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"Radio Review Q106 Macon"


Here’s a band with more potential than should be legal. I have watched this band from their beginning and they have yet to stop amazing me. From their intense and energetic live shows to the seriousness with which they approach song writing, this is a band that will do great things.

Hybrid L’s latest creation, a 7 song EP entitled Disguises, IS Hybrid L; Guitar heavy rock with great flowing melodies and harmonies that add a dynamic that a lot of rock bands can’t pull off. When compared to their last album, Face Me Not, you can hear the band’s evolution from “attempted rock band” to “serious kick ass rockers”. Disguises showcases more mature song writing and song composition that grabs your attention from the first note to the last. If rock is your thing, then Hybrid L is your band. Overall Disguises is an EP that definitely has more than one hit on it with something for everyone: hard rock, melodic rock and even an acoustic rendition of a fan favorite. Give it a listen and if you don’t think it kicks ass, I recommend a thorough head examination.

Promotions Dir./I.T. Assist./Website Admin
Clear Channel Macon
7080 Industrial Hwy
Macon, GA 31216
- Greta, DJ Q106

"ZRock South Carolina review"

As I went to the mailbox this morning driving through the misty rain I had no idea what awaited me when I opened up this package.I opened the package only to find one of the slickest Promo's i'd ever seen.So the skeptikal me began to think,"Uh-Oh this is gonna be horrible".To my suprise as I began listening to the disc this is really good stuff. The disc starts out with the title track "Face Me Not" which is a straight forward Rock number,and from there the album gains power,and picks up steam."This Disease" is probably my favorite cut,but the song "Craving" is probably the strongest cut on the disc. There is a song that does seem out of place on this disc,but it blends in well.The song is a Bob Marley-ish tune called "Coconut".After some more thought I decided it wasn't a bad song and it does show the talents of these musicians. It does rock in certain parts of it,and adds flavor to the disc.

Another song on this disc that is a definite bright spot is "Found".This thing rocks from start to finish.Followed by the equally head banging anthem "Mind 2 Escape". Unlike a lot of up and coming bands today who have a sound like someone else,Hybrid-L has it's own sound. I can't think of one band they sound like.That is refreshing in itself.The tenth song on the disc is "S.C.A.R." another well writtten song. All of these tunes are well written,and performed,it's just certain ones stand out more than the others,and this is one of them.The best songs on the disc are the ones I've already mentioned,as well as the eleventh song on the disc,"Only Then".This album is done well,and performed to an almost flawless perfection. This is one of those CD's that will get a lot of listens,and will go in your essential disc case.

- Blaze

"Jagermeister Tour interview"

By Bonnie Wallington

Hybrid-L is a Georgia rock band glimmering with potential for major success.

Offering catchy rock tunes executed consistently during their live shows with precision and high energy, they always deliver the goods to a constantly growing fan base wave that originated from a ripple in a small pond near

Photo By: Lyle Ratliff
Macon, GA. The Hy-Brid Fan wave, cross-generational and steadily gaining strength, now encompasses a large section of the southeastern US from Panama City to Myrtle Beach and everywhere in between.

Frontman Jeffery Sutton exudes natural onstage presence and musicianship, and displays obvious chemistry with talented bandmates Shaun Deal (guitar) and Larry Richardson (bass) as they delight audiences by cranking out back-to-back, hook-ful and radio-ready melodic rock songs.

But the successful beat driving this bands' growth over the past 2 years can be traced to the heart of Michael Carmel, not only the bands 'in-the-pocket' hard hitting drummer with solid meter musically, but a natural leader. Carmels' military background blends nicely with his studio engineering experience, making it fairly easy for one to point to him as the catalyst that has put Hybrid-L on the A&R southeastern regional "hot" list.

Mike, sporting his new clean-shaven head, took a short break from single-handedly running the sound for other bands sharing the bill at a recent Macon (hometown) Rivalry's show (filled to capacity and sold out of Jager, as usual ) to tell me the Hybrid story.

In late 2002, Mike was hired to record a previous hybrid version of Hybrid-L at his very own Pro/Am Studio. After working with the band and seeing obvious potential in the material and the members, Mike found himself drawn into considering whether he would ever perform regularly again. "I said to myself - if I was going to dust off my sticks and get involved again in a band - this would be the band I'd want to be part of". Low and behold, several months after finishing their demo recording, he was contacted by the band, who found themselves suddenly minus a drummer.
In May 2003, Carmel agreed to join Hybrid-L and proceeded to bring his playing skills and experience, hard work ethic and aspirations into the mix. It has been "Band Boot Camp" ever since, and this captain has his units' solid support, according to guitarist Harley Shaun Deal "We have the utmost respect and love for Mike and what he has helped us accomplish since coming on board".

