)
"2 Yutes" - debut 12 inch record single (2004)
"The Countdown" - 12 inch record single (2005)
"From the Start to the Credits" - LP (2005)
"All In Mixtape Vol. 1" - 2006
"All In Mixtape Vol. 2" - 2006

Set List

Typical set length - 25 - 30 minutes

"The Countdown"
"You Can Try"
"Play it Loud"
"Jersey Boyz"
"Who Else?" (Urbalist Solo)
"Por Aqui" (Moe Mentum Solo)
"How You Do It"
"Big Pun R.I.P. Tribute (Off da Books remix)"