The bands' live performance schedule doubled then quadrupled. 1,000 copies of their debut full-length album "Face Me Not" (recorded at Cock of the Walk Studios with Don Tart) were sold exclusively by the band along with merch at shows. Relationships with club owners, managers, other bands, and radio DJ's across Georgia, northern Florida and South Carolina tightened and prospered. Most recently, the band learned that their single "Bury Me" is the most requested song on at least two FM radio shows - Macons' Q106 FM (ala Greta, a major supporter of the band since the beginning), and at Tally's Gulf 104 (Chili Pepper) weekly Homegrown shows.

Booking Shows?

"It's about looking at the bigger picture - not worrying just about yourself, but striving to play entertaining shows with high quality, complimentary bands, as well as maintain a cooperative atmosphere. Being partnered with good venues to ensure that every stakeholder meets their goal".

Apparently, Mike's philosophy has worked well, as many club owners, such as Vicki at Soho's in Columbus, GA, trust Mike and request that he handle the entire line up for their shows, as he has proven to always bring a great lineup, crowd and profitable night of music into her venue. Recently, the band worked with other popular locals, Echovalve and Lazyeye to sell out the Hard Rocks' Velvet Underground.


"Show a serious commitment to your supporters", Mike advises, "there are so many other good bands out there for sponsors to choose from, it's crucial to always follow through with your end of the arrangement." Since picking up the sponsorship from Jagermeister in 2004, sales of the "Jager Bomb" have leapt significantly in Georgia (possibly just from the consumption of band, crew and family alone!). Jager Music recently selected Hybrid - L to open the final Spring 2005 Alter Bridge tour date in Pensacola, FL on May 6th.
Shortly after receiving their first shipment of clothing from Level 27, a professional photo shoot of the band wearing the clothing was completed and photos sent promptly to the company without any reminders necessary (www.level27online.com).

Other 'advice' ?

"Always expect Mr. Murphy to show up, be prepared for it, and if he doesn't show his ugly face, well, be glad and enjoy, because he WILL turn up again - count on it".

Strategizing to attract major label attention, the band is currently negotiating with professional level management (Scarlett - Volume Magazine


EP--Hybrid L-- Mar 2003 (5 tracks)
LP--Face me not--Mar 2004 (12 tracks)
EP--Disguises--June 2005 (7 tracks)
EP--TBA---Spring 2007



Once in a great while a group of guys come together from all walks of life, with different musical influences, and diverse personalities. While each being unique, together as one, they create something magical.
Bubbling up from the core of bands, Hybrid L has exploded into the forefront of artists. Jagermeister, Arko, and Level 27 clothing have taken notice and jumped onboard as sponsors for Hybrid L, representing them proudly as they grow throughout the country and the industry. Touring relentlessly all over the southeast from Kentucky to Florida and everywhere in between they have opened for artists such as Alter Bridge, Submersed, Drowning Pool, Silvertide,Shinedown, Rob Zombie, Trapt, Theory of a Deadman, Revelation Theory, Staind, Mudvayne, Tantric, Saliva and many more! With over 300 shows under their belt, they have played for crowds of up to 20,000 people, knocking them dead at every turn.
With two prior independent CD releases, their highly anticipated third CD, "Disguises", was released in June of 2005 selling over 1000 copies in less than 7 months. The title track "Face Me Not" from their second CD was featured on the soundtrack in an independent film, "Roulette", released in late 2005.
With all of these accomplishments, experience, and label interest, the band has begun writing/recording their 4th effort. With some of the top producers in the business, this next CD promises to launch Hybrid L into the modern rock charts in 2007
"Here's a band with more potential than should be legal. I have watched this band from their beginning and they have yet to stop amazing me. From their intense and energetic live shows to the seriousness with which they approach song writing, this is a band that will do great things."-Greta, Q106FM
"Offering catchy rock tunes executed consistently during their live shows with precision and high energy, they always deliver the goods to a constantly growing fan base wave that originated from a ripple in a small pond near Macon, GA."-Jagermeister Tour Magazine Spring 2005.
"Earn each and every fan, every night, in every town, because they are what is important!" is the bands' golden rule. And because of that, they are well on their way to success in the music industry